How to Apply and Win E-Grantz Scholarship Application in India

In this article, we will share specific details about the e-Grantz scholarship programme and how students can apply. Offered by the government of Kerala, the E Grantz scholarship provides monthly stipends to students directly into their bank account.

What does the E-Grantz Portal do? How do I apply for a scholarship through E-Grantz? How much financial aid is provided to students? When can a student apply for a scholarship? All these and other relevant information have been extensively discussed. It provides detailed information on scholarships, selection criteria,

In addition, you’ll learn the step-by-step application process, award information, application status, and more.

What is e-grantz?

The E-Grantz Portal is a dedicated online portal operated by the SC/ST/OBC Development Department of the Kerala State Government to centrally distribute scholarships and scholarships to students across the state.  

Who can apply for e-grants?

The E-Grantz portal only offers scholarships to students from SC, OBC, OEC and other economically and socially disadvantaged groups.

The amount of financial aid provided to students under this scheme depends on their current category and academic qualifications. Selected students will also receive their scholarship funds directly into their account via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) through this advanced platform.

Students enrolled in the next level of study at an accredited university/committee are eligible to apply.

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They have to pass through entry based on merit and maintenance quotas. There are no income restrictions for SC and OEC students.

For the students in the OBC category, the income limit is +2, 1 lakh INR per year for a degree, PG and vocational courses.

For students in other categories, the income limit is +2, 1 lakh Indian Rupees for a degree, PG and vocational courses.

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This scholarship offers the following incentives:

  1. 1. For SC / OEC applicants, a scholarship of INR 630 for students studying at a university located within 8 km of their home. 750 INR scholarship worth for students whose university is more than 8 km from home. INR 1500 for students enrolled in vocational courses and living independently due to lack of hostels.
  2. For OBC applicants, students enrolled in the 10 + 2 course received an INR 160 scholarship.
  3. For students enrolled in PG and vocational courses, scholarship recipients receive INR 200 and dormitories receive INR 250.
  4. Students enrolled in Polytechnic, weekly peers receive INR 100 and 150 INR dormitories.

Benefits of E-Grantz

Kerala E-Grantz scholarship benefits are available to the state’s intended castes, registered tribes, and other back classes.

As a result, it provides many economic benefits for applicants in Kerala to lead a good life. Applicants wishing to receive this e-grantz scholarship can apply online at the official website.

What are the documents needed for E-z Scholarship Application Grant?

Listed below are some of the required documents and selection criteria for the E-Grantz Scholarship.

1. Must be a student

Students studying at the final level at an accredited university/committee may apply. They had to pass through entry based on merit and maintenance quotas.

2. Must be living in Kerala

Categories of the appropriately enumerated castes (SC), other reserve castes (OBCs), other eligible groups (OECs), and other socially/economically underdeveloped communities.

For SC and OEC students –

The scholarship is INR 630 for students studying at a university within 8 km of their home.

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750 Indian Rupees for students studying at a university more than 8km away from their residence. Self-employed persons enrolled in vocational courses receive a scholarship of 1500 INR.

For OBC students –

160 INR is awarded as a scholarship to students enrolled in the +2 course.

Students enrolled in PG or vocational courses receive up to INR 250.

Students enrolled in Polytechnic will receive up to 150 INR.

3. Income standards

There are no income limits for SC and OEC students.

For the students in the OBC category, the income limit is +2, 1 lakh INR per year for degrees, PG and vocational courses.

For students in other categories, the income limit is +2, 1 lakh Indian Rupees for a degree, PG and vocational courses.

4. Must be studying for a Degree

Their Degrees, Diplomas, PhDs, High Schools, Polytechnics, PhD Education, Vocational Education and VHSE.

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How do I log into e-grantz?

Students in the categories booked through the portal can apply for scholarships offered at the post-registration level online.

Additionally, if a student is unable to apply online, the institution can apply on behalf of the student through the E-Grantz portal.

Over the years, the portal has supported more than 3 million courses at more than 3400 educational institutions in Kerala. However, the release of the new version of E-Grantz 3.0, it’s expected to affect the lives of more valuable students.

The portal not only introduces students to scholarship applications but also allows them to check their application status online in real-time. How can I check the status of my E-Grantz Scholarship application? What steps should I follow to do this? For answers to all your questions about checking the status of your online scholarship application on E-Grant, please see:

Step 1. Go to the E-Grantz 3.0 portal.

Step 2: Enter your Aadhaar number and date of birth.

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Step3: Click “Track Application”.

Step4: Scholarship application details are displayed on a screen with information such as application number, programme name, student name, place of application, application filing date, application status and notes.

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How do I apply for the e-grantz scholarship?

Scholarships and programmes offered on the E-Grantz portal have predefined admission requirements that must be met in order to apply.

These conditions depend primarily on your current academic background, place of residence, the category you belong to, and family income.

Below you’ll see the detailed conditions for participating in the scholarships offered by E-Grantz. Depending on whether you meet these conditions or not, you can proceed and apply according to the instructions.

What steps must a student take to apply for a scholarship offered by E-Grantz?

In addition to the aforementioned, you’ll read about; what details do I need to remember when filling out my online scholarship application? Check out the detailed step-by-step application process for the E-Grantz Scholarship below.

Also, if you are currently attending an educational institution, on the portal you may be unable to fill out the application form online. Kindly apply through that institution.

Stage 1. One-time registration

  • Visit the E-Grantz 3.0 portal.
  • Click the “One-Time Registration” button below.
  • Include your Aadhaar student number and name (as in Aadhaar).
  • Enter additional information such as mobile phone number, date of birth, email address and password.
  • Click Register.

Step 2: Student Login

Upon successful registration, students will need to log into the User Control Panel with their registered email ID and password.

Step 3. Fill out your profile

  • Logged in students must fill out a profile.
  • Enter all required information listed in 5 sections: Basic Data, Other Data, Bank Information, Data Download and Organisation Information.

Step 4: Apply for a scholarship

  • After filling out their profile, students should click on “Apply for Scholarships – Post Matric”.
  • A list of scholarships students can apply for will be displayed.
  • Choose the scholarship you want to apply for and start applying.
  • Enter all the required information.
  • Upload all documents.
  • Finally, submit your application.

Application Deadline: Within one week of admission to one of the courses listed.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about the portal or scholarships, do not hesitate to contact the provider with the contact details below.



Museum-Nandhavanam Road, Nandhavanam,

Vikasbhavan P O, Thiruvananthapuram-695033

E-mail: [email protected]

TOLL-FREE (ST Department): 1800 425 231



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