Australian Scholarships for Egyptian Students 

Study in Australia scholarships and other international Scholarships is available to Egyptian students, African students, and international students from some other selected Developing countries to study in Australia.

The Australian Government, Universities, and some concerned organizations offer a wide range of Australian scholarships for international students from the aforementioned area.

These scholarships being talked about are for Undergraduate or Postgraduate research or taught courses, even vocational education or kind of training.

There, if you are interested in studying in Australia, you are in the right place! International Student’s Study in Australia Scholarships listed below is designed to help you succeed.

Just to note, there are thousands of courses available, so don’t waste your scholarship time looking, and pondering over the one to apply, besides we have the number one way to help you from the beginning of your program to the end through providing you about the scholarships available and obtainable for you.

Our Australian scholarship search can still help you find the right scholarship for you. Below is a list of 13 prestigious Study In Australia scholarships for international scholarships from Egypt, Africa, and other developing countries with plans to study in the 2025/2025 academic session and even beyond.

All of the scholarships are Offered annually with the same deadline. Make sure you take note of the time of the year application is open and check back regularly.

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Australia Scholarships for 1,000 African Students 2025 – with at least 2nd Class Pass

There are two kinds of this Australian scholarship for Masters to delve into higher degree studies in Australia at the Masters’s level. And Australia presents this international scholarship for postgraduates to undertake short-term, or long-term, targeted professional training courses in Australia or in Africa, in a range of development-focused organizations.

Deadline: for Masters: 3rd December  and offered annually

Scholarship Worth: This is a Full government-sponsored study in Australia scholarship program

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Australian Awards Fellowships for Developing countries

This Study in Australia Leadership Awards scholarship is now known as the Australian Awards Fellowship with the mandate to check priority regional development and in the process, build partnerships and linkages between Australian organizations and partner organizations in Egypt, in Africa as a whole.

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Students from developing countries in the Asia region, and middle-east are also welcome to apply. ALA Study in Australia scholarship program is awarded twice yearly through a competency-based process.

Deadline: This study in Australia International scholarships closes on 10 March annually.

Scholarship Worth: $25,000 per winner

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Sydney Scholar Awards for International Undergraduate Students – Australia

These prestigious study in Australia scholarships, and international Scholarships will be offered to international students who are Egyptian Students, or African students.

If you are an international student and have completed an International undergraduate education or educational award equivalent to the one offered in Australia and you’re applying for admission through UAC, then you can be considered eligible to apply for this study in Australia scholarships from international students.

Deadline: 28th September  annually

Scholarship Worth: Scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 will be offered

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International Water Centre (IWC) Masters Scholarships for International Students – Australia

The IWC Study in Australia Masters International Scholarships is a prestigious scholarship awarded annually to high-caliber candidates who do not vaguely show potential to become future water leaders. Study in Australia scholarships and international Scholarships are available to study the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management.


Scholarship Worth: The value of this international students Scholarship is AU$56,739, which covers: tuition and other expenses.

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JMC Academy Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students – Australia

This is an organizationally funded study in Australia scholarships where applications will be accepted from Egypt, and international students, even citizens of a country other than Australia or New Zealand International students must apply for a Bachelor’s Degree program at JMC.

Applicants should meet the normal entry requirements for the course he/she wants.

Deadline: 28 September annually.

Scholarship Worth: It covers Tuition but does not cover flights, accommodation, and others.

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Study in Australia: University of Queensland Master of Leadership in Global Development Scholarship for Developing Countries 2023

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage and support Egyptian Students, Developing Countries students, and other international students from low to middle income countries with clear experience of working on development on good projects.

Interested individuals must have a stated desire and purpose to bring good learning to higher levels of aid organizations and development policy arenas.

Deadline: 1st November annually

Scholarship Worth: $38,000 to cover full tuition fees

Application Link:

University of Melbourne Human Rights Scholarship for International Students 2025 – Australia

This is a university-funded study in Australia scholarship, internationals for international students. To be eligible for study abroad scholarships, you’d have to apply for and meet the entry requisites for a Master’s or Doctorate research degree at the University of Melbourne in Australia or be currently enrolled in a research degree at the same institution and have the least 12 months, the full-time equivalent of candidature.

Deadline: This international students Scholarship ends on 31st October, annually

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Scholarship Worth: this international study in Australia scholarships offers fortnightly living allowance, which includes limited paid sick and also maternity and parenting leave.

Relocation grant is paid for students moving to Melbourne from interstate or from outside Australia, mostly Egypt students and other African students too

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Victoria University Graduate Research Scholarships for International Students 2025 – Australia

The purpose of these study in Australia scholarships, international Scholarships for international students, is to support good research by assisting students from Egypt and international students with excellent academic qualifications who is hoping to take part in postgraduate research programs in Australia.

These studies in Australia  Scholarships are awarded on the terms of academic merit, and it is noted that the competition is apparently intense, and only those applicants with extreme academic results are to be successful in getting these international students Scholarships.

Deadline: 1st October 8 am AEST on a yearly basis.

Scholarship Worth:  Provides an allowance of $26,288 per annum. And in addition, all successful applicants will be awarded a 100 percent Tuition Fees Scholarship.

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Commonwealth Government University of Newcastle Scholarships for Masters & Ph.D. Students– Australia

You’ll be asked if you would like to be assessed for a research international and study in Australia scholarship. This means that you are applying for the study in Australia Research Training Program.

A Commonwealth Department of Education funded scholarships or one of the University of Newcastle study in Australia Research Scholarships.

Deadline: The opening date us believed to be 2 September, and the closing date is 16 February 2025. It is offered annually.

Scholarship Worth: annual living allowance of $27,082 per annum will be made available for international students. The international scholarships, study in Australia scholarships for international students will also cover the cost of tuition fees.

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Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarship and Teaching Fellowship 2025 – Australia

The Faculty of Law offers the Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral study in Australia scholarships for commencing Doctor of Philosophy Egyptian students to enhance and reward quality research within the faculty in Australia.

A Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral International Scholarship and study in Australia scholarship will enable you to undertake your Ph.D. in a college with dynamic and vibrant research culture and work with nationally and internationally known academic supervisors in Australia.

Successful international scholarship applicants from Egypt and other African countries may also be offered a Doctoral Fellowship, which will provide an opportunity to gain teaching experience in the Faculty of Law in Australia.

Deadline: 15th January 2025, offered annually

Scholarship Worth: A stipend of $40,000 will be offered per annum for 4yrs, and a research support fund of $1,500 yearly, with paid holiday, sick, even maternity, and parenting leave incentives.

There’s this possibility of appointment as a Doctoral Teacher with $25,000

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La Trobe University Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships for African Students – Australia

These studies in Australian scholarships and international scholarships offer up to $5,000 worth of tuition fees for Egyptian students and Africans from  Sub-Sahara studying an undergraduate course.

Deadline: Round 1 ends on 9th September. Round 2 ends on 11th November. Round 3 ends on 6th January annually

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Scholarship Worth: These study-in-Australia scholarships offer up to $5,000 worth of tuition fees to international students.

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Sydney Scholar Awards for International Undergraduate Students 2025 – Australia

These prestigious study in Australia scholarships for international students will be offered to students who meet the eligibility and intake criteria.

If you are an international student from Egypt and other international communities, and you have recently completed an International or educational award equivalent to HSC and are vying for admission via UAC, you are also eligible to apply for these international scholarships.

Deadline: 28th September at 11.59 PM annually

Scholarship Worth: Scholarships ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 will be given out

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Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) Australia for Masters & Doctoral Studies – Australia

The University of Adelaide offers in Australia presents an international scholarships scheme for Egyptian students and other international students undertaking postgraduate study for Master and Doctoral degrees programs.

The aim of the financial program is to attract high-quality international postgraduate students to dimensions of research strength in the University to support its research effort, which will benefit them and their countries.

Deadline: 31st August. Annually

Scholarship Worth: $27,082 and other additional incentives that will be disclosed to you when you win.

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University of Melbourne MBA Scholarships for African Students

All successful MBA candidates vying to enter the University of Melbourne are by automatic considered for these Egyptian and international student awards, and candidates will be made to know of any scholarship program at the time of their application status update.

Applications for the following Study in Australia scholarships are open to  African students from Egypt who wish to take an MBA program at the University of Melbourne.

Deadline: 1. For developing countries, and Egyptians, 31st August 

  1. For Diversity Excellence 19th October

Scholarship Worth: For Egyptian students and developing Nations, a Scholarship of $60,000 is offered for tuition.

Then for the Diversity Excellence Scholarship, from $50,000 for tuition.

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Africa Scholarships at Macquarie University 2025 for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students – Australia

Under the Africa scholarships, Macquarie University will provide Egyptian students and international students with awards towards their tuition fees for the length of any course. The scholarship is for students who are studying full-time on campus.

Payment of the study in Australia scholarship will be applied equally towards your tuition fee each year of studies.

As this scholarship is flooded, you are encouraged to accept your field and scholarship offers with no delay to guarantee your qualification to receive the study Australia scholarship award.

Deadline: 21st December annually.

Scholarship Worth: The university of Macquarie in Australia provides AU$5000 yearly towards the winner’s tuition fees for the length of the course of study. AU$ 2500 is credited to you as a bonus incentive each semester.

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Some of these aforementioned scholarships are ongoing. Don’t wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow might be too late. APPLY NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

The following tips will help you obtain a scholarship to study in Australia.

1) Join a community group or scholarship platform. Always remember that the World Scholarship Forum is your number 1 scholarship platform.
2) Apply to several scholarships
3) Write an enticing and convincing application
4) Know the eligibility criteria
5) Use search engines
6) Ask your teachers or a counselor
Egyptian students or other international students who meet the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.

When is the deadline for the scholarship?

The deadline for application varies. Interested applicants are encouraged to check the deadline for any of the above-listed scholarships they want to apply for.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The scholarship amounts vary. While some are fully funded, some are also below or above AU$ 25,000.

Some of the scholarships on our website that you may need to check out.

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