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What today’s students need most from their high school experience is to prepare them for college, careers, and civic life.

Realizing that the world is changing and that students change with it, the Emma Willard School program enables students to meet their time’s extraordinary opportunities and challenges.

The academic pillars of Emma Willard School are designed to address these important issues.

Emma Willard School is a place to discover what it means to be the best. The friendships between the girls make it almost impossible to know who is a student or a guest.

Congratulations on choosing the initiative to find the perfect school for yourself as Emma Willard School.

About Emma Willard School

Founded in 1814, Emma Willard is one of the oldest boarding schools for girls in the United States. Since its inception, the student body has included girls from all over the world.

The school’s founder, Emma Hart Willard, enrolled girls from France, England, Scotland, the West Indies, Greece, and Turkey.

Emma Hart Willard opened the doors of her home in Middlebury, Vermont, to girls seeking a rich educational experience comparable to her siblings.

She pioneered girls’ education, moving from a focus on “the charms of youth and beauty” to rigorous and intellectually stimulating courses in math, geography, history, science, and philosophy.

For over 200 years, Emma Willard School has been a leader in girls’ education and has been recognized as one of the premier boarding and day schools for girls.

Since then, Emma Willard School has continued to proudly cultivate in each of the girls the love of learning, the habits of intellectual life; and the character, strength, and leadership qualities to serve and shape her world.

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Where is Emma Willard School?

Emma Willard School is located at Troy, New York

Address: 285 Pawling Ave, Troy, NY 12180, United States

What is it Like to be a Student at Emma Willard Boarding School?

At the heart of the Emma Willard School, the experience is a celebration of what makes each Emma girl a person. They create a platform for you to know who you are, love what you’re doing, and feel you can conquer the world outside the school walls.

While each girl’s Emma experience is unique, girls develop empowering bonds within the supportive community. Whether cheering each other off the bench at a track and field event, working together on a complex mission, listening and offering advice, or exploring downtown Troy on weekends, the fraternity formed between Emma’s smart and motivated girls will make it happen throughout your life.

The bonds created between Emma Girls in residence and dining rooms while training for an athletic match or artistic performance, in one of the many cherished traditions, and all the little moments in between define the Emma experience for many girls.

One of the most exciting things about being a part of Emma is deciding where to participate. The inspiring environment will make you comfortable trying something new or starting your club.

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Clubs and activities are organized around common activities, such as musical performances, Mock Trial, and Science Olympiad.

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Emma Willard School Community Life

Emma’s education is not just in the classroom; it is built into the fabric of their community.

With girls from around the world and the United States, as well as faculty and staff with a wide variety of life experiences, you will broaden your perspective from the moment you arrive on campus.

Day students make up 40% of the Emma campus community. They are immersed in all aspects of the Emma Willard school experience.

Each day student has his central locker. Students during the day take advantage of the dining room for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and often stay up late to work with friends on projects and study sessions.

Day students are always welcome to spend the evening with friends, attend evening and weekend events, and host interns for a home-cooked meal or pajama party.

They are also assigned to a bedroom where they benefit from the school’s support network of wellness advocates and supervisors and meet girls worldwide.

International students, who comprise about 25% of Emma Willard School’s student body, are joined by young women from across the United States who come here to pursue a college preparatory education. International students quickly integrate into the community.

Approximately 30 countries are represented on campus, including China, France, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Somaliland, Turkey, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Emma Willard School Accreditation

The New York State Association of Independent Schools accredits Emma Willard. They are affiliated to:

  • 1st Fair Trade High School in the United States
  • The Association of Boarding Schools
  • The New York State Association of Independent Schools
  • National Coalition of Girls’ Schools
  • The National Association of Independent Schools

Emma Willard School Rankings

Emma Willard School got numerous rankings from Niche.com. They base this ranking on rigorous analysis of data and reviews.

  • #15 of 270 as the Best All-Girls High Schools in America
  • #27 of 399 as the Best Boarding High Schools in America
  • #97 of 4,148 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in America
  • #98 of 4,260 as the Best Private High Schools in America
  • #193 of 7,880 as the Best High Schools for STEM in America
  • #998 of 7,099 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in America
  • #2 of 25 as the Best Boarding High Schools in New York
  • #6 of 46 as the Best All-Girls High Schools in New York
  • #13 of 250 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in New York
  • #19 of 257 as the Best Private High Schools in New York
  • #27 of 521 as the Best High Schools for STEM in New York
  • #66 of 470 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in New York
  • #471 of 1,741 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in New York
  • #1 of 23 as the Best High Schools for STEM in Albany Area
  • #1 of 13 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Albany Area
  • #1 of 13 as the Best Private High Schools in Albany Area
  • #2 of 20 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in Albany Area
  • #25 of 55 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in Albany Area
  • #1 of 8 as the Best High Schools for STEM in Rensselaer County
  • #1 of 5 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Rensselaer County
  • #1 of 5 as the Best Private High Schools in Rensselaer County
  • #2 of 6 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in Rensselaer County
  • #8 of 19 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in Rensselaer County
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Emma Willard School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Emma Willard School is 36% for every academic session.

Emma Willard School Academics and Programs

The Emma Willard School faculty develops advanced course offerings that inspire students to think deeply and foster students’ love of learning.

These Advanced Study courses are part of a plan to eliminate and replace AP course offerings with a unique curriculum explicitly developed for Emma’s students.

Their academic program offers more than 140 courses, including advanced placement options, where girls participate in speech that puts high-level concepts and an understanding of the world in which we live in context.

Additionally, the school has developed a ninth-grade curriculum designed to meet the unique needs of ninth-grade students as they transition to high school.

The Emma Willard School curriculum enables girls to focus on their future aspirations and equips them with the interdisciplinary knowledge that competitive colleges seek.

Personalized study programs allow girls to delve into a topic or area of ​​their choice and gain hands-on experience.

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How to Get into Emma Willard School | Admissions

Welcome to Emma Willard School, a private day school and boarding school for girls in Troy, New York, and a leader in girls’ education for more than 200 years.

The Emma Willard School admissions team is deeply committed to connecting with potential students and families and finding the most suitable girls to join our school.

For more information, contact the admission team at [email protected].

What is the Admission Process at Emma Willard School?

Applying to a new school can be overwhelming. Emma’s admissions team is here to help make the application process easy.

Download the checklist (below) to print, keep on the fridge, and easily follow Emma’s application process.

Emma Willard School adopted an admissions policy for elective exams effective November 1, 2025.

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Emma looks forward to meeting you, even if it’s just on paper. This is your chance to tell them about yourself. They typically accept the following applications:

  • Emma Willard School Application
  • SSAT
  • Gateway
  • TABS

Using the Emma Willard School app, you must create a myEmma username and password. Click the Apply button anywhere on the site and follow these instructions:

  1. Select the blue “Create an account” link for a myEmma username and password.
  2. After entering your basic information, select the “Create an account” button.
  3. Our system can recognize you by your email address!
  4. If the system recognizes your email address, your email address will be highlighted in red after pressing Submit.
  5. If this happens, select “Forgot connection?” button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive an automated response with your myEmma username and password.
  6. Once you receive a username and password from myEmma, ​​you can complete the application online, track your progress throughout the admissions process, and learn more about Emma School Willard.


Emma Willard School is conducting their interviews virtually this year, using a variety of the top-performing platforms around the world, including Vericant, Skype, Duolingo, and Google Meet. They are eager to meet you!

Candidates in the United States:

Schedule your interview here.

Candidates from Mainland China:

With the health and well-being of their applicants in mind, Emma Willard School has partnered with Vericant and Duolingo to help interview applicants from mainland China.

Applicants who live and attend school in mainland China should contact Vericant to schedule an in-person appointment: at www.vericant.com/students or use the Duolingo platform for in-home tests and interviews: englishtest.duolingo.com/ home.

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The Vericant interview or the Duolingo interview will serve as the candidate’s interview for admission. All Vericant and Duolingo interviews must be submitted to Emma Willard School by November 1.

If the candidate chooses Duolingo, the test component will also replace the TOEFL test.

International Candidates:

Schedule your interview here.


Domestic Students

Submit an academic article or essay you wrote for your current or previous English or history course.

  • Teacher assigned and qualified;
  • It must be submitted in English;
  • Typewritten or handwritten;
  • Must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course content or discussions;
  • It must be a minimum of 150 words;
  • It should be analytical work, not creative.

Submit a graded math test (not a test)

  • It must be submitted in English;
  • It should show the work and thought process around math topics and answers.
  • Should cover the most advanced topics that you have learned to date;

If an applicant feels that the results of standardized tests, be it SSAT, ISEE, SAT, or state tests, represent her well and support her academic profile, she can always submit them in addition to the graded math test and academic work.

International Students

Applicants whose first language is not English must submit TOEFL or Duolingo results to facilitate their placement at the university. However, we will not require students to submit standardized test results for the SSAT, ISEE, or other tests.

With your TOEFL or Duolingo test results, provide:

SSAT test results

An article or academic essay you wrote for your current or previous English or history class;

  • Assigned by a teacher and graded;
  • Must be in submitted in English;
  • Typed or handwritten;
  • Should show a thorough understanding of course content or discussions.

A graded math test (not a quiz);

  • Should cover the most advanced topics you have learned to date;
  • Must be in submitted in English; 
  • Must show work and thought process around math topics and arriving at an answer.

What is Tuition at Emma Willard School?

Annual boarding tuition covers:

  • instruction,
  • room,
  • board,
  • all meals in the dining room,
  • health and wellness center privileges,
  • use of laundry facilities,
  • physical training and athletic privileges,
  • use of laboratory and computer equipment and
  • admission to all school concerts,
  • assemblies,
  • plays and athletic contests

The student’s annual tuition covers all the above, excluding room and laundry.

Annual tuition fees do not include optional off-campus activities and various weekend activities. Books, sports equipment, and special services such as private music instruction or course transportation are billed separately.

Boarding Student Tuition & Fees

Tuition, room, and board: $65,270

SmartCard deposit (see explanation below)

$650 for seniors

Day Student Tuition & Fees

Tuition: $39,600

SmartCard deposit (see explanation below)

$450 for seniors

Other Fees

  • ESL: $2,125
  • International Student Health Insurance, 10 months: $1,880
  • International Student Health Insurance, 12 months: $2,090
  • Tuition Refund Insurance: 2.5% of net annual tuition, excluding fees
  • PSAT testing: 12
  • Studio Art class fee: $75
  • Photography class fee: $90

Emma Willard School Scholarships & Financial Aid

All scholarships awarded by Emma Willard School are awarded based on financial need and availability of funds.

There are no awards based on merit. Many of these awards are awarded, in whole or in part, through the generous contributions of individuals and foundations.

Emma Willard School is proud to offer the following named scholarships. No additional application material is required.


In partnership with Emma Willard School, the Shelby Cullom Davis family has established an international student program to attract highly motivated future leaders. Emma Willard School will provide up to five Internship Scholarships as needed for 2025-2025.

As a Davis Scholar student, financial support continues throughout the student’s academic years as long as he or she attends one of the Davis Scholar colleges.

Financial Aid

Emma Willard School offers assistance to qualified students based on the family’s financial needs and available funds.

For the 2025-2025 academic year, they awarded nearly $4.4 million in need-based grants to Emma girls and their families.

You may be surprised to learn how affordable Emma’s quality education is.

Financial Aid Statistics

All financial aid offered is in grant form and must not be repaid. The amount each family receives varies greatly depending on the family’s financial situation.

To apply for financial assistance, visit the SSS by NAIS website and submit your Parent Financial Statement (PFS) by February 1 (January 15 for returning families).

School’s Website

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