Epic Charter School: What To Know Before Applying In 2025

As the new school year approaches, many parents and students are considering their educational options for the coming year. For those in Oklahoma, Epic Charter Schools may be a viable option to consider. As one of the state’s largest public charter school systems, Epic offers online and blended learning programs for students in PreK-12. However, before applying to Epic Charter Schools in 2025, here are a few things you need to know.

About Epic Charter Schools

Epic Charter Schools was founded in 2011 in Oklahoma as a public charter school system. The school system was established to provide an alternative educational option for families in Oklahoma. Epic initially offered an online-based curriculum for students in grades PreK-8.

The high school grades were added to Epic in 2013 and blended learning options were introduced, allowing students to attend in-person sessions at one of Epic’s learning centers. Additionally, Epic started to provide more specialized programs, such as a gifted student program and a dyslexia program.

In the years following its establishment, Epic Charter Schools became one of the largest school districts in the state of Oklahoma, with over 40,000 students enrolled in the 2025-2025 school year.

The ease of online learning is combined with the support of one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma-certified teacher at Epic Charter Schools. Using a blended learning approach, kids and families can learn at their own pace while receiving direction and instruction from a teacher from Epic Charter Schools who can meet with them in person as needed.

Why Should I Study At Epic Charter Schools?

Epic Charter Schools combines the convenience of online learning with the support of one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma-certified teacher. Using a blended learning approach, kids and families can learn at their own pace while receiving direction and instruction from a teacher from Epic Charter Schools who can meet with them in person as needed.

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Their blended learning model, while convenient, can be challenging. As an inclusive academic epicenter, most successful students come from all walks of life and levels of education. Still, their dedication to learning is one thing they have in common.

Epic Charter Schools is for you if you want a personalized education custom-tailored to your needs. Their caregivers always stay with the children and exercise more control over their social and learning environments.

Epic Charter School Enrollment: How To Apply To Epic Charter Schools

Application into Epic Charter Schools for the 2025-2025 school year is ongoing. Here are a few things you need to note about the application.

The application takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. 

You will create a login if this is your first time filling out a new registration form.

You will use the same login if it is not your first time. This allows you to save each progress made and return to it when necessary. It also makes the application process seamless.

Please note; the application is mobile-friendly but is NOT compatible with Internet Explorer.


What Documents Do I Need When Applying To Epic Charter Schools?

During the registration process, there will be a place to upload documents (birth certificate, shot record/waiver, CDIB card, transcripts, etc.). Some of these are required for new students before they can approve an application, and others are not required for approval.

Here are the documents required for approval:

  • Proof of age (birth certificate, physician’s certificate, baptismal certificate, or any other certificate with date of birth)
  • Current immunization record
  • Proof of residency: For proof of residency, you can use either a utility bill, voter registration card driver’s license, or any ID)

Do Epic Charter Schools Offer Internship Opportunities To Students?

Epic Charter Schools offers various internship opportunities to students. Students in their first and second years can obtain elective credit through an internship or work-study option. These programs are portfolio electives rather than Next Step courses. Students in grades 9 and 10 will submit the same assignments as those in grades 11 and 12.

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With these alternatives, students can receive elective credit while continuing to develop and pick up skills that will benefit them in the future and earning high school course credit at the same time.

Here are the various internship opportunities open to students at Epic Carter Schools:

1. Epic Virtual Internship

Through project-based learning, the opportunity allows for career exploration and skills development. When students meet once a week with their facilitator, complete a capstone project, and engage in additional activities, they are given optional credit. There are two options: one that leads to industry certification and the other that leads to acquiring knowledge and abilities for a particular vocation.

This Epic virtual internship is completed using Zoom and Virtual Internship Facilitator.

2. External Internship

An on-site or remote internship is a professional learning opportunity that provides useful, hands-on work relating to a student’s subject of study or career interest. The student is given the chance to enhance their professional options and gain new skills. Students who complete an internship, clock 60 hours of work, three soft skill assignments, and the necessary objective, reflection, and evaluation forms can receive elective credit.

3. Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning is an education strategy that provides students with real-life work experiences to apply academic and technical skills and develop their employability. When a student has a job, clocks 60 hours at that employment, completes three soft skill assignments, and submits the necessary objective, reflection, and feedback forms, they are awarded elective credit.

Programs Offered At Epic Charter Schools

Epic Charter School offers the following student programs:

1. ALPs

The Aspiring Leaders Program for Students (ALPS) empowers high school students to become autonomous learners and agents of their own change while developing a complete set of soft skills each student can rely on through leadership practice.

2. Advanced Placement®

Students can take Advanced Placement® examinations and college-level coursework in high school and obtain college credit based on their results. As long as they have taken the advised prerequisite courses, motivated high school students who are intellectually prepared may enroll in AP® courses. The student and parent/guardian must sign the AP® Contract to enroll in the course.

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3. Epic Collegiate Academy

The dual credit concurrent enrollment program at Epic Collegiate Academy is designed to let qualified high school students acquire both a high school diploma and a college degree.

4. Epic Live

Epic Live allows Epic educators and administrators to collaboratively schedule, enroll, track, and perform live instruction.

What Is Student’s Life Like At Epic Charter Schools?

Being an Epic student is a unique experience. It’s simple to learn in a style, time, and location that suits you best thanks to a flexible timetable and various curriculum alternatives!

Here students can join clubs and organizations that shape them into who they want to be. You can join organizations like; AISES, Epic Basketball, Girls Who Code, Key Club, Mock Trials, and many more.

The school also takes students on various field trips that count as a class assignment or you can attend just for fun!

In a bid to make a difference n the lives of students and the community, Epic Charter Schools provides help to those who need it most, through their outreach program.

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Is Epic Charter School Accredited?

Epic Charter Schools holds full accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission. This means students receive the best education that beats the expectations of the Oklahoma State Department of Education. You can transfer credits and coursework received at Epic if you want to transfer to another program and when applying for higher education.

FAQs On Epic Charter Schools

Who is eligible to enroll at Epic Charter Schools?

Any student who is a resident of OK, ages 4-20 on or before September 1 is qualified to enroll at Epic.

Where can I get my child’s immunization record?

You can obtain a record of your child’s immunization from a licensed physician or a public health authority, such as your local county health department, or the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

How do I log in to my Epic Chromebook?

You can easily log in to your Epcic Chromebook Here


Epic Charter Schools offers a unique educational option for families in Oklahoma. Students can access a flexible and personalized learning experience with its online and blended learning programs. However, before applying to Epic, it is essential to carefully consider the school’s academic performance, management practices, and ongoing investigations. By doing so, families can decide whether Epic Charter Schools is the right choice for their educational needs in 2025.

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