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Attending a college in Florida can be an amazing study experience you don’t want to ever miss. Florida Southern College (FSC) is designed offer you a full dose of such alluring experiences.

From quality teaching techniques to friendly faculty staff, the Lakeland community, as well as the admission process, programs, tuition, and Scholarships, it creates an enabling environment that prepares you for a profitable career.  

The school has developed (through education and educational experiences) a comprehensive approach to diversity, inclusivity, access, and equity that affects all students to thrive and grow in the ever-changing global community.

Recognized nationally for its excellent experience in experiential education, Florida Southern guarantees students the opportunity to study abroad, do internships and graduate in four years.

In this piece, we shall discuss extensively about Florida Southern College; its Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking and Scholarships.

About Florida Southern College

Florida Southern is the oldest four-year private college in the state of Florida in Lakeland, Florida. The college was first founded in 1883 as the South Florida Institute in Orlando, Florida, and moved to nearby Leesburg in 1885.

Historians claim that the college’s formal formation came when it was sponsored by the United Methodist Church after moving to Leesburg in 1885. It was known as the Florida Conference College.

The college moved to Sutherland (now Palm Harbor) in 1901 and changed its name to Southern College in 1906. In 1935 it was renamed by the Board of Trustees of Florida Southern College

Florida Southern is home to the world’s largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright architectures in a single location. For the 2011 and 2012 rankings, The Princeton Review selected the Florida Southern campus as the most beautiful in the country

In 2019, the student population at FSC consisted of 3,073 students and 130 full-time faculty members. The college offers 50 undergraduate and pre-professional programs, graduate programs in nursing, business and education, and postgraduate programs in nursing, education and physical therapy.

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Admissions at Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College receives over 7,000 student applications annually and accepts approximately 51% of applicants. They take a holistic approach to examining applications – taking into account how each student will contribute to their academic and student community.

Students should apply as first year applicants when they have or will be getting their high school diploma. This includes students who earned college credits through AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, and double enrollment, including an associate’s degree earned through double enrollment.

Applicants are expected to have earned credit in at least 18 units of college prep courses – usually including:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of math (two years of algebra and one year of geometry)
  • Two units of laboratory science (one from the natural sciences and one from the natural sciences)
  • The remaining units are divided into social sciences, foreign languages ​​and additional work in the fields of natural sciences, mathematics or literature.

In addition,

Candidates are encouraged to complete additional units beyond the core academic curriculum, including work in the visual arts and other electives. Performance trends are taken into account as part of the assessment process.

Students who earn the High School Equivalency Diploma (GED) can apply for entry level admission. All high school diplomas are yet to be sent, along with a statement explaining the reasons for seeking the alternate diploma.

International students applying for admission to Florida Southern College should submit all of the documents required for entry-level admission or transfer, including the following:

  • A financial disclosure form (available online or from the admissions office).
  • If the student is from a nation where English is not the standard for everyday communication, they may replace the results of the SAT and / or ACT test with results on the English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS or Duolingo test . The TOEFL requirement can be waived for students who have completed at least one year of formal academic study at an institution where English is the language of instruction.
  • All certificates from secondary and post-secondary institutions abroad must have English translations.

Graduate School’s programs are for working adults who prefer to continue their education through evening, online and weekend courses. Our programs are flexible and integrated support in mind, and would help you succeed.

The College prepares you for the knowledge, skills, and qualifications

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Florida Southern College Programs

It has over 50 undergraduate majors in a variety of disciplines and offers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

At the graduate level, the school offers a Master of Business Administration, Master of Accountancy, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Education, Master of Science in Nursing, and a PhD in Educational Leadership.

Florida Southern uses the committed learning style of learning, where the college incorporates dedicated, hands-on experience into every academic program.

Florida Southern College has its accreditation by the Committee of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools for the award of Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees.

Through faculty-led research, internships, accomplishments, study abroad, and other key experiences, our academic programs engage students in the classroom and prepare them for competitive careers as well as graduate and professional programs.

Click the link to explore the different majors available.

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What is Florida Southern College Tuition

At FSC, the annual tuition for 2024 is $53,600 for all students regardless of residence. This fee consists of

  • $42,860 for tuition fee,
  • $11,860 for room and board,
  • $1,250 for books and supplies, and
  • $ 780 for other fees.

Acceptance Rate in Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College admissions are moderately selective with an acceptance rate of 50%. Half of Florida Southern College applicants have an SAT score between 1120 and 1265 or an ACT score between 24 and 29.

With a GPA of 3.76, Florida Southern College requires you to do above average in your high school class. The college has a student to faculty ratio of 14: 1.

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Florida Southern College Athletics

Florida Southern’s sports teams are popular as moccasins and before 1926, the FSC athletes were known as the Southerners.

The official colors are scarlet and white, although athletes wear red, white, and blue uniforms. Florida Southern is an NCAA Division II institution. The college’s sports teams participate in the Sunshine State Conference (SSC).

Florida Southern has won 30 NCAA Division II championships. The moccasins have won national titles in the past three seasons.

The men’s golf team won its 13th title in 2017; Women’s lacrosse won its first championship in 2016; In 2015, the men’s basketball team won its second overall national championship.

Scholarships in Florida Southern College

Each year, Florida Southern offers over $51 million annual FSC scholarships and grants based on academic merit, talent in athletics or visual arts, leadership, community service, student needs, and other factors.

  • Every student is automatically a candidate for a Merit Scholarship. These scholarships provide students with the opportunity to live and study in one of the best private colleges in the country. The scholarships range from $7,000 to $21,000 per year.

Students must be full-time to qualify for Merit Scholarships and meet the following requirements:

  • Apply to Florida Southern College.
  • After admission, stay on the path to enrollment with the Accepted Student Checklist.

The Hollingsworth Scholarship

The Hollingsworth Scholarship is Florida Southern’s premier scholarship and recognizes students with exceptional academic ability and leadership potential. It is one of Florida Southern College Scholarships.

Prestige Scholar­ships

Top students can also apply for the C.V. McClurg and Christoverson scholarship programs. Students applying for these scholarships make up the ten percent of the FSC’s pool of applicants.

George Jenkins Scholarship

The George W. Jenkins Scholarships are available to enable deserving students to complete a four year college education without significant economic difficulties for themselves or their families. It is one of Florida Southern College Scholarships.

Depart­mental Scholar­ships

We award departmental scholarships to students who complete specific academic programs – including business, nursing, music, and education.

Faith-Based Scholar­ships

Scholarship opportunities are available to students seeking careers in Christian ministry, education, and healthcare.

Special Interest Scholar­ships

Students who meet certain criteria, such as: Various scholarships are available, such as the Hazel Haley and Buelah Kahler scholarships. It is one of Florida Southern College Scholarships.

Raise Me Scholar­ships

Participate in Raise Me to earn scholarships based on accomplishments throughout high school. Students will receive their Florida Southern College Merit Scholarships and Scholarships OR the Raise Me Scholarship, whichever is greater. It is one of Florida Southern College Scholarships.


Where you obtain your college degree, is as important as the quality of the degree itself. It can determine how prepared you will be to pursue your career. Taking advantage of the admission into Florida Southern College can become that turning point for you.

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