Free Online Course: English Composition by Arizona State University

How is your English Writing Skill? Is it poor? Do you need help? The English Composition course is part of the Global Freshman Academy (GFA), meaning you can obtain transferable credits in ASU to access your university degree.

This is an essential course for non-native English speakers to learn more about English writing. In this online course, you will surely get to improve your writing skills.

Language and the ability to communicate effectively are essential skills in the global economy. Writing and composition are essential to communicate your ideas.

This introductory writing course will help you develop and express ideas effectively for various purposes, audiences, and opportunities. During the course, you will finish several important written projects, with a reflection for each project. For each project, you can decide what level of technology you want to use.

If you wish to obtain college credit for the course, we will ask you to complete a portfolio in which you will demonstrate what you have learned. Specifically, it will address what you have learned in the course and provide evidence that you have acquired the skills and knowledge you have been taught during the course.

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This is a 3-credit course at the University of Arizona State (ENG 101 Composition First Year). It is strongly recommended that you consult the institution of your choice to determine how these credits will be applied to your degree requirements before the credit transfer.

Testimonials of students

“Excellent content and structure, this is a composition course, so the students have to write a lot, what I like about the activities is the methodology, since the participants are invited to think, review, correct, etc. Exactly What the writers do in real life In short, the presentations are of high quality and help the students, in my opinion, to easily understand the topics covered. The instructors are friendly and care about the challenges of the students. “

“I am Aziz from Morocco, I have always wanted to develop my writing skills, especially academic writing where I still have problems, and I think this course is ideal to achieve this goal.” Thanks to edX and Arizona State University for this incredible learning opportunity and Happy learning for all MOOC registration applicants – Aziz Soubai

What will you learn?

Rhetorical knowledge: how to design your writing to meet the needs of specific audiences for specific purposes.
Critical thinking: deciding what to include or not in your writing.
The writing process: how to use invention, research, writing, editing, and editing in your writing.
Knowledge of conventions: using different formats and style options, including gender conventions.
Digital technology: how to use several technologies to write more effectively.
Habits of Mind: How to benefit from curiosity, openness, commitment, creativity, perseverance, responsibility, flexibility, and reflection.

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Level/Field of Study

Subject: Communication

Level: Introductory

Host Nationality

Free online course, but if you want to get a Verified Certificate, you must pay for 49$. Arizona State University organizes this English Composition.

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Eligible Nationality

This English Composition is for any students from all countries.

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Scholarship Worth

The number of credit hours for ENG101 English Composition​: 3 credit hours.
Cost: 600 USD (USD): pay the credit after successfully completing the course with a C or higher.


  • Once the course is completed, the learner must register in the Verified Certificate option to qualify for credit.
  • A learner must comply with all the course policies and academic integrity throughout the course.
  • The student must obtain an approval grade equal to or greater than the course.

How to Apply

Click here to enroll this course for free

Application Deadline

Duration: 8 weeks, 18 hours per week

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The course will start on the 8th of January 2023

Please watch the presentation video for more info

About eligible courses for Global Freshman Academy credit and ASUx credit

ENG101 English Composition from ASUx is a credit-eligible course. Students can follow the same rigorous courses at the university level in a flexible schedule and obtain academic credits when they graduate with a C or more, eliminating many of the challenges and risks inherent in seeking a college degree.


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