21 Free Online Marketing Classes in 2024

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information about where to take marketing classes online for free and how to do it effectively.

In terms of recruiting demand and salary, marketing is one of the greatest careers to go into right now.

Also, from 2019 to 2029, the overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is expected to expand by 6%, faster than the average for all occupation.

Meanwhile, marketing managers’ employment is expected to expand by 7% between 2019 and 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. This indeed shows a high prospect for any certified marketer.

Hence, to know more about the best way to get marketing certifications, we’ll also show you how to gain this vital skill using a variety of online marketing classes.

We’ll start with courses since, if you don’t already have friends or colleagues in the field, online classes are the greatest approach to mastering marketing.

Because this topic is rapidly expanding, an online course will provide you with more up-to-date information than a book or a university program.

Here are the greatest digital marketing online courses. Meanwhile, check out the answer to some important questions relating to this article.

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How Can I Learn Marketing Online for Free?

There’s a lot of free marketing information available online, and I believe it has a lot of value.

As a result, you may learn marketing online using channels such as Cousera, edX, Hubspot, Alison, Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, and other online study platforms.

However, we believe that taking one structured course that takes you through the learning process in some form of manner and sequence would help you achieve the best results (and the best success in finding high-paying jobs)!

These free online platforms are created by experts and institutions to help you master the most up-to-date marketing skills.

They provide free online marketing classes that you can complete at your leisure.

Also, platforms like Alison and Coursera have you covered whether you want to obtain a certificate in a specific skill set or pursue a degree in a marketing subject.

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Which is the Best Online Learning Site for Marketing?

You may learn marketing online using channels such as Cousera, edX, Hubspot, Alison, Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, and other online study platforms.

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What are the Best Free Marketing Courses Online?

Let’s look at some additional choices now that we’ve looked at places to learn digital marketing through a course.

Picking the best marketing courses online can really be tedious, considering that loads of platforms offer great online marketing courses.

However, over the years, Udemy has proven to be the best place to take online classes for most courses.

Hence, Udemy is known for its marketing course discounts, and the Masterclass is no exception. Their packages are one of the most affordable in the digital marketing field.

Also, Alison provides free online marketing courses that are available to anybody, anywhere.

List of the 21 Free Online Marketing Classes in 2024 | Beginners & Experts

If you’re wondering how to get free online marketing classes in 2024, then the list of classes below is just for you.

These online marketing classes were of great help to improve my job performance, so I began compiling a list of other classes I could take to expand my knowledge.

When I finished the list, I realized that some of you, dear readers, might have similar skill gaps, so I decided to write an article about it.

However, these online classes were grouped into different categories of marketing.

Here are 21 lists of online marketing classes you can enroll in 2024:

1. Free Social Media Certification – HubSpot Academy

Duration: 4:19 hours, 8 classes

It’s the only social media training you’ll ever need.

The newly updated Social Media Certification will help you shape the discourse around your brand, establish loyalty, and attract new consumers and

Building a strong social media strategy will help you increase all of your other inbound marketing initiatives while also increasing brand awareness, spreading word of mouth, and attracting customers.

To put it another way, social media is the pinnacle of inbound marketing.

Learn how to design an effective social media strategy, set up social listening and moderation, generate social content, broaden your reach, thrive in digital advertising, analyze ROI, and more with HubSpot Academy professor Crystal King.

Enroll Here

2. Diploma in Social Media Marketing – Alison

This free online e-business course will walk you through the process of creating a website for your company.

You’ll learn how to pick a web host, set up a business account with that webhost, register a domain name, and build a website that’s user-friendly, responsive, and tailored to your company’s needs, all while learning how to navigate the competitive world of online commerce.

The course will then move on to some really fascinating material, such as showing you how to make money from your website via online marketing.

You’ll also discover how to leverage social media to grow your business and drive visitors to your website.

After that, you’ll learn about affiliate and email marketing, how to utilize autoresponders to automatically react to emails, and how to use AWeber to create confirmation emails and messages.

To get started, sign up for this free online course right now!

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3. Social Media Analytics – Quintly

Welcome to the first course of the Quintly Academy!

This class will cover the basic principles of social media analytics both for beginners and for marketers who want to refresh their knowledge.

For all newcomers to social media analytics, this free course will offer an introduction to its fundamentals.

It aims to help anybody involved in social media analytics, no matter whether you are working for a brand, an agency, or in the media.

When you’ve successfully completed the course, we encourage you to add this accomplishment to your CV. In our connected world, an increasing amount of companies highly appreciate proven social media knowledge.

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4. Strategic Social Media Marketing (Boston University)- edX

Duration: Estimated 6 weeks (4–6 hours per week)

Price: Free (Optional upgrade available)

For product managers who will be working in a digital environment, understanding social media is essential.

You’ll look at how companies use social media and consumer-to-consumer interactions to assist their marketing efforts in this course, which is part of the Digital Product Management MicroMasters program.

Rather than a technical or platform perspective, we look at these issues from a strategic and practical standpoint.

They’ll teach you how to develop engaging content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, as well as how to discover influencers, deliver material to a specific audience, and track your progress.

Also, product managers will learn how to use social media dialogues to help them make better decisions, as well as how to use social media to market their goods, services, and brand.

Learners will also get an understanding of how to use social media to achieve specific corporate goals and measure the effectiveness of those efforts.

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5. Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business – HubSpot Academy

Duration: 2:30 hours, 6 classes

It’s simple to use Instagram, but it’s more difficult to utilize it effectively.

Learn how to put together an Instagram marketing strategy that will help your company stand out.
This course will teach you how to create a successful Instagram strategy, how to build and analyze Instagram content, and how to market that material using Instagram ads.

Also, at the end of this online marketing class, you’ll learn:

  • how to create and implement an organic Instagram marketing strategy that works.
  • how to use the power of this visual social network to help your company flourish.
  • one of the most in-demand talents in digital and social media marketing to invest in yourself and your career.

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Email Marketing Online Classes

6. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy

Duration: 3:18 hours, 9 Classes

This email marketing online class will show you how to develop an email marketing plan that will help you expand your company and your career.

You’ll learn how to create a human and useful email marketing approach that creates trust with your contacts, from contact administration and segmentation to email deliverability and analyzing your email sends.

Most importantly, you’ll get to apply everything you’ve learned with the free email marketing tools in your account at the end of this course.

Also, before the end of this online marketing class, you’ll learn:

  • the basics of email marketing.
  • how to use HubSpot’s free email marketing tool to put what you’ve learned into practice.
  • one of the most in-demand talents in digital marketing to invest in yourself and your career.

Above all, you will get certifications at the end of this particular online marketing class.

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7. Email Marketing – QuickSprout

Email has traditionally been one of the most significant channels for generating ROI.
Consider a decade ago, when email was the most popular marketing channel.

Marketers’ targeting powers were initially fairly broad, but as time went on, they grew more sophisticated.

The purpose of this article is to assist you:

  • (1) understand how organizations monitor consumers online;
  • (2) use email addresses as a key unit of analysis; and
  • (3) begin collecting email addresses to kickstart your marketing funnel.

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Online Advertising Online Classes

8. Digital Advertising Training Course: Learn What Digital Advertising Is and How to Do It – HubSpot Academy

Duration: 1:28 hours, 5 classes

Digital advertising may now be more targeted, relevant, and useful than ever before.

In this online course, you’ll discover what journey-based advertising is and how to utilize it.

At the same time, you can explore social media and paid search advertising platforms, determine your ad spend, see how organic and sponsored efforts may work together, and hear a HubSpot customer’s digital advertising success story.

Above all, you’ll learn:

  • how to employ digital ads at each stage of the purchasing process.
  • to investigate the platforms for social media and paid search advertising.
  • to create successful digital advertisements that meet your advertising objectives.

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9. How to Build a Paid Media Strategy – HubSpot Academy

Level: Aspiring Marketers, Marketing Managers, Directors

Duration: 59 minutes, 5 classes

This course is meant to teach marketers with a basic understanding of digital advertising how to develop a successful paid media plan that maximizes return on investment.

You’ll go through how paid media fits into your inbound strategy, how to set a budget, and how to plan, buy, and optimize your sponsored media campaigns in this course.

Plus, you’ll get advice from experts from a range of agencies throughout the course to understand how they help their clients achieve long-term success.

Above all, at the end of this online marketing class, you’ll learn:

  • how to maximize the effectiveness of your paid media.
  • how to create a paid media strategy for each stage of the buyer’s journey.
  • to spend your paid media budget wisely to maximize your return on investment.

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10. Advertising Foundations – Lynda

Price: Free (1-Month Trial Free)

Discover the fundamentals of successful advertising and marketing communications.

Jane Barratt, a former NYC advertising executive, gives an overview of the contemporary media landscape, as well as the building pieces and relative expenses of a basic advertising strategy.

She walks you through the basics of getting your message out to the public, as well as tools to help you refine your market focus, define your customer profiles, and plan your entire media strategy.

This course will help you understand what each company’s ad footprint, regardless of size, requires to succeed, whether you want to handle it yourself, partner with ad agencies, or work in a corporate marketing department.

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11. Advertising Your Business Online (Advance Learning Academy) – Alison

This free online marketing class teaches you how to reach your target audience by using display advertisements and sponsored tweets to show off your profile, products, and services to your customers.

Also, this course will teach you about social advertising, which is any type of advertising in which you pay a social media firm to display your content, how to use it efficiently, and how to buy your own social advertising.

Following that, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of online display advertising and how to incorporate it into your company’s marketing strategy.

Before choosing on a strategy, you’ll learn about a variety of options and their benefits and drawbacks.

Finally, you’ll learn about search engine optimization (SEO), including best practices, problems, and roadblocks.

Above all, you’ll learn how to use SEO to promote your website and how to measure its effectiveness.

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Digital Marketing Online Classes

12. Basic Graphic Design – Canva

We are all born with creativity, and design is all about leveraging that talent to communicate visually.

As designers, we have a plethora of typefaces, colors, and pictures at our disposal to assist us communicate our message.

All we need to do now is learn how to use these tools. And this article aims to help you achieve that.

Quickly join and develop a plan before you open that toolbox.

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13. Photoshop 2020: One-on-One Fundamentals – LinkedIn Learning

Price: Free (1-Month trial)

This is the first in a three-part series that will teach you the foundations of Photoshop in a way you’ve never seen before.

It contains everything you need to know in the order in which you need to know it, as well as eye-catching visuals and helpful advice.

Best of all, it’s been fully upgraded for Photoshop 2020, the program’s 30th anniversary edition.

In this online class, Deke demonstrates how to trim and straighten photos, as well as how to alter brightness and contrast, correct color cast, and retouch portraits.

You can also learn how to use layers to edit nondestructively, make sophisticated selections, develop photographs in Camera Raw, and prepare photos for print.

Bring your questions, and you’ll leave with answers.

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14. InDesign 2020: Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning

InDesign is the coolest Adobe tool since it brings everything you’ve created in Photoshop, Illustrator, and even Microsoft Word together in one place.

InDesign is a page layout program for print and interactive media, such as books, magazines, forms, the web, PDFs, and e-books.

Today, InDesign is the most significant publishing tool.

In this InDesign Essential Training, you’ll get up to speed quickly so you can use Adobe InDesign successfully.

Join in this LinkedIn Learning course to learn a tool that can help you advance in your profession and reach your design and publishing goals.

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Content Marketing Online Classes

15. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy

Duration: 6:20 hours, 12 classes

This certification course will teach you how to become a successful content marketer.

At the end of this course, you’ll:

Learn how to create effective content on a regular basis by following a content development structure.

Create and reuse content that will appeal to both humans and search engines.

Make yourself a more powerful, leaner, and strategic content marketer.

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16. Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises – Udemy

Duration: 35 minutes, 19 video lesson

Do you want to learn more about content marketing, especially for B2B products?

In this session, you’ll walk over Audienti’s (previously OMA) whole 4-step content marketing approach, which we employ with clients and in our own efforts to drive B2B lead creation.

In this course, they’ll address issues such as:

  • Even if you’re in a boring business, you can learn how to go inside your market’s head and create content that piques their interest.
  • How to connect blogs, offers, outreach, stats, and more to create a content marketing system that gets better over time.
  • What kinds of material should be created, and what channels should be used to promote it?
  • Even if you’re not a journalist, you can manage a content creation calendar.
  • How to locate relevant promotional channels and influencers for your content
  • How to make your measuring procedure more efficient
  • What products and services do we utilize now to achieve our objectives?

There are 19 video lessons in the course. Each one will take about 5 minutes to complete. The duration of the course is around 35 minutes.

So, if you have an hour to spare, you can finish this during lunch!

After you’ve finished the course, visit Audienti’s content marketing resources page to see what else we’ve created.

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17. The Strategy of Content Marketing – Coursera

Duration: 4:19 hours, 8 classes

This course is a collaboration between Copyblogger, the foremost authority in content marketing, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.

Most importantly, this course will teach you the main tactics that content marketers employ to acquire and retain profitable consumers.

You’ll learn how to create, plan, and implement a content marketing strategy, assess and monitor content marketing’s performance, produce compelling material, apply a strategic framework when writing, and use content marketing to enhance your professional brand and authority.

You’ll also learn how to put the ideas offered to you into action and use content marketing to establish your own personal brand.

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18. Internet Marketing for Smart People – Copyblogger

Do you want to turn those leads into customers or clients?

With Internet Marketing for Smart People, they’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, there is no cost.

These 16 high-impact ebooks, as well as our 20-part email course, will teach you the tactics and strategies you need to become a much better online marketer.

Enroll Here

SEO Marketing Online Classes

19.Google Digital Marketing Course – Google

Duration: Self-Paced(Volunteer)

Volunteers sponsored by an adviser can assist you with your Ad Grants account.

  1. Register

Register to be matched with a student/volunteer team when you’re ready.8The Nonprofit Marketing Immersion is open all year and there is no application deadline.

  1. Make a match with a volunteer group.

You’ll be matched with a student/volunteer team that has completed the Google Ads certification examinations and is led by an adviser as soon as a match becomes available.

  1. Create campaigns with the use of a free account.

Your student/volunteer team will assist you in launching advertising and provide a post-campaign report with future recommendations to optimize your account during the length of your collaboration.

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20. SEO Training Course – HubSpot Academy

Level: Marketers, Content creators, Anyone looking to skill up on SEO

Duration: 2:21 hours, 6 classes

Learn everything there is to know about SEO, including how to optimize a website, how to develop links, how to conduct keyword research, and much more.

Moreso, at the end of this online marketing clas, you’ll:

examine and optimize your website’s search engine optimization.

improve your website’s exposure on the search engine results page, build backlinks to it at a large scale.

improve your search performance by using data from keyword research and reporting.

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21. SEO Training Course by Moz – Udemy

Level: Anyone interested in learning about SEO

SEO is the active activity of upgrading internal and exterior components of a website in order to increase the amount of traffic it receives from search engines.

If you want to stand out as an SEO expert, take this online content marketing course.

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Whether you want to start with the marketing basics or you’re more advanced, there’s something for everyone here.

Above is a list of our favorite online marketing classes, most of which are free or very nearly free.



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