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Are you looking for a chance to study for an MBA in Europe at little or no cost? Sweden is the place to get such. With the full tuition SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship by the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden, you can get an MBA degree tuition-free.

Stockholm School of Economics is pleased to invite applications from eligible candidates for SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship to study in Sweden for the year 2025. International students are welcome to forward their applications for this scholarship program.

This post provides you with detailed information about the Full Tuition SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship. You can scroll through the table of content below to get an overview of all this post entails.

About SSE MBA Scholarship

The SSE MBA is an advanced general management degree program for working professionals. The program is delivered in executive format, that is, part-time studies over 18 months.

The objective of this program is to award the scholarship to a person who is expected to serve as a good ambassador for Sweden, through his/her leadership and responsible business development. Applicants have therefore reminded the meet up with eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification.

The winning candidate will benefit the Corporate Partner organization by bringing best practices and state of the art management knowledge back into the business and become a leader who works more effectively throughout the organization with a strategic and holistic understanding of their management.

More About SSE MBA

The SSE MBA provides a solid theoretical base combined with practical experience and skills training. After eighteen months of extensive studies, you will have a deeper understanding of business functions and increased confidence to take on new responsibilities.

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Participants who pursue the SSE MBA put their education to work immediately and take what they learn in the classroom one day and apply it in their own organizations.

  • the only FT ranked business school in Sweden, no 65 in Executive MBA ranking 2025
  • personal and diverse
  • real Live cases and pedagogy
  • electives within Financial Management and Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • emphasis on sustainability
  • conducted in English
  • ten intensive modules over eighteen months
  • extensive self-studies in between modules
  • based in Stockholm, Sweden
  • includes international field trips

About Stockholm China Economic Research Institute (SCERI)

The Stockholm China Economic Research Institute (SCERI) at the Stockholm School of Economics is a prestigious institution that promotes the studies and research of the economy in China.

it is a leading institute for studies of the Chinese economy. SCERI research, teaching, and outreach activities are focused on China’s impact on the global economy, foreign investments and trade with China, economic and financial policy, and political economy.

Also, it was set up through generous support from Ericsson, Sweden based world-leading supplier in telecommunications.

SCERI works in close cooperation with the European Institute of Japanese Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics and the China Center for Economic Research and National School of Development at Peking University.

In addition to academic research and education, SCERI is committed to disseminating knowledge and expertise to the business community, policymakers, and civil society.

SCERI research is published in leading journals, edited books, and a working paper series. Our conferences bring together leading international experts on the Chinese economy, business leaders, policymakers, and civil society.

Know More About MBA

The Master Program in Business Administration is a second-cycle study program at an advanced level for those who have a Bachelor of Science degree with business administration as the main subject.

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The program prepares you for qualified business administration tasks in public and private organizations and companies or to be self-employed.

Scholarship Level/Field

The Full Tuition SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship for International Students is available for international students pursuing a master’s degree in the field of Business Administration in any university in Sweden.

Host Nationality

The Scholarship is taken and hosted in Sweden. If you are an international student and you desire to study in Sweden, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in Sweden

Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship covers the full tuition fee of SEK 465.000 + VAT and includes literature and teaching material. Additional expenses related to travels, food, accommodation or other boarding expenses are not included.

Eligible Nationality

The MBA Scholarship is available for international students who desire to carry out their studies in Sweden. 

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Scholarship Number

The Full Tuition MBA Scholarship for International Students in Sweden offers up only one opening in the scholarship.

Eligibility for Scholarship

Applicants for the scholarship must fulfill the following requirements

The candidates are ideally high-potential managers:

  • With an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven record of successful leadership
  • Who would benefit from building a strong network in Scandinavia
  • With (at least) a Bachelor degree and a minimum of five years relevant work experience

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Candidates must have (at least) a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years of relevant work experience.

English Language Requirements: Applicants must have very good English skills.

Participants will be required to select a concentration in one of the following areas: Financial Management or Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Application Procedures

The mode of application is online. To begin the application by click on the Application Form link and also get more information about the scholarship by clicking on the  Scholarship Link

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SSE MBA Corporate Partner Scholarship Application Deadline

The scholarship application deadline for the SSE MBA program will run through August 31 every year.

The application is not yet open for 2025.

Apply and get Swedish Study Visa

Normally referred to as a “residence permit for studies”, the student visa is the document that allows you to enter a country, live, and even study there just like Canada, UK study Visa. Swedish Study Visa allows you to live and study in Sweden for a period longer than three months.

Based on the duration of your studies, apply to the following study visas for Sweden:

  • Short stay visa – If you enroll for a study program that lasts less than three months
  • Long stay visa type D (also called “residence permit for studies”)– If you enroll for a study program that lasts longer than six months

Here are a few conditions that you need to fulfill, in order to be eligible for the student visa

  • The university study program you applied to must be full-time.
  • You must have a written confirmation that you have been admitted. List of universities recognized in Sweden.
  • You are recommended to pay the first tuition fee rate.
  • If you stay less than one year, you are required to have comprehensive health insurance.
  • The validity of your passport should have a minimum of six months.

Documents for the student visa in Sweden

  • Copies of the pages from your passport with personal information, validity period, and permission to live in another country.
  • The letter of acceptance from the university that states that you have been admitted to a full-time course. If you applied to a Ph.D. degree, the duration of the course must be specified.
  • A copy of the proof that you have comprehensive medical insurance coverage in Sweden (if your study lasts for less than a year). This applies also if the university or university college covers your insurance.
  • A bank statement that proves that you can financially support yourself for a minimum of 840 EUR/month or 165 EUR/month


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