Fully Funded Widener University International Scholarships in USA

The Center for International Studies at Widener University offers a scholarship program for international students who have demonstrated exceptional academic excellence in their previous studies.

Their history as a former military college has given Widener a solid foundation and created a lasting set of values that are reflected in the mission statement of today’s university.

A premier university, Widener is a vibrant and inclusive academic community that turns students into committed academics, leaders and citizens around the world.

These values are a guiding force for the entire university community and are integrated into the curriculum through opportunities such as life-changing study experiences, internships or cooperatives and developing strong leadership skills.

Scholarships are educational funds based on merit and talent, which means that you are not only recognized for your hard work and achievements, you do not have to pay the funds after graduation!

Also, the Widener University Financial Aid Department is available to give you all the financial advice you may need.

Widener University is a private, coeducational university located in Chester, Pennsylvania. Its main campus sits on 108 acres, just 14 miles southwest of Philadelphia. Our metropolitan coast is only 20 minutes from Philadelphia, two hours from New York and two hours from Washington, DC.

Widener University is offering a limited number of full-tuition scholarships based on the strength of the applicant pool. Scholarships are available for pursuing the undergraduate program.

The Widener University Scholarships are educational funds based on merit and talent, which means that you are not only recognized for your hard work and achievements, you do not have to pay the funds after graduation!

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Scholarships are available for pursuing the undergraduate program to study the subjects offered by the university. As an international student, you can browse through our list of scholarship by country to select any scholarship for a particular country you wishes to study in.

Host Nationality

The scholarship is hosted by the Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Eligible Nationality

The scholarship is open to international students. If you are an international student seeking scholarships to study in the United State of America, you can find such in Study in the USA category.

You can also check out other study Abroad scholarships available for you irrespective of where you are coming from.

Scholarship Benefits

Each year a limited number of Widener University full-tuition scholarships are awarded based on the strength of the applicant pool. More than $20 million in scholarships and grants from Widener University went to the new undergraduate class last year?

Scholarship Number

The number of offers is not specified.


The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

Minimum criteria to be considered for an invitation to interview for a full-tuition scholarship:

  • 1410 minimum combined SAT score (Math & EBRW sections), or 30 minimum ACT composite score
  • Top 10% of the senior class
  • 85 minimum cumulative grade point average (based on a 4.0-grade scale).
  • Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must have a previous degree.
  • The candidate should have a very good command over the English language.

Widener University Financial Aid

The Widener University Financial Aid Services Department is available to guide you through the financial aid process and provide counseling and planning to assist with financing your Widener education.

They have the resources to help you feel confident about your financing options. You can visit the Financial Aid Services site for forms and publications, information on financial aid at Widener, financial counseling information, and helpful links. For more information on the Widener University Financial aid, CLICK HERE.

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List of Scholarships for Undergraduate Students at Widener University

At Widener, incoming full-time and undergraduate candidates are automatically considered for academic merit scholarships simply by applying.

The average merit scholarship for freshmen is $ 100,000 for four consecutive years at Widener. Meanwhile, the average merit scholarship for the transferred candidates is $ 14,000 per academic year at Widener.

Scholarships with interest/talent, music and honors are also available.

Explore the different scholarships below to examine all possible ways to receive well-deserved Widener University financial aid/assistance.

  • Academic, Merit Scholarships
  • Widener University Endowed Scholarships
  • The Maguire Foundation Endowed Scholarships
  • Military Scholarships
  • Additional University Scholarships
  • Private Scholarships

Academics, Merit Scholarships

At Widener, new full-time and full-time incoming students have automatically considered scholarships simply by applying for admission.

The average merit scholarship for freshmen is $100,000 for four consecutive years at Widener. Meanwhile, the average merit scholarship for the transferred candidates is $ 14,000 per academic year at Widener.

Merit scholarships for freshmen are based on high school grades, the strength of their high school curriculum, and the scores on standardized tests (SAT or ACT).

Merit scholarships for transfer students are based on the cumulative grade point average (from all institutions attended) and for members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Maintenance of merit scholarships:

In order to maintain a merit scholarship, students must move towards the end of their study program at a pace that guarantees graduation in a reasonable time, both quantitatively (accredited hours) and qualitatively (qualifications) while maintaining the state full time, first cycle, day.

Attendance is limited to eight full-time sessions, applies only to tuition fees and is reviewed annually.

Assistance based on needs is taken into account when processing merit scholarships.

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Widener University Endowed Scholarships 

Widener University offers a series of scholarships funded with private funds offered by individual donors and other benefactors. These awards are designed to recognize outstanding academic, leadership and service achievements.

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They are awarded by colleges and committees of the university. A separate application is not required for new students to be considered for these awards.

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The Maguire Foundation Endowed Scholarships 

The Maguire Scholars Fund offers scholarships to five new Widener first-year students each year. It is renewable every year for a total period of four years, as long as students continue to have the required qualifications.

Eligibility To be considered for a Maguire Scholarship includes:

  • Coming from a selected list of high schools in the Philadelphia area
  • Apply and be admitted to the university.
  • Stay up to date and actively participate in extracurricular activities of school and community volunteers
  • Demonstration of financial need determined by the university.

For more information about the Maguire Foundation and the list of participating high school students who must have attended to apply, visit the Maguire Foundation website.

Students interested in applying for the Maguire Scholars Award must complete the FAFSA form and the Widener University list, as well as complete a scholarship application from the Maguire Foundation.

The deadline to submit a scholarship application to the Maguire Foundation falls in March annually.

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Military Scholarships

The full ROTC scholarships are available to high-performing students who attend the Widener Army Reserve Officer Training Program. These scholarships also include a monthly subsidy, a grant for books and are funded by a lodging and food incentive from Widener University.

As a former Pennsylvania Military Academy (WMC), Widener University also supports dead and deceased military members and their families, offering several scholarship opportunities, such as the Carl E. Mundy General Body Scholarship. Jr. Marine Corps and Widener CARES Scholarship program for children, dead soldiers killed in action during Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Visit the Military and Family Financial Assistance page for information on any financial assistance available to military members and their families.

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Application Procedure:

If qualified, prospective applicants will be invited to interview for the scholarship.

You can begin the application by clicking on Online Application.

Application Deadline:

To view the Application Deadline kindly visit the official website.


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