Granny Unblocked Games For College Students In 2025

If you like horror movies, Granny Unblocked Game is for you. The dark and spooky atmosphere will leave you on edge. Be careful and avoid attracting attention from the evil Granny. Otherwise, the game may end quickly. Every buzz is an opportunity to get noticed.

You will wake up alone in an old and dirty house. But suddenly you will meet someone else. The resident of that house is an evil old woman who wants to kill you. Your task now is to survive at all costs. You only have 5 days.

If you survive this time, you win. The old lady hears every rustle and noise, so you have to hide in the closet or under the bed when she approaches.

In this article, learn everything you need to know about the Granny unblocked game and how to play it.

About Granny Unblocked Games

Granny is a popular survival horror game where you are locked in a room by an old witch named Granny. Now you have to find a way out of their grasp.

But that is easier said than done. Granny is very sensitive to your movements and will be alerted as soon as you make any noise. She will chase you relentlessly until she catches you. Anyway, you have to escape her camp.

Interestingly, you can now play Granny unblocked game for free in browsers at school and work. It’s an HTML5 game, so you can enjoy it on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The game does not require any downloads or plugin installations

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Is Granny Unblocked Games based on a true life story?

Based on a true story from 1989, Granny is rumored to have kidnapped his grandson, locked him up, and never let him out. Get inspired by this horror story. In the game, the protagonist is a stranger trapped in a house.

To get out of the house within the allotted time of 5-6 days, the protagonist must solve a series of puzzles while avoiding the evil Granny.

Granny Unblocked Games Story Explained

Granny Unblocked Game is a scary first-person escape game available online for free at Tyrone Games. You wake up in a creepy room full of messages written in blood and no one to help you. There is only one person inside; a cold-blooded and disguised Granny killer.

Your goal in each of these stages is to get out of this eerie place without making any noise or being spotted by the killer.

Do you think you can overcome your fear and trick your opponent into escaping alive? For those who don’t like to see blood, this game will be painful. Choose one of four levels and start your escape. You must find your way quickly and quietly without being heard or seen by the scary granny.

Explore different rooms filled with all kinds of blood-soaked hospital furniture.

How difficult is the Granny Unblocked Game?

Despite its pixelated aesthetic, the gameplay is surprisingly difficult and addictive. It features jump scares, bloody bats, and mild violence.

In the game, it has 5 different difficulty levels. In addition, there is also a “practice mode” that allows players to experiment without hassle.

Players wake up in a dark room at the start of the game. They are then instructed to look for the keys to the apartment. Keys are located throughout the map. The player has enough time to explore the room and find the key. 

After that, you have to use the key to unlock the door. When they unlock the door, Granny starts chasing them. It can be hidden in closets and under beds.

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If discovered, the player loses. The player can also use the guillotine to execute Granny.

In this game, an unknown protagonist is trapped in a house and must solve puzzles while avoiding his tragedy to escape within 5-6 days.

Features of Granny Unblocked

  1. Trying to escape from a haunted house and being chased by a mad Granny.
  2. Players must be careful as Granny hears their every move and the house is full of traps and puzzles that must be solved to progress.
  3. Players are given several days to leave the house and their progress is saved at the end of each day.
  4. The game also features realistic graphics and sound design, further enhancing the horror atmosphere.
  5. You can play Granny unblocked on Chrome and modern web browsers.

Granny Game Review

Granny has received many positive reviews due to its exciting atmosphere and gameplay. However, the graphics have been criticized for their creepy design. 

In 2025, Granny became the second most-viewed video game on the YouTube platform and a smash hit in the idol horror genre.

Granny Unblocked Gameplay

The game begins when you suddenly find Granny’s house after getting lost in the forest. However, not everything is as simple as it sounds.

A strange Granny traps you and ties you to an old, spooky house. Your main goal is to find the right key and escape this scary place. But be careful not to get caught. You have to find the exit before time runs out. Otherwise, it will pile up.

He only has 5 days to escape from Granny’s house. She hears noises in the house and rushes over. Everything you need to escape is inside the house but they are hidden.

Remember, you only have 5 days to escape. Time is not on your side.

Can I play Granny unblocked on PC?

Granny unblocked is available for almost all PCs and operating systems. Granny is an unlocked game that can scare even the bravest. This game will make you nervous and tickle your nerves.

The graphics perfectly emphasize the gloomy atmosphere of this scary house. The house is a kind of labyrinth with many rooms.

You can find something you can’t get out of without it in some places. Granny is always somewhere. Her footsteps are audible. If you play with headphones, listening to footsteps beforehand will increase your chances of survival.

When Granny catches you for the fifth time, you are finished, and the game starts over. Every time you make a new attempt, your character will become weak and move slower after being hit, all of which affect the game.

How to play the Granny Unblocked Game

Granny captivates gamers with its simple gameplay. The game’s objective is to survive and get out of the house.

This can be difficult because the Granny who lives in the house listens to every sound. When she hears your voice, she will seek you out and attack you.

Players can always immerse themselves in the sound of their homes. In addition, you can also hear sounds coming from Granny’s house. The player also hears the sound of Granny’s bat.

Granny also has excellent remote hearing. Besides dogs, she also has a spider. The game is difficult and requires the player to explore the house for keys.

Granny sets weapons and bear traps, including a single-shot shotgun. Her rusty old car can also take down Granny.

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Granny Unblocked Game Controls

  • WASD to walk
  • Mouse to view
  • Left mouse button to attack
  • Right mouse button to block attacks
  • space to Jump
  • X to Prone

How to defeat Granny in the game

The popular horror-survival game Granny is also one of the most demanding games to win. The goal of the game is to get out of the house alive. You need to unlock all the front doors and escape to do that.

If you try to escape, Granny will look for you and listen to every sound you make. If she catches you, she will attack you, and you will start a new day in the top-floor bedroom.

We’ll show you how to find all the necessary items to defeat Granny.

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Note: Required items are randomly distributed throughout the house.  There is no way to know where your items are when you start a new game.

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Method 1: Opening the Front Door

  1. Pick up the pliers. Go back to where you last left your pliers and pick them up.
  2. Cut the wires behind the control box. The switch box is in the basement. This will cause the alarm light at the bottom of the door to turn green.
  3. Cut the door alarm wire. The wiring is above the front door lightbox. Use pliers to cut the wire and disable the door alarm. This will cause the light at the top of the alarm to turn green. The alarm is now disabled.  
  4. Get the lock key. The padlock key is a key with a blue handle.
  5. Open the lock on the door. Use the blue padlock key to open the lock on the door. This knocks the bar out the door.
  6. Warning: It makes a noise that can alert Granny
  7. Unlock the number on the door. Use the code written on the yellow paper to open the digital padlock.
  8. Pick up the hammer. Remember where you found the house and pick it up.
  9. Break the wood at the foot of the door. Use the hammer to break the wood blocking the front door. You must break the wood on both sides to free it completely.
  10. Warning: This creates a noise that can alert Granny.
  11. Get the battery (Hard and Extreme modes only). If you’re playing on Hard or Extreme or have an extra lock, you must use a battery to unlock the door. Go to where you found the battery and get it.
  12. Place the battery in the front door compartment (Hard and Extreme modes only). This removes the vertical door panel.
  13. Warning: It will make a noise that can alert Granny.
  14. Grab a screwdriver (Extreme mode only). If you’re playing in Extreme mode, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to reach the lever to open the lock on the front door.
  15. Open the box with the lever (Extreme mode only). The box with the lever is in Granny’s yard. Use a screwdriver to open it.
  16. Activate the lever (in extreme mode only). This will remove the metal latch from the door.
  17. Get the master key. This is the key with the red handle.
  18. Unlock the Master lock. Use the key with the red handle to unlock the regular door. It’s the last lock on the door. This can only be unlocked after all other door locks have been removed.

Method 2: Finding all the items you need

  1. Locate the padlock key, which is blue. This key unlocks the padlock on the front door.
    To find objects, check drawers, cabinets, chairs, sinks, toilets, and hidden areas and compartments. When you start a new game, there is no way to know where an item is.
  2. Locate the safe key. The Safety Key has a gold handle. It is used to unlock the safe in the basement, which sometimes contains other keys or items you need.
  3. Unlock the safe. The safe is located in the basement. It usually contains a key or other item you need
  4. Locate the car key. It has a yellow handle and is used to unlock the trunk of the car.
  5. Unlock the trunk. The car is in the garage. Chests usually contain the items you need.
  6. Locate the house key. It is a playhouse key with a teal blue handle. You will have to rummage through the house to find the key.
  7. Unlock the house. Use the key with the teal handle to unlock the cabin. The playhouse is located in Granny’s courtyard. There is a machine inside.
  8. Locate gears. Search the whole house to find gears. The gear is a rusty round piece with serrations on the edges.  
  9. Use gears on the machine in the playhouse, located in Granny’s courtyard. This will reveal a compartment that holds the key or item you need.
  10. Locate the winch handle. Search houses for winch handles. The handle has a rectangular piece of wood with a wooden handle sticking out.
  11. Turn the winch to the shaft by hand. The well is in Granny’s yard. This increases the bucket with keys or other items you must hide inside.
  12. Melon flavor. Search the whole house to find the melon.
  13. Cut melon with the guillotine. The guillotine is located in Granny’s yard. Slicing the melon will reveal the key or other item you need.
  14. Locate the weapon key. It has a wooden handle. Search the entire house for the key.
  15. Get a shotgun or an anesthetic gun. You will need a Tranquilizer Gun or Shotgun to get the next item. You can also use a Tranquilizer Gun or Shotgun to disable Granny for two minutes.

    To get the anesthetic gun, first find the weapon’s key, then use it to open the compartment on the side of the secret stairs to the top floor. The anesthesia gun and some darts are inside.

    To find the secret stairs, go through the door to the left of the room where you start each day. Step into a narrow closet that connects to another room upstairs.

    Push the stack of boxes against the wall to reveal a hidden passage. Bend down, enter the aisle, and go down the stairs. The weapon compartment is on the right when you reach the landing of the stairs.

    To get the shotgun, search the house for three handgun parts (the muzzle and some bullets are on the table at the back of the garage). Place the parts in the mould in the basement to assemble the pistol.

  16. Pull down the screwdriver. It is located above the shelf in the main room with the lobby and front door. As you go down the stairs, you’ll see it sparkle from the top shelf on the wall. Use a shotgun or anesthetic gun to knock him down.
  17. Take the screwdriver. After dropping the screwdriver from the shelf, pick it up.
  18. Open the drawer on the side of the stairs. Use a screwdriver to open the compartment on the side of the stairs to the basement.
  19. Find the passcode. The key code is written on a piece of yellow paper that says “Code.” It can be displayed on any wall or door or hidden in drawers, cabinets, or furniture.
  20. Write code. You will need to use the code to unlock the front door. Please write it down or go open the digital padlock on the front door.
  21. Locate the hammer. The hammer was in one of the secret compartments of the house.
  22. Locate the cutting pliers. Wire cutter with a lime green handle.
    Cut the fan wire and place the fan in the cell. Sometimes, an object is hidden behind the fan.

    To enter the cell, go up to the attic. Remove the wooden planks blocking the way to the crib room and use them to connect the broken floor to the cell.  

    Remember the position of the cutting pliers. You will need it to unlock the front door.

  23. Locate the battery (Hard and Extreme modes only). If you’re playing Hard Mode Extreme Mode or Extra Key, you must also locate the pin to unlock the front door. The battery is a small black box with “Battery” on the side.
  24. Locate the master key. The master key has a red handle. This is the last key to unlock the front door and escape. You must complete the final mission as soon as all enemies are defeated. It could be opening the main door or fixing an old car or small boat.

    You will get different interesting endings depending on your decisions throughout the game. Play smart to unlock all secret finals and watch exciting scenes.

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If you make many mistakes, you may get it wrong, and you won’t have a chance to get out of freedom.

Granny Unblocked Games for College Students: FAQs

Where can I play Granny for free?

All platforms are good for playing games online for free without downloading. Just click the ‘Play in Browser’ button and play Granny instantly in the browser.

Is Granny based on a true story?

Granny Unblocked Games is based on a true story.

Is Granny free to play on PC?

Download and play the Granny horror game online on your PC for free!

Is Granny a free game?

Granny is a free-to-play indie horror game featuring gruesome imagery, blood, and jump scares that are likely too strong for small children. The gameplay is quite hard, even on the simplest option, which may annoy some players.

Granny Unblocked Games for College Students: Conclusion

Are you looking for escape games, haunted house horror games, or scary Granny games? Then Granny unblocked game is precisely what you are looking for. Just be sure to follow our advice to scale.

Always keep an eye on your back; your killer may be right behind you. Good luck surviving and having fun with Granny Horror.

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