GRE Scores For The Top 10 PA Schools

Gone are the days when people’s most preferred course of study died a natural death because it didn’t promise to be a high-paying job. Currently, young individuals are increasingly interested in becoming physician assistants despite what GRE score it would require of them.

PAs work in a field where the stakes are high, and the pressure is intense. If you want to work as a PA, start by looking for a good school. Ivy League colleges are among the finest for PAs, although state universities make up most of the top PA schools.

Some excellent qualifications and a good GRE score are among the prerequisites for PA school in the United States.

This article will deal mostly with GRE scores for the top 10 PA schools in the US.

What is the GRE?

The GRE is a strategy-based test with a quantitative portion that focuses on fundamental math and a verbal section that focuses on vocabulary abilities.

Because PA school is a master’s degree program, it usually requires a standardized test although the writing section is not necessarily needed for PA programs.

There are other specific subject GRE tests, however only the general test is necessary for PA school applications.

Do you Need the GRE for PA School?

Basically, one of the most important requirement to guarantee your admission into a PA school is the GRE.

So, yes, you need the GRE for PA school. However, some colleges are using a new standardized test called the Physician Assistant College Admission Test (PA-CAT).

GRE Requirement for PA School

The GRE General Test is required by more than half of PA schools. Only a few colleges provide the option of taking the GRE or the MCAT, but none of them need the MCAT. Given that you’ll want to give yourself as many options as possible, taking the GRE test and doing well on it is in your best interests.

The GRE is a more lenient component of your application than some others as one of your PA school prerequisites.

Many PA schools do not have a minimum GRE score requirement. While some programs will establish a minimum score of roughly 295, but some will be higher and some will be lower.

Of course, if you want to get the best GRE score possible, invest in GRE prep materials.

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Does the GRE Mean Something to PA Schools?

While some PA schools care little about GRE scores and focus more on your patient care experience, science GPA and master’s degree, gaining admission into the top 10 PA schools require that you aim for a high and competitive GRE score.

Alternatively, you can take the MCAT instead of the GRE in some medical courses to prepare for PA school, but the GRE is the more widely accepted standardized test for admission to PA school.

Can I get into a PA School with a Low GRE?

If your intention to get into the PA school is about to be ruined by your very low GRE score, remember that some of the PA schools you admire will consider you for admission based on a holistic assessment of who you are as a student rather than base your admission on GRE score.

Each PA school has its unique school requirements and they will consider your volunteer work, ethnicity for a diversity quota, years of experience in the healthcare industry, analytical writing skills, GPA, personal statement, and letters of recommendation, etc.

If you know you don’t test well enough to go into PA, work on strengthening your weak areas of study and begin investing in other related activities.

To achieve the many prerequisites for PA school, volunteer for local medical outreaches and nonprofit work, strive for higher grades and spend more time in the healthcare field.

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GRE Scores For The Top 10 PA Schools

#1. University of Iowa GRE Score

The University of Iowa’s Department of Physician Assistant Studies, which was founded in 1971, strives to attract the best students and give them the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to offer excellent patient-centered care.

To be considered for admission to the University of Iowa, you must complete the GRE with a minimum score of 307.

The average GRE score breakdown is:

GRE Quantitative Average: 159
GRE Verbal Average: 158
Analytical Writing Average: 4.7

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#2. Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor’s PA program emphasizes a plethora of clinical settings, competent instructors, and a curriculum that takes advantage of all Baylor’s resources.

To make your application into this institution’s PA program go through, you will need to take part in service-learning that will expose you to the underserved people in your immediate community.

The GRE breakdown:

Verbal: 153
Quantitative: 144
Analytical Writing: 3.5

#3. Duke University

Duke has set the bar for PA programs and has remained at the top of the rankings for years. The goal of Duke’s PA program is to train compassionate, knowledgeable PAs who will practice evidence-based medicine and become leaders in the field.

Regardless of what qualification you have and you intend to go for a PA program at Baylor College of Medicine, you must take the GRE and you can transmit your scores directly from ETS using the CASPA code: 0422.

I put the average GRE breakdown below.

GRE Quantitative Average: 157
GRE Verbal Average: 159
Analytical Average: 5.0

#4. George Washington University

The Physician Assistant Program at George Washington University focuses on preparing medical professionals who seek to improve the competency and efficiency of physicians in a variety of clinical settings.

At GW, you can choose between two programs; a Master of Science in Health Sciences or a three-year dual program that includes a Master of Public Health degree.

Check out the GRE breakdown below:

Quantitative: 152
Verbal: 158
Analytical Average: 4.0

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#5. Emory University GRE Score

The Emory University Physician Assistant Program is one that cultivates an educational environment to promote an understanding of human physiology and the acquisition of evidence-based, patient-oriented clinical skills and knowledge ever since.

The admission statistics for this institution show the GRE test scores for each of the sections.

Quantitative: 153
Verbal: 152
Analytical Writing: 4.3

#6. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas

The Physician Assistant Studies at UT Southwestern Medical Center prepares exceptional students for one of health care’s fastest-growing and most rewarding jobs.

According to the US News and World Report, this PA program is a 30-month curriculum that combines academic training with clinical rotations, and UT Southwestern’s resources, including Parkland Memorial Hospital.

GRE breakdown:

Quantitative: 149
Verbal: 155
Analytical Writing: 4.0

#7. Wake Forest University GRE Score

The Physician Assistant program at Wake Forest University is one of the few in the country that focuses on adult and practical learning methods.

The breakdown is captured below.

Quantitative: 148
Verbal: 154
Analytical Average: 4.5

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#8. University of Southern California

SCU is the only university in the country to provide a physician assistant program that completely immerses students in a multidisciplinary environment.

This innovative curriculum stresses an integrative whole-person approach in which students learn to employ science and evidence-based research with other disciplines, such as SCU’s Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine schools, to deliver patient care.

The GRE score breakdown is as follows

Quantitative: 150
Verbal: 154
Analytical Writing: 4.0

#9. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Rosalind Franklin University’s Physician Assistant Program teaches and trains you to be a valuable member of the interprofessional healthcare team.

See the GRE score breakdown below.

Quantitative: 153
Verbal: 155
Analytical Writing: 5.0

#10. The University of Washington GRE Score

The University of Washington is a fantastic university where you can run your PA program. However, you’ll need good GRE scores and a good undergraduate GPA to get in.

The average GRE scores for the University of Washington’s PA program is below.

Quantitative: 152
Verbal: 156
Analytical Writing: 4.5


The different GRE scores for the top PA schools will help you know how to prepare and get admitted into any of them if they fall in your preferred choice of schools.



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