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There are 25 public schools in the county of Hanover County, Virginia. So selecting the best Hanover County School for you or your child can be a challenge. You may be moving to Hanover County soon or you’re already living and thus, you want to find out which school is suitable.

In either case, this article will review the 10 best Hanover County Schools, including necessary details such as the admission, tuition, requirements, and academic calendar. 

It is important for any discerning parent who wants to send their child to any of the schools in Hanover County to be familiar with the geographical location. First, Hanover County is located in the central Virginia.

It is moderately populated and there are about 18,000 students enrolled in the Hanover County School District. You may look at the table of content of Hanover County public schools below.

Why Study at Hanover County Schools?

Hanover County in Virginia has about 18,000 registered students in 2021/22 according to data sources from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). The student-teacher is reported to be 14:1 which is better than the state’s average ratio.

Hanover County schools are one of the highest-ranked public schools in Virginia State. Their ranking is connected to their 90% math proficiency (versus the 82%  average in Virginia public schools), and 84% reading proficiency score (versus the 78% of the state’s average).

Almost all the top educational institutions rated in this Hanover County School review were rated 10/10 thus reflecting academic excellence. 

What are the Admission Requirements and Tuition at Hanover County Schools? 

The admissions of all 19 public schools in the district are not exactly the same. You can visit the official Hanover County School District website at http://www.hcps.us/ to learn more.

Alternatively, students, guidance, and parents can dial their telephone line and speak to one of the support reps regarding how to enroll into one of Hanover County schools.

What type of schools are in Hanover County?

Typical of any district or county, Hanover County has elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. The area of the settlement can’t obviously support a university and so High School graduates enroll at Kentucky University if they want to.

The Hanover County area has 19 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 4 high schools, 14 pre-K schools, amd 7 private schools. The commonly offered grades are PK, and Grade1 -12. 

Top 10 Hanover County Schools

The list of the best Hanover County Schools was ranked based on the math and reading proficiency test percentage scores. It is the preferred measure for quantifying academic performance, quality of teaching, and education.

So don’t be perplexed to see elementary schools dominating the list. The pupils in most elementary schools nationwide score very high in math and reading proficiency exams. The highest-ranked schools in Hanover County are considered when they are ranked above 8/10.

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1. Pearson’s Corner Elementary School

Pearson’s Corner is the highest-ranked school (10/10) and therefore the best Hanover County School. In the previous academic session, 97% of the pupils are found proficient in math and 94% in reading or language arts.

There are 583 students with a teacher-to-student ratio of 15:1. That ratio is slightly higher than the 15:1 ratio at the Virginia state level.

But regardless, Pearsons Corner’s Elementary is rightfully in the top 1% of best public schools in the state. The school provides admissions into pre-K and grades 1-5.

Also, admission into Pearson’s Corner Elementary School is free and enrollment of minorities and economically disadvantaged students is fair.


2. Rural Point Elementary School

Rural Point Elementary School is one of the best Hanover County schools with a 10/10 ranking.. The school is renowned for academic excellence and good quality of education. 

Although second on our list, it is among the top 5% of best public schools in Virginia.

There are 501 students with a teacher-to-student ratio of 14:1 which is lower than the statewise ratio of 15:1. Rural Point provides admissions for potential students into the kindergarten and elementary classes (ranging from pre-K to Grade 5).


3. Oak Knoll Middle School

This is among the top 5% of the best schools in Hanover County. There are 903 in population and the school serves grades 6-8 children. The average test scores for math and reading proficiency are about 95% and 90% respectively.

Just like other schools, Oak Knoll Middle School is a fun place for a child’s learning and development. Admission into Oak Knoll is free and currently up to 17% diverse minorities are admitted.


4. Atlee High School

Atlee High School has over 1,500 students enrolled in the previous academic session. The school offers Grade 9-12 senior secondary certificates.

With 101 teachers and a teacher-student ratio of 16:1, Atlee High is a good High school. It is listed in the top 20% of all schools in Virginia for overall test scores.

Admission into Mount Olive Elementary is free and enrollment of minorities and economically disadvantaged students is fair.


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5. Cool Spring Elementary School

As expected, Cool Spring Elementary is among the top 10% in Hanover County, VA’s overall ranking of best public schools. The average test scores are 94% and 90% for  math and reading proficiency respectively.

Admission into Cool Spring Elementary School is free and enrollment of minorities (about 15% of the student population) is fair.


6. Chickahominy Middle School

It seems like the teens living in Hanover County School District are good academic performers. West Chickahominy Middle School is the 6th on this list of the best public schools in Hanover County. Yet, they are rated 9/10 in overall test scores statewide.

There are 1,237 in population and the student-teacher ratio is 14:1 according to data sources on the school’s profile. This high school serves grades 6-8 students.

Admission into Chickahominy Middle School is free and enrollment of minorities and economically disadvantaged students is fair.


7. Kersey Creek Elementary School

Kersey Creek Elementary School is a good public school for kindergarten and grade 1-5 children. The student-teacher ratio is 14:1 which is better than the Virginia state level.

Pupils enrolled in Kersey Creek Elementary have average math and reading proficiency of 95% and 86% respectively. The school serves 725 pupils and offers PK-5 grades in the 2021/22 session. You can learn more about the admission process, tuition, and academic calendar by checking their website.

Admission into Kersey Creek is can be done through their portal on their website. The enrollment process for minorities and economically disadvantaged students is fair.


8. Hanover High School

From the name, you may observe that it is a government-owned public school just like most of the schools on this list. North Hanover High School has enrolled 1,349 students, and it is among the top 20% of public schools in Hanover County, Virginia.

It has a 9/10 ranking in math and reading proficiency. The teacher-student ratio of 15:1 which is equal to the Virginia state schools. Hanover High School offers admission into grades 9-12 in the 2024/24 academic session.


9. Pole Green Elementary School

Pole Green Elementary enrolled 610 students as of the previous academic session. This primary school offers Pre-K to grade 5 in the current academic session.

You can learn more about the admission process, tuition, and academic calendar by checking their website below.


10. Washington-henry Elementary School

Washington-henry Elementary School is a good public school for kindergarten and grade 1-5 children. There are over 400 pupils enrolled in this elementary school.

You can visit their website to learn more about the admission process, tuition, and academics.

Getting admitted into Washington-henry Elementary School is free and enrollment of minorities and economically disadvantaged students is fair.


FAQs on Hanover County Schools | Admission, Requirements, Tuition, Calendar

How much does Hanover County school pay?

The average yearly wage in Hanover county Public Schools is between $39,843 and $60,969 for an instructional assistant and a special education teacher, respectively.

Are Hanover County schools open?

At this moment, there are no reported closings of schools.

What is a school calendar?

A school calendar reveals the systemic way in which the academic session will commence and end. You will find Hanover County Schools calendars on their respective websites. You’ll see the resumption and vacation date and period for that elementary or middle school. 


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