Harvard vs. Oxford University: The Best Comparisons | Differences & Similarities

It is a tough battle for students who are intellectually sound to choose from one of the best schools in the world. It is no crime if you, too, want to tow this path of choosing between Harvard vs. Oxford Universities.

We’ll help you find which school is better, between Harvard and Oxford universities in this article.

This article will discuss both schools and their similarities, which have the easier admission process, and their differences.

Harvard Vs Oxford

Being a member of the Ivy League Schools, Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is currently the oldest institution of higher learning in the US.

Across 10 academic faculties, this private Ivy League Institute offers programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. You can be a part of the 20,000-degree students this prestigious institution houses.

Harvard has three main campuses in the following locations: Cambridge, Boston, and Massachusetts.

If you wish to gain experiential learning through an unmatched education system, you can apply to Harvard University.

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Oxford University

Here is another famous institution in England. Having over 39 colleges and several departments, Oxford University has a good way of contributing to the growth of the students career-wise.

This University comprises a variety of institutions, including 38 constituent colleges and several university departments organized into four departments.

Known for educating world leaders, you too can acquire your degree from any of its prestigious programs.

Acceptance Rate – Harvard Vs. Oxford

These schools are on the list of the top ten universities in the world. So, you wouldn’t expect their acceptance rates to be high.

Even an amateur can attest to the fact that nothing good is easy to come by.

Therefore, Harvard being a private institution, has a lower acceptance rate at 5.2%, while the Oxford university’s acceptance rate is 17.0%.

What is the Cost of Tuition at Harvard and Oxford universities?

For the 2025 academic session, the total cost of tuition at Harvard University is broken down thus:

Undergraduate Program: $47,730
Postgraduate Program: $24,004.
Hostel and Meal cost: $16,660

Similarly, this article breaks the cost of tuition at Oxford University down:

Undergraduate Program: $44,780
Postgraduate Program: $33,000
Hostel and Meal cost: $11,030.

Admission Requirements – Harvard Vs. Oxford

Here, we will list the general admission requirements for both schools, as this will do you a lot of good to steer clear of the application process if you do not meet the requirements.


These top schools have no room for less than excellent students. So, prepare!

Harvard University Admission Requirements

Harvard university provides students with unmatched learning experiences across a wide range of academic programs.

See the admission requirements for first-year students below.

  • Application
  • GPA of 3.0
  • High School Transcripts
  • Standardized test scores

Oxford University Admission Requirements

This is one of the most interesting learning environments you can find yourself in.

Offering one of the most enviable education systems in the world, it is not uncommon to find students who are intellectually sound in the learning environment.

So, in order to be considered for admission here, it is expedient that you meet the admission requirements for the course you want to study.

Check the link below to see the admission requirements for the 2025 academic entry.


What are the Similarities Between Harvard and Oxford Universities?

One major similarity between the two universities is that they are both prestigious, as any student who gains admission into any of them will take pride in it so much.

Secondly, these schools accept students who have very high GMAT/GRE test scores.

Moreso, the English language proficiency test that Harvard requires for you to gain admission into it is the same as that of Oxford University.

You may also need to read the scholarship opportunities available at Harvard University.

What are the Differences Between Harvard and Oxford Universities?

Although the list of the top 10 universities of the world has Harvard and Oxford Universities in there, you can agree with me that there are things that differentiate one from the other.

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Let’s see some of their differences.

Harvard University

  • Private Ivy League University
  • Admits only 1,650 students every academic session
  • Best for research and graduate programs
  • If you have the passion to study any of the liberal arts courses, this is an ideal fit for you.
  • High tuition costs may be unbearable for many students.

Oxford University

  • Public University
  • Best for undergraduate programs
  • An ideal fit to study Economics
  • A considerable amount for tuition fee

Frequently Asked Questions

what the acceptance rate for Harvard vs. Oxford universities is?

The acceptance rate at Harvard is competitive, and about 5% of those who apply to this school are granted admission.
While the acceptance rate at Oxford university is 17.0%.

How much will it cost me to attend Harvard vs. Oxford Universities?

The total cost of tuition at Harvard will take you a grand total of $64,390 with meal and accommodation costs inclusive.
Oxford University’s cost of tuition will come to a total figure of $55,810.

Which of the two prestigious schools is easier to gain admission to?

From the schools’ acceptance rates stated above, Oxford University gives you a higher chance of being considered for admission.


You see, it wasn’t a joke when we said it might be a difficult one to arrive at which school is best for you. Carefully read through the similarities and differences between these universities, decide on which to attend, and I promise you will have no regrets.

However, considering the acceptance rate and cost of tuition, I can say that Oxford University is a much easier option than Harvard University.



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