HCC Truck Driving School : Reviews; Admission, Cost, Length

The American Trucking Association report that there is now a shortage of over 80,000 drivers in the trucking business.

By 2025, the trucking sector may have a driver shortage of over 175,000 if current trends persist.

A career as a commercial truck driver is a fantastic choice since it has the potential for competitive compensation, employment security, and national travel.

HCC truck driving school is one of the top truck driving schools because of its excellent instructors, practical training, and top-notch curriculum.

This institution offers instruction in 23 specialties, with the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class A receiving the most reviews.

Are you trying to find the cost and admission requirements for HCC truck driving school? Keep reading as we review everything you need to know.

Admission Requirements: HCC Truck Driving School

Basic requirements for the HCC truck driving school include:

DOT physical & drug test

 Physicals and drug testing are becoming required as entrance requirements for many workplaces and educational institutions. To ensure candidates are in excellent physical condition, HCC also requires prospective individuals to do a drug and physical examination.

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Good Driving Record & Valid Class C Driver’s License

If your driving history reveals a pattern of breaking traffic laws, collisions, and outstanding tickets, you might have difficulty getting into HCC truck driving school. Candidates must have a clean driving record and a current driver’s license to enroll in the driving school.


The minimum age of 18 is essential for enrolling in HCC Truck Driving School. Applicants must be between 18 and 20 and possess a valid driver’s license to be eligible for a CDL.

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Applicants under 21 will have restrictions on driving within the state. Candidates who are at least 21 years old can drive on interstates.


The Roland Smith Commercial Truck Driving facility is where registration takes place. To ensure a spot in the class, you’ll have to show interest immediately after registration begins. Each lesson usually comprises 9 to 15 individuals.

You’ll have to complete registration at least one week before the start of the program. These include payment of tuition and the DOT physical and drug test. Tuition payments can be through cash, checks, MasterCard, or a visa.

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Cost of HCC Truck Driving School

In less than a month, students can start a new career in commercial driving. HCC truck driving school employs a curriculum created by the US Department of Transportation, making it one of the nation’s best truck driver training institutions.

The curriculum fulfills the needs of students with no prior truck driving training or experience. The 126-160 clock hours include classroom hours and 46 hours of individualized driving with knowledgeable instructors.

The truck driver training program uses sizeable national trucking companies’ innovative equipment besides the curriculum. HCC equips students with the skills they need for an expanding sector and has several new entry-level drivers and career growth prospects as dispatchers, managers, or owner-operator.

Depending on your chosen program, HCC Commercial Truck Driving might cost anywhere from $1,575 to $2,775 to attend. Students who cannot pay the tuition can receive a Texas Public Education Grant (CDL) from HCC Truck Driving School. Most students use the program to apply for federal student aid.

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Duration for HCC Truck Driving School

Commercial truck driving possibilities have never been better, thanks to a nationwide need to meet expanding demand. If you sign up for the following class, you might start a new career.

Two professional truck driving courses are available to students at the HCC truck driving school. This course provides truck drivers with all the knowledge they need to be successful in their line of work. There are 126 to 160 hours required for the completion of the courses. 

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Is HCC Truck Driving School Accredited?

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has conferred accreditation to the HCC Truck Driving School as a single entity to award the associate degree.

The United States Department of Education recognizes six nationally regional accreditation organizations, SACSCOC being one of them.

Meanwhile, the Commission oversees college accreditation in several states.

Is HCC Truck Driving School an Eligible Education Institution?

Yes, being an accredited school, HCC is an eligible education institution with an IRS option.

Any accredited school offering higher education after high school is an eligible educational institution. The U.S. Department of Education provides:

  • A student aid program for colleges.
  • University.
  • Trade school.
  • Other post-secondary educational institutions.

HCC Truck Driving School Reviews

Being one of the premier truck driving schools in the country, HCC has several favorable reviews. Students rank the school’s flexible class schedule, excellent faculty, helpful career services, adequate career preparation, and hands-on training as its top strengths. Over 90% of students often recommend the course to a friend.

Benefits of a Career in Truck Driving

Are you interested in becoming a truck driver but unclear on the profession’s merits or rewards? Below are some benefits of a career in truck driving:

Impressive Pay

Since new drivers to the trucking sector typically earn $50,000 or more after training, truck drivers profit from moderate earnings. According to Indeed, truck drivers get an annual pay of around $77,231.

Additional alternatives become available after a few years of experience, such as becoming private truck drivers or owner-operators. With the several opportunities available in the industry, some truck drivers can earn as high as $160,000 or more annually.


Since they frequently choose their schedules, truck drivers can manage their professional and personal lives. If you want to spend the weekends with friends or family, you can decide to work solely during the week. A flexible schedule also allows you to choose whether you want to work during the day or night. 

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A career as a truck driver may be a good fit for you if you enjoy traveling. Compared to many other professions, driving a truck pay well and allows you to go to more areas.

You will need to travel around the country to fulfill your employment responsibilities, but you may also use your free time to visit monuments and other sights. It offers the chance to admire the magnificent cityscapes of America and the vast range of diverse landscapes around the country.

Job security

The trucking industry expands together with the economy. There is a demand for truck drivers when there is a demand for goods. The ongoing need for truck drivers plays a crucial part in the job security of truck drivers.

While trucking business recruitment is highly competitive, applying for positions gives you more opportunities than job seekers in other occupations. This is also helpful for those looking to work as truck drivers with no prior experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does HCC truck driving school run?

Courses run from 126 to 160 hours.

Is being a truck driver worth it?

With an impressive salary and added benefits, a truck driving career is worth it.

What is the total cost for HCC truck driving school?

The two professional courses cost $4,350 in total.

What state has the most demand for truck drivers in 2025?

California and Illinois top the list for truck driver demand.

What is the average salary for truck drivers in Houston?

Truck drivers have an average annual salary of $72,731 in Houston. 


Even though it may not be the most glamorous profession, truck driving will continue to be a wise choice for anyone looking for a secure and fulfilling career because of the good benefits, pay, and several other benefits provided by many trucking businesses.

The HCC Truck Driving School uses some of the most advanced training programs and facilities to prepare students for professional success. Good Instructors and Hands-on training are the most frequently cited advantages of attending the HCC Commercial Truck Driving school, and the instructors are some of the best in the field.



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