High School Diploma Online For Adults | Step-by-Step Guide

Many students couldn’t complete high school for various reasons but the common reasons are lack of finance, health challenges, or no longer interest in getting an education, while others could be personal reasons. Whatever the reason may be but if you do want to go back, continue, and finish off high school, then this article will expound on how to earn a high school diploma online or adults.

Obtaining a high school diploma online is an alternative to attending an on-campus school to graduate high school. A high school diploma verifies that you have completed the necessary coursework and are required to enter college. Whether you later enroll in an on-campus university or earn your higher education degree online, you will need a high school diploma to be accepted.

What Is A High School Diploma?

A high school diploma is a school leaving qualification awarded to high school students upon graduation. It is obtained after a course of study with a duration lasting four years, from grade 9 to 12, meeting all the education requirements of your educational institution, district, city, and state

Adults whose quest is to acquire a diploma with little to no spending should give thought to the free high school diploma online at no cost for adults that we will be relating to you here.

For several reasons, several students couldn’t get done with high school. The common reasons for this include lack of finance, health challenges, or no longer interest in getting an education, while others could be personal reasons. 

For any reason whatsoever you can still forge ahead for a high school diploma online for adults and finish off high school. If this is your situation, then this article is written to guide you to earn a diploma that you won’t spend money on acquiring. 

Part of the interesting thing about a high school diploma is that you will not spend money to study and acquire your high school diploma, in addition to the fact that classes are held online.

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Why Should I Study High School Diploma For Adults Online?

Online learning comes with a lot of benefits accrued to its pleasures.

Different from the traditional learning system, you won’t be attending any physical, face-to-face, or offline classes for any reason whatsoever, all operations, procedures, and processes will take place online. 

That is, you will take your classes and learn online and do assignments, classwork, tests, and exams online. Online learning is the recent trend in the education space and with the latest teaching and learning style, you have to have access.

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To have a grasp as to how advanced online learning is, there are online high schools that have scaled through accredited and hence make accredited qualifications available. Universities as well have also since put into practice, the use of the internet for the provision of teachings to students in pursuit of bachelor’s, master’s, and, in very few cases, doctorate degrees.

The free high school diploma online – no cost for adults, has assisted in proffering solutions to any issues or reasons you had regarding not completing high school earlier. For those who were financially handicapped, the high school diploma online for adults listed here is free therefore, the need to make payment for education, there are paid ones though but aren’t listed nor discussed here.

For those who are not strong health-wise or couldn’t finish high school due to a physical challenge, the free high school diploma online at no cost for adults gives you the privilege to take classes from the comfort of your home or anywhere that is okay enough for you. You just need a working computer or PC and a stable internet connection to start with this.

Lastly, for the individuals who no longer found fun in the traditional teaching system or style of high school and had to drop out, the high school diploma online for adults presents an innovative, modern, cutting-edge way to learn. Not minding the particular set of these groups of individuals you belong to, you get to enjoy the flexibility of online learning, that is, you can continue other responsibilities while completing your high school diploma education online.

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Requirements For A High School Diploma Online

The primary requirement for attending an online high school is internet access and a computer capable of going online and running online content management systems (CMS).

Students may require additional software depending on the program. Communication with teachers can take place entirely online or in person. Students must be 14 years old or older. Furthermore, some schools may require transcripts or proof of homeschooling to demonstrate completion of the eighth grade. They may also necessitate standardized tests.

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Step-by-step guide on how to Apply for High School Diploma Online

The steps on how to go about applying for a high school diploma online is not tedious and include the following:

Step 1: Contact an adult education provider

According to the words of Lennox McLendon, executive director of the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium, most public schools or community colleges should have the ability to direct adults to the right person to talk to about their options.

According to Mark Johnson, director of adult secondary education at the Wisconsin Technical College System, as an adult seeking to enroll for a high school diploma online for adults, you can also search online for a provider using America’s Literacy Directory.

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Step 2: Decide what type of high school completion program to complete

After contacting an adult education provider, the next action you are to take is to decide what type of high school completion program to complete.

As an adult, you usually have at least two options to earn your high school credential, says McLendon.

Oftentimes, that’s either to attend an adult high school completion program or take a high school equivalency test, such as the GED, he says, though there may be other options aside from this.

Students who only need to bring a couple of credits to complete in order to earn their diploma may want to put an adult high school completion program into consideration, in which students take the courses they need to graduate, as an English class, says McLendon. Adults who need many credits may want to take the GED or similar assessments is that it won’t take students a very long duration to get done, he says.

According McLendon, credentials should allow adults to go to college or get a job.

Be that as it may, Amina Brown, school director of the Goodwill Excel Center, says even though earning a GED is quite an accomplishment, employers and colleges look more favorably on a high school diploma and that the GED still carries a mark of disgrace for a number of individuals.

Step 3: Make sure the program is legit

According to Johnson, the Wisconsin official, adults searching online for high school diploma completion programs should be cautious of the danger of organizations selling fake credentials.

Often, the legitimacy of a program found online makes adults concerned. If this is the case with you, you are to check with a state agency, such as the state board of education or the department of education. This is to ensure that the program is genuine, says Troy Goracke, who oversees adult high school completion in Washington state.

Step 4: Consider the logistics

Before you choose a high school diploma online for adults, you must note it is expedient to consider the logistics.

According to McLendon, every state makes available a low-cost avenue to earn a high school credential, but there will be variations in the specific cost. Sometimes adult programs are free, like the one at the Goodwill Excel Center.

According to McLendon, on a general note, adult high school completion programs are held on weekdays and weeknights but not usually on the weekends.

The statement from Brown has it that the Goodwill Excel Center doesn’t encourage students to take up a full-time job, if at all, while studying – classes are held during the daytime alone – because they don’t want any job to be a distraction to students.

Suppose you are an adult who wants to apply for a high school diploma online for adults. In that case, you must also obtain transcripts from any high schools you previously attended, so officials can determine the number of credits students need to graduate. This is according to Goracke, the Washington state official.

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Step 5: Enroll in a program

Here, you are required to enroll in a program. You are to note that adults will take a few weeks to a couple of years to earn a high school credential. This is according to McLendon.

As an adult enrolling for this diploma online for adults, you are not to expect a common high school experience.

As a student here, you must be goal-oriented and willing to put in hard work. 

Though this is not high school, you are still required to do the work to get the grade as no one is going to hand the grade over to you just because you showed up.

Not minding how crucial earning a high school credential is, most adults will require some education or training beyond high school to get the specific skills needed to secure many in-demand jobs.

Note, the following step is a guide in addition to the steps above on how to apply for a high school diploma online for adults.

  • Get your official academic transcript from your former high school
  • Send your application to the online high school of your choice
  • Get your student Identity and finish up the online orientation
  • After the completion of the orientation, consult with a counselor
  • Commence your studies and earn an online high school diploma.


As an adult, you can enroll for a high school diploma online, a school-leaving qualification awarded to high school students upon graduation.

Obtaining a high school diploma online is a viable alternative to attending an on-campus high school to complete high school. A high school diploma certifies that you have completed the required coursework and is required for college admission.

Best wishes from us to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible for me to get a job with an online high school diploma?

Yes, you can get employed with an online high school diploma, provided you got it from an accredited online high school.

How much can I earn with a high school diploma?

With having a high school diploma, you can earn between an average of $746 per week to $38,792 per annum.

Which schools can I attend for high school diplomas online for adults?

Some of the schools you can attend for a high school diploma online for adults include: 
• Penn Foster
• Alabama Virtual Academy
• Hope High School
• Pinnacle Charter Schools
• Smart Horizons Career Online High School
• The Keystone School
• Texas Success Academy
• My Virtual Academy

Are online high school diplomas legitimate?

Yes, they are 100% legitimate but you are to note that this is the case for online high schools that do meet or exceed accreditation requirements, hence may be used the same way as any other traditional high school diploma.

Can an individual get a diploma without taking additional courses? 

Yes, an individual can, and to do this, you are to take one of two national tests – the High School Equivalency Exam or the GED – instead of completing coursework. Passing one of these tests gets you the equivalent of a diploma.


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