How Do I Contact Amazon About A Missing Item in 2023

Report the incident to Amazon by calling 844-311-0406 to receive 24/7 immediate assistance.

How do I contact Amazon about a missing package?

Call 1 (888) 280-4331- speak with customer service for a tracking update.
Ask neighbors if they received the package.
Wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a claim.
Start a claim with Amazon here.

What do I do if my package says delivered but I never got it?

Please contact your nearest USPS post office. Please contact your local post office rather than the USPS hotline. Your neighborhood post office will be able to deliver faster and more efficient service. Inquire about the package’s delivery and the details of that day’s delivery.

What happens when an Amazon package goes missing?

If your Amazon package has not arrived after 48 hours, you should submit a refund claim with Amazon. But, according to Weisman, you must first contact the third-party vendor directly to report the problem. Customers must first contact the seller before filing a claim on Amazon.

Does Amazon replace missing packages?

Amazon’s “A-to-Z” Guarantee Protection covers most stolen packages. Purchases that are “fulfilled by Amazon” are sometimes derived from “Amazon Sellers,” which are retail partners. (You would know of this at the time you place your order.)

How do I get a refund on Amazon that never arrived?

Request an A-to-z Guarantee Refund
Go to Your Orders.
Locate the order.
Select Problem with order.
Select your problem from the list.
Select Request refund.
Enter your comments in the text box.
Select Submit.

What happens if Amazon delivers to the wrong address?

If a customer’s shipment is delivered to the incorrect address, they can call Amazon customer service at 1-877-586-3230, and Amazon will either try to recover the box, offer a refund, or send a replacement if the original item cannot be located.

Can a USPS package says delivered but not here?

They’ll probably tell you to wait 24 hours, so you might as well wait that long before contacting them. If your shipment hasn’t arrived after 24 hours despite the fact that it says “Delivered,” you should contact a USPS employee.

Does Amazon refund porch Pirates?

Most of the time, you can request a refund or have the things re-shipped. They are not required to do this if it shows in their system that it was delivered, therefore I say most of the time. They are more likely to deny you if you have a long history of missing packages.

Do Amazon delivery drivers steal packages?

While the danger of a delivery driver stealing your package exists, the chances are small. While there are bad apples in every profession, delivery businesses like Amazon, USPS, UPS, and FedEx have a vested interest in preventing package theft.

How do I report an Amazon package to the wrong house?

All you have to do is dial 1-888-280-4331 at any time of day or night, on any day of the year. Explain your problem to them, tell them you believe Amazon delivered to the wrong address, and give them the order details and tracking information. They’ll take care of the rest of the heavy lifting.

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