How To Become A Notary In Florida: Schools, Licenses, Salary, Cost, Requirements

Are looking to become a Notary in Florida? We have outlined the easiest step by step process to becoming a Notary in Florida. A notary public is not just a public officer appointed and commissioned by the Governor whose role is to perform certain functions, a notary officer in Florida is a man or woman of integrity. Carefully read through to see how to become a Notary in the state of Florida.

It is true that notaries don’t earn salaries. However, they earn per signatories they acquire at each point in time. As a notary, you can earn as much as $2- $10 per signature. Accumulating a total of 100 signatures in a day makes you $1,000 richer.

In this article put together by The World Scholarship Forum, we’ll be looking at who a notary is, job functions and responsibilities and the step by step processes involved in becoming a public notary in Florida.

See the table of contents below for a quick overview of this article.

Who is a Notary?

A Notary, also known as “Notary Public” is a state public officer appointed and commissioned by the Governor whose role is to: administer oaths, take acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments, attest to or certify photocopies of certain documents, and perform other duties specified by law.

All official acts that involve witnessing are called notarizations, or notarial acts. So, notaries are publicly commissioned as “ministerial” officials, which means they adhere to certain rules without the exercise of vital personal discretion, which would be the case with a “judicial” official.

What Does a Notary in Florida Do?

The duty of a Notary in Florida involves screening the signatories of vital documents for their true identity, their preparedness to sign without any form of coarseness. More so, they check their recognition of the document contents or transaction. Notaries in Florida carry out these basic functions:

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  • Administer oaths or affirmations
  • Take acknowledgments
  • Attest to photocopies of certain documents
  • Solemnize marriages
  • Verify vehicle identification numbers (VINs)
  • Certify the contents of safe deposit boxes

A lot of notarizations demand that a Notary must ensure the signatory is under oath. This oath essentially involves declaring under penalty of perjury that the information contained in each document is true and authentic. The document can be in form of a: Will, Property deed, or even Power of Attorney.

To become a notary, you must eagerly express impartiality and a high level of integrity. You should try as much as you can not to involve in matters where personal investment or interest supersedes the legal stipulations. Therefore, there should be no room for partiality, tribalism, sentiments, etc.

Why Become a Notary in Florida?

Becoming a Notary in Florida might seem normal. These men and women of integrity witness and authenticate the signing of our most important transactions: mortgage documents, powers of attorney, contracts, adoption papers, advance medical directives, and other dealings central to our lives and the economy. It’s also a great way to earn additional income working from home or improve your resume and career. 

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Here are the top reasons why you should consider becoming a Notary Public.

Earn an additional income

Being a notary signing agent in Florida ensures that you possess another income channel. As you get signatories, each one pays you up to $10 as you sign. And this signing could reach hundreds in a day at certain periods. Imagine all the possibilities you have with this new stream.

Improve Your Resume/Skill Set

Notaries function in almost all industries, including banking, finance, medical, legal, government, insurance, technology, and lots more. In fact, every industry seeks the services of Notaries,

Therefore, becoming a notary one will add to your marketable skill sets, improve your resume, and increase your value as an employee.

In the workplace, Notaries perform two general functions: Notarizing documents in the back office for co-workers and bosses or notarizing for customers in a bank or their local photocopy and shipping shop. In most cases, employers value employees with Notary skills to handle their document authentication needs and provide customers with top-notch service.

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

The duty of a notary agent is flexible in the sense that you decide on the time to work on documents. Many people who need notarizations request them after normal business hours, so you can make the most of your evenings, or arrange a time that suits your personal schedule.

Engage in community service

Another amazing part of becoming a notary is the help you offer your community. As a notary, you can protect members of your community when you help them fight and safeguard their rights.

In the course of the duty, you also get to find out that there are people who can’t afford the services of a Notary public, like the elderly, homeless, disabled, and college students. As a notary service agent, you can afford to attend to them at a reduced cost or even free. Notaries often hold events at community centres, retirement homes, and campuses to provide free or low-cost notarizations. It’s also a great way to network and also wins clients.

How to Become a Notary in Florida

To become a notary in Florida, you need to register on the official website, complete the information requested online then print your completed registration forms for signature and return them to the designated office for processing New Notaries. After due review, your application will be granted and certificate issued

However, before you go on to register online, you need to follow the following steps:

Steps to become a notary in Florida

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  • Meet the state requirements
  • Get a $7,500 surety bond from an approved bonding agency
  • Take a Florida notary course
  • Fill the application form
  • Upload or tender required documents
  • Purchase a stamp or notary seal
  • Submit the application

#1 Meet the state requirements

Each state has different requirements in addition to the general requirements we listed in the above section. Therefore, it is important you go through the state requirements.

The basic requirements for becoming a notary in Florida include age restrictions, residency stipulations, valid driver’s license. Additionally, you must also demonstrate the ability to speak and understand the official language. Also, read Chapter 117 of the Florida statues of being a Notary Public.

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#2 Get a $7,500 surety bond from an approved bonding agency

Florida law requires you to get a $7,500 bond from a surety company authorized to do business in Florida. A surety bond is a promise to pay anyone harmed if you fail to honestly, diligently and faithfully discharge your responsibilities as a Notary. A surety bond is different from insurance because it doesn’t protect you as a Notary. It protects the public.

#3 Take Florida notary course

All first-time Florida notary applicants are to take a notary educational course and read Chapter 117 of the Florida Statutes. The Florida Department of State offers a free online course.

The course exposes you to all you need to know about becoming a notary in Florida and what the office entails. It will acquaint you with the relevant skills and laws.

Once you have completed it, print your completion certificate to submit with your notary application.

#4 Fill the application form

The application can be done online and offline through bonding agencies, such as the Florida Notary Service. In the application you need to provide the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Employer information
  • Qualifications
  • Character affidavit
  • Oath of Office
  • Bond
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#5 Upload or tender required documents

You may need to show that you meet the state residency and age requirements.

For the residency requirements, some examples of proof include:

  • A Florida’s driver’s license
  • Florida car registration
  • Florida voters registration

For the age requirement, there might be need to tender:

  • A birth certificate
  • State-issued identification

For non-US-Citizens

If you are a non-citizen of United States Citizen who desires to become a Notary Public in Florida, you must file and completed a Declaration of Domicile. This must be received and filed at your county seat, not the courthouse nearest to you.

#6 Purchase a stamp or notary seal

The two important components needed to function as a notary include a notebook and a public stamp or seal. The notebook allows you to document all the work done while the seal is necessary for stamping.

#7 Submit the application and wait for approval

After filling your application, you have to submit it for review and approval. Once it is approved, by the Governor, your bonding agency sends you your notary seal and commission certificate upon the approval of your application.

What are the Requirements to Become a Notary in Florida?

To become a notary public in Florida, you must satisfy the following requirements;

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  • Applicant must be above 18 years
  • Individual must have no criminal record
  • Applicant must be a registered citizen of the state
  • Applicant must read, write and understand English properly
  • Every applicant must have a little knowledge of societal laws

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Notary Public In Florida?

The state requires that all Florida notary applicants provide a four-year, $7,500 Florida notary bond and pay the $39 state filing fee. The cost of the four-year, $7,500 Florida notary bond is only $40

No commission fee is required for the issuance of a commission as a notary public for a veteran who has served in wartime service and who has a disability rating of 50% or more, and such disability is subject to verification by the Florida Department of State.

To become a notary in Florida is obviously not all cheap. However, it is affordable and worth the shot.

What is a Notary Bond?

A Notary Bond is a financial guarantee Notaries purchase from a surety company. The bond ensures that, as a Notary, you will satisfy all obligations to defend the public from financial harm resulting from any wrongdoing on your part when performing notarial duties

A notary bond in the amount of $7,500 is required by law in Florida. The state uses the bond to compensate an individual harmed as a result of a breach of duty by the notary. In other words, the bond protects a notary’s client.

It can be said to be a notary’s promise to fulfill the law or pay If there happen to lapse from the official’s part, their bonding company may have to but will then pursue the notary until it gets reimbursed for all losses, costs, and expenses.

What is the Salary & Job Outlook of a Notary in Florida?

It is true that notaries don’t earn salaries. However, they earn per signatories they receive at each point in time. As a notary, you can make as much as $2- $10 per signature. Just imagine you hook up 100 signatures in a day, we talking about $1,000.

Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t have any data regarding the availability of jobs in the notary profession, citizens still require notaries to perform core functions that help them live their lives with ease.

How Long does it take to become a Notary In Florida?

This process of becoming a notary in Florida normally takes two to three weeks from the time you submit your application. These materials are then processed by the designated office and your notary commission is issued by the state. Once your notary commission has been issued, you will receive your package that includes your commission certificate, a notary stamp(s), and a logbook. You will receive a second, separate package if you order an embosser or certain other materials.

What is a Notary License?

Doctors are able to perform surgeries, consult and prescribe medication for their patients in any facility because of a license. Generally, a license is your proof of credibility and professionalism.

In the same vein, as a notary, your license puts you in a position wherein people require your assistance and competence. A notary without a license does not fit the description of a notary in any way.

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How long does a Florida Notary commission last?

Florida’s Notary commission term is four years. However, it normally takes two to three weeks from the time of the request to renew it. These materials are then processed by your bonding agency and your notary commission is issued by the state. Once your notary commission has been issued, you will receive your commission certificate, a notary stamp(s), and a logbook from your bonding agency. You will get a second, separate package if you order an embosser or certain other materials.

Where can I get a Notary Training in Florida?

An applicant seeking a commission as a Florida notary public is expected to complete at least three hours of interactive or classroom instruction, including electronic notarization and the duties of the notary public, within one year prior to submitting an application for appointment as a notary public.

The educational courses can be offered by any public or private sector person or entity registered with the Executive Office of the Governor. The courses must include an authorized curriculum.

Some vendors add practical information necessary for Notaries to learn how to perform their official duties. This notary training can be done either a classroom or online training.

Who Appoints Notaries In Florida?

In Florida, notaries are designated by the Governor, and the Governor’s Office receives and attends to complaints of misconduct against notaries and takes disciplinary action when appropriate.

However, the Florida Department of State accepts applications for appointment and reappointment as a notary public, administers the commissioning process, and maintains records on notaries. The Governor’s Office in collaboration with the Department of State organizes Notary Educational Course.

Are There Exams Or Classes To Be Taken To Become A Notary Public In Florida?

A new applicant seeking a position as a Florida notary public has to complete at least three hours of classroom instruction, including electronic notarization and the duties of the notary public, within one year prior to submitting an application for the position of a notary public.

The educational courses can be given by any public or private sector person or entity authorized by the Executive Office of the Governor and must include a core curriculum that satisfies the official standard. This course is also given for free online from the Florida Department of State and the Governor’s office. After achieving the educational course, the notary candidate will receive a certificate of completion which can be tendered with the application for appointment.

How To Apply To Become A Notary In Florida

There are two ways of applying to become a notary in Florida. You can either do it online or offline. Online is normally faster and more convenient. However, if you choose to apply offline, that will be fine too.

How to apply online

After putting the cost together, log on to the official website once you open the page, you now have to fill in the following sections;

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  • Personal Information
  • Qualifications
  • Affidavit of character
  • Oath of office
  • Preview and print the document
  • Purchase supplies and checkout

How to apply offline

Though applying online might be easier, applying offline is also a wonderful option. To apply offline, you need to follow only three steps;

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  • Log on to the official website and print the application form.
  • Select the Florida notary bond and state filing fee listed on the order form for $79.00.
  • Choose your stamp case color.
  • Mail the completed Florida notary application, order form, and payment to 8811 Westheimer Suite 207 Houston Texas, 77063.
  • Once received, the Florida notaries department reviews your application for accuracy, issue the bond and file it with the Florida Department of State. Once it is approved, your notary commission certificate and notary supplies will be sent across to you.

How Much Can A Notary In Florida Charge For Performing Notarial Acts?

Florida notary fees are approved by state notary statute (FS §117.05[2]a). See the list of fees a notary public in Florida can charge for each job done below.

  • Acknowledgments – $10.00
  • Oaths or affirmations – $10.00
  • Jurats – $10.00
  • Protests – $10.00
  • Copy certifications – $10.00
  • Solemnizing a marriage – $30.00
  • Verifying a VIN – $20.00
  • Performing an online notarization – $25

Additionally, a notary public may not charge a fee for witnessing a vote-by-mail ballot in an election and must witness such a ballot upon the demand of an elector, provided the notarial act is in accordance with the provisions of this chapter (FS §117.05[2][b]).

FAQ on How to Become a Notary in Florida

A notary is responsble for screening the signatories of vital documents for their true identity, their preparedness to sign without any form of coarseness.

A notary officer charges $10 for acknowledgement in Florida.

In Florida, notaries are designated by the Governor, and the Governor’s Office receives and attends to complaints of misconduct against notaries and takes disciplinary action when appropriate.

Generally, it takes about 4 weeks to get your notary license approved. However, if you were to add exams, training time and every other thing, it amounts to about 9-12 weeks.



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