How to Win the CHED Scholarship

Should I show you how you can get up to ₱60,000 every year or you want to keep battling with paying your tuition every time? Well, you can do any of these two things; let this money pass you by or grab it by the throat and kiss goodbye to financial struggles while studying.

To take up this offer which will show you how to win the CHED scholarship, click here.

In 2025, a total of 2,368 students qualified under SSP and PESFA. 988 students qualified as full scholars, 690 were accepted as partial scholars while another 690 became PESFA scholars.

However, what you don’t know is that 9,877 students applied for the CHED Scholarships that year and 7,509 students missed out on the opportunity.

Funnily enough, 73% out of the students who missed out on this scholarship didn’t get their application process right. Some of them inputted wrong names and inaccurate results while others submitted at the wrong places. Hence, a good number of bright students didn’t make the list. This shows they don’t know how to win the CHED scholarship.

So, brilliance doesn’t cut it. You need to understand the application process and get answers to troubling questions regarding the application as well. And you can simply get your CHED Scholarship Guide and have answers to any of the application questions OR you can simply keep making the 3 costly assumptions that will ruin your chances.

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Maybe you think you have all the time in the world to think about this. Well, we have a benchmark of students we want to reach and once we get that, we are pulling this offer down. As you saw from the statistics, less than 50% of applicants make the mark. But maybe this testimonial can encourage you.

A Testimonial For Your Doubts

Here is a testimonial of one of the beneficiaries of CHED Scholarship. Amelia Daniel said;

I tried twice to be able to study in Germany and yes I also failed twice. I almost gave up on my dream of studying in the “Land of Ideas” and console myself that perhaps, I should just obtain my PhD here in the Philippines. Yes, I almost gave up, but I didn’t. I guess my faith in God’s perfect timing and my optimism led me to the office of the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that opened the doors for me to fulfil my dream of studying abroad”.

When you read the testimonial above, what does it inspire you to do? Keep believing the lie or take a chance.

Most times, your friends and people generally want to downplay opportunities like this that have transformed lives. They make all sorts of untrue arguments just to discourage you. However, you would agree with me that anyone can doubt the possibility of something if they haven’t experienced it.

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For example: If you suggested the possibility of people moving through the clouds using a big bird in 1652, you would have been regarded as a lunatic. However, today people use planes all the time as it has become a big part of human lifestyle in the world.

In the same vein, opportunities that help people fund their education are available and qualifying to be part of them is super super easy! But you need to understand the process that it takes to become a beneficiary of a scholarship like CHED. You can learn how to win the CHED scholarship when you click here.

The Half Truth Everyone Can Tell You!

Reading is difficult, in fact, it’s tedious. And that’s why you’ll skip a large part of this copy in order to get your point and run off to do something more exciting. But what could be more exciting than getting your education sponsored?

I know you might not be a big fan of reading long books and materials, hence, our CHED scholarship e-book guide has been created in simple tabular forms that give you a very simple and realistic view of your next line of action.

Is it bulky and congested with words? No. Instead, this material is well-spaced paragraphed and easily readable. You don’t need up to three hours to complete the material. In fact, you wouldn’t drop it because it’s more like a workbook. It will help you gradually tick all the boxes you need in order to get your application correctly.

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I Regret To Inform You…

Of course, you’ve read the testimonial and you might have also done your personal research in order to confirm the accuracy of what I’m saying to you. That’s fine!

At this stage, you would not want to receive a scholarship that starts with the “heading” of this section. You might need to ask yourself a simple question “What will I lose?” Well, you can lose a few Philippine pesos which you could have easily spent on soft drinks or a snack but that cannot be compared to ₱60,000 in any situation.

Hey! With this workbook, you get to complete your application properly and submit on time as well. The faster you submit, the better your chances of getting picked. So, let’s kill all those excuses;

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  • I’m broke – It costs as little as a popcorn
  • I don’t have time – The material is well detailed and can be easily understood at a glimpse
  • I don’t like reading – Well, you read road signs every day so this one shouldn’t be any different

There is a reason people love headstarts. It gives an unfair advantage that is not readily available to others.
We give you that advantage that will help you get your CHED scholarship when you take this opportunity.

You might be thinking “What if it doesn’t work”, but have you thought “What if it works?”

Get Your Copy Immediately!

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