Top 5 International Research Scholarships

Once they gain their undergraduate degree, some students might consider postgraduate and master’s studies. Because this field itself requires substantial research, patience is a necessary tool, to be able to choose between numerous courses, different ways of studying, and types of scholarship.

To narrow down the options, students can seek information from course advisers, University representatives, and career counselors. Before starting this journey, they also have to comprehend that postgraduate courses demand more independence, specialized knowledge, and a higher level of dedication than previous bachelor’s studies.

International Postgraduate Studies and Scholarships

Domestic and international postgraduate studies are usually divided into four groups: Taught masters, Research degrees, Conversion courses, and professional qualification. Taught master’s degree lasts one or two years, it’s led by a tutor through weekly seminars and ends with a project dissertation.

Application for Research studies can be placed only after a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It can take up to four years to earn this degree, and students have to submit a doctoral thesis to be awarded a doctor’s degree. Conversion courses are, in most cases, one-year-long profession-related studies, while master’s postgraduate qualification is required or desired degree for some, usually specific, careers.

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International Research Scholarships

Although it can be extremely difficult, part-time postgraduate students often combine their full-time jobs with these studies. Needless to say, it can be very challenging and demanding to successfully manage both. Luckily, professional, experienced and knowledgeable research paper help is closer than ever. This kind of assistance provides more time to focus on lectures and other postgraduate learning activities.

Research degree scholarships are mostly divided based on the funding source to Government, University, Industry, Charity and trust, and Exchange scheme founded. In most cases, the annual scholarship covers tuition fees, health insurance, relocation, and living allowance. Postgraduate research degree students are allowed to use more than one source of funding. The conditions for awarding depend on the granting requirements, such as the specific field of research or other academic merits.

Top 5 Currently Open International Research Scholarships

Before listing the 5 most interesting international scholarship programs, it’s necessary to mention the importance of writing an appealing Research proposal, which is an obligatory application document, for admission to a research degree. Because your postgraduate studies might depend on it, if you feel uncertain how to approach it, you have an option to find professional proposal writers for your task. Ph.D. and proposal writers are specialized in writing these and other admission-related documents at the highest level of expertise in this domain.

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Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering and Material Scholarships – QUT Australia

This scholarship allows applications for Ph.D. and Research degree level for Biomedical Engineering programs at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia. It’s a fully-funded Ph.D. program. Applicants first have to apply and become admitted to QUT’s Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. degree program. The research proposal should be based on innovative and perspective ideas.  All international students who meet these criteria are welcome to apply. The expiring date for this scholarship is not specified.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program – USA Universities

Fulbright’s program is open for 4,000 foreign graduate students from 155 countries, for all fields including interdisciplinary ones, at USA Universities and Academic Institutions. The scholarship is granted for the whole duration of the studies and covers tuition, a living stipend, health insurance, and airfare, and offers other benefits too. For program eligibility, requirements, and application guidelines, students have to visit a country-specific website. The deadline varies from February to October 2025.

Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Program – KU Leuven, Belgium

This program is managed by the Interfaculty Council for Development Cooperation at KU and supports exceptional students from developing countries, listed in the scholarship country list. Students will have an opportunity to conduct half of their Ph.D. development-related research at KU Leuven and the other half at their home university. The scholarship covers tuition, health insurance, living and research allowance, and travel costs. The expiring date is March 2025.

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UWE Chancellor’s Scholarships for International Students – University of West England (UWE), UK

UWE Bristol offers this scholarship package annually, along with the internship at the International Development Office and ambassadorial activity throughout the duration of the studies. Available programs for international students are listed on the scholarship’s website with the requirements for application. This scholarship covers half of the tuition for one year. The deadline is 30 June 2025.

KAAD Scholarships – German Universities

This is a scholarship ideal for post-graduates from developing countries who already gained some professional experience and are interested in further, research-based higher education. Although the field of study and subject preference is not specified, the selection board might give preference to certain subjects and courses, if they find them more significant for the applicant’s home country. The deadline is 30 Jun 2025.


Most International research studies are focused on finding solutions for global problems, as well as innovations, and new ideas beneficial for the whole men kind. Besides learning about new technologies, research processes, and methodology, international postgraduate students have an opportunity to also learn about new countries and cultures, build valuable contacts, and gain professional relevance.

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