Is Quantic School of Business MBA Worth it? Is it Accredited, as They Say?

quantic school of business and technology

With its app-based MBA, Quantic School of Business and Technology offers an engaging learning style. This program takes about 13 months, with an intake of 150-200 students.

Furthermore, the Quantic MBA is offered at a low cost. They also provide their Master’s degree in business administration (MBA) entirely online, capitalizing on the growing demand for online and distance learning programs, which offer more flexibility than campus-based programs.

So, what does the Quantic MBA entail, and is it worth it, as they say? This article seeks to answer this question alongside providing answers concerning Quantic School of Business and Technology accreditation, reviews, and more.

About Quantic School of Business and Technology

The Quantic School of Business and Technology is widely considered the business school of the future, and its goal is to democratize the availability of elite business education worldwide. Quantic was established in July 2016 by Tom Adams, Alexie Harper, and Ori Ratner, who had previously worked for Rosetta Stone. 

The school offers MBA as well as Executive MBA programs. Furthermore, Quantic seems like a fascinating and unconventional alternative due to its creative and disruptive mobile-first Active Learning approach and award-winning curriculum.

Quantic also provides an alternative to traditional education methods such as video lectures, textbooks, old-fashioned content, uninteresting assignments, conventional exams, and lengthy programs. At the same, it offers academic lessons and programs through its app for all students. 

During these processes, interactions are required from students every eight seconds. The mobile app is also convenient for conducting case studies, modern exam formats, group and individual projects, and individualized feedback.

Additionally, Quantic provided its students with an online library, paid research databases, lifelong access to all courses, career services, and a built-in alumni network that spanned the entire world.

What Programs Are Offered at Quantic School of Business and Technology? 

Quantic School of Business and Technology offers several graduate-level programs in business and technology fields. These programs include the following:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): a comprehensive program that covers core business concepts such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and leadership.
  • Executive MBA: a program designed for experienced professionals who want to advance their careers and learn advanced business strategies.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA): a program that provides a foundational understanding of business concepts and practices.
  • Executive Leadership Program is designed to help executives develop critical leadership skills.
  • Certificate in Fundamental Business Concepts: a program designed for individuals who want to understand business concepts.
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship – a program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to develop their business ideas and learn how to start and grow a successful business.

All these programs are delivered through Quantic’s proprietary app-based platform, which combines interactive lessons, case studies, group projects, and personalized feedback to provide a modern, engaging, and practical learning experience.

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Quantic MBA Structure and Curriculum

The MBA program offered by Quantic School of Business & Technology is described as the world’s first app-based MBA program. Its total duration is approximately 13 months, and 150–200 students are enrolled in each new class.

Furthermore, the MBA program at Quantic School of Business and Technology has been granted accreditation by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), recognized as an official accrediting agency by the United States Department of Education. 

The instruction is provided using an interactive app, employing an approach known as “Active Learning,” developed by academics affiliated with prestigious MBA programs. Additionally, the course is designed to be taken at the student’s pace, with the reading, assignments, and overall education completed in your own time. 

Students are frequently directed to other learning materials, such as studies conducted by other educational institutions, which provide the opportunity to read more extensively on various subjects.  

Meanwhile, the act of studying does not take place in complete isolation. Throughout the program, students participate in online discussions, case studies, and group projects housed on the learning platform. 

Quantic MBA Admissions

There are three steps involved in the application process for the Quantic MBA.

Firstly, candidates must complete a brief online application detailing their educational history and professional experience. These candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, at least two years of relevant work experience, and advanced proficiency in the English language.

Secondly, successful applicants will move on to the next round, which will be a video interview. This is an opportunity to chat candidly and in an informal setting about your reasons for joining the Quantic community, your abilities, and what you believe you could contribute. 

Finally, candidates are granted access to Quantic’s dashboard after the interview, where they are given the opportunity to participate in a selection of Quantic’s most fundamental business courses. However, candidates must finish a certain number of these courses before they can be accepted. 

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Quantic MBA Pros

A Quantic MBA program has several advantages over traditional MBA programs, including:

  • Flexibility: the MBA program at Quantic School of Business and Technology is entirely online and self-paced, allowing you to complete the coursework on your schedule. Moreover, this flexibility will enable you to continue working while earning your degree and provides an opportunity for students who cannot attend a traditional on-campus program.
  • Cost-effective: A Quantic MBA costs significantly lower than many traditional MBA programs, making it accessible to a broader range of students.
  • High-quality curriculum: Quantic’s MBA program is designed by industry leaders and top academics, providing students with a high-quality education that is relevant and practical.
  • Real-world projects: The MBA program at Quantic School of Business and Technology includes real-world projects. Hence, allowing students to apply their learning to real business challenges and build a portfolio of work to demonstrate their skills to future employers.
  • Professional network: Quantic’s MBA program has a global network of students and alumni. Thus, providing students with access to diverse professionals and potential job opportunities in the business world.
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Quantic MBA Cons

The cons of an online MBA program, including an MBA at the Quantic School of Business and Technology, include the following:

  • Limited Networking Opportunities: One of the most significant drawbacks of online MBA programs is that you may not have as many opportunities to network with peers and professors as in traditional on-campus programs. Building relationships and Networking can be crucial for career growth. Whereas not being able to attend events or engage in face-to-face discussions may limit these opportunities.
  • Limited Interaction with Professors: In online programs, you may have less direct access to professors compared to on-campus programs. Again, you may have to rely on email or online discussion boards for communication, which may be less effective than in-person interactions.
  • Lack of Structure: Online MBA programs require high self-motivation and discipline to succeed. Without the structure of in-person classes and regular interaction with professors and classmates, it may be challenging to stay focused and motivated.
  • Reduced Brand Recognition: Online MBA programs may not carry the same brand recognition as on-campus programs, which may impact the perceived value of your degree.
  • Technology Issues: Technical difficulties such as slow internet connections or system failures can be frustrating and potentially impact your ability to complete coursework and participate in online discussions.

Is Quantic School of Business MBA Worth it?

Whether or not the Quantic School of Business is worth it will be based on several factors to be considered when applying for the Quantic School of Business MBA. These factors include the following:

First, consider your career goals and whether an MBA would help you achieve them. A Quantic MBA can be a valuable credential for those seeking to advance in business or management roles. But it may only be necessary or helpful for some.

Secondly, consider the reputation and ranking of the MBA program you are considering. A highly-ranked program may provide you with more networking opportunities and greater access to top employers, but it may also come with a higher price tag.

Thirdly, consider the program’s cost and the potential return on investment. MBA programs can be expensive! So, weighing the cost of tuition and other expenses against the possible salary increase or career advancement you may experience due to earning the degree is essential.

Understand the fact that whether a Quantic MBA program is worth it for you depends on your circumstances and career goals. Also, it’s essential to research, consider the most critical factors, and make an informed decision.

Quantic School of Business and Technology: Accreditation

One key aspect of the success of the Quantic School of Business and Technology is its accreditation. The school is accredited by several prestigious organizations, including the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

However, the Quantic School of Business and Technology accreditation ensures that students receive a high-quality education recognized and respected by employers worldwide. It also means that Quantic adheres to strict standards of academic excellence, student support, and ethical business practices.

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Quantic School of Business and Technology: Ranking

It’s not just about rankings and accolades. At Quantic School of Business and Technology, the focus is always on the students. That’s why the school offers a flexible online learning platform. And this allows you to learn at your own pace and schedule. 

This means that busy professionals can earn a degree while still working full-time. And students worldwide can participate in the same high-quality education. So, are you looking for a top-ranked business school to help you achieve your career goals? Look no further than the Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Quantic School of Business and Technology: Acceptance Rate

The Quantic School of Business and Technology has a 7 percent acceptance rate. Also, according to Quantic’s official website, the tuition for every student is approximately $950 per month. Students get to pay these fees over the 14-month duration of the programs, which can be deposited in installments. Meanwhile, scholarships are also awarded to students based on merit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quantic MBA still free?

Throughout the program’s 14-month run, tuition costs just $950 per month. However, many students benefit from lower tuition thanks to scholarship programs supported partly by Quantic’s employer partners.

How long is the Quantic MBA program?

The MBA is a 14-month accelerated program for early-career professionals with leadership potential.

Is Quantic MBA a degree?

Some degree programs are selective, adaptable, practical, and shockingly cost-effective. Regarding employer rankings, Quantic also performs well compared to many top business schools.

Which is the best MBA to become a CEO?

Aspiring CEOs should pursue a general MBA from a top business institution. But if you already have a solid business background, getting an MBA in finance or a related field can also be a good strategy.

What is the difference between a business degree and MBA?

The MBA focuses on more advanced subjects, including integrated marketing communication, organizational leadership, and business ethics. At the same time, the B.A. in Business provides a comprehensive foundation in business. So, the MBA is possibly the most recognized and sought-after academic credential in business.

Can you become a CEO with an MBA?

An MBA will aid in your development of CEO-related capabilities. It will also give you knowledge that you can utilize to become the most efficient CEO.

Why is everyone talking about MBA?

The most significant factors contributing to the demand for MBA degrees include job security and high salaries. Compared to a worker with a conventional Master’s degree, the average income for an MBA graduate is significantly higher. You will likely earn double as much money as you would with an average university degree.


The Quantic School of Business and Technology MBA program is excellent for those seeking a flexible, online business education from a reputable and accredited institution. As one of the top-ranked online MBA programs in the world, Quantic provides a rigorous and practical curriculum. This prepares students for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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