James Island Charter High School: What to Know Before Applying in 2025

James Island Charter High School is a community that provides opportunities for community members, staff, and students to improve personally.

All students receive meaningful educational experiences from our highly qualified and diverse professors and staff, who are sensitive to vast range of student interests, aptitudes, and skills.

JICHS respects variety, and its mission is to prepare every student to learn and live successfully as a responsible citizen.

We will examine several facets of James Island Charter High School, including its standing, tuition costs, courses, yearbook, athletic offerings, and teacher compensation.

Also, we looked at the school’s schedules ranging from the basketball team, dress code, admissions procedure, and official Website. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before applying in 2025.

About James Island Charter High School

Beginning its twentieth year as a charter school, James Island Charter High School. We can grow our personnel and curriculum to become a genuinely complete high school thanks to our charter status. The phrase “Achievement for All” served as the inspiration for the development of our program of studies.

All students will have access to a comprehensive range of rigorous courses in every subject area, including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, Honors, College Preparatory, Dual-Credit, Career and Technical, Teacher Cadet, and Applied Technology courses. Starting with our “Trojan Transition Summer Camp” the summer before high school, our Freshman Academy idea focuses on a smooth transition from middle to high school.

Our extracurricular programs and activities, both academic and athletic, won multiple state awards and recognitions throughout the 2025–2025 academic year. The only high school in the Charleston County School District that is permitted to provide IB diploma courses and to enroll students who choose to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma is James Island Charter High School.

A new Career Technology Education center and a new competition gym will be available for student usage starting with the 2025–2025 academic year. At JICHS, students will have access to the latest cutting-edge technology. These versatile facilities will guarantee that our students stay actively involved, have excellent learning opportunities, and have the chance to realize their full potential.

Why You Should Study at James Island Charter High School

JICHS is a large, comprehensive high school with 22 varsity sports teams, exceptional fine arts programs, a wide range of advanced curriculum options, and frequently the chance to earn college-level credits. We also offer Career-Technical Education certification opportunities.

CTE & Gym Additions at JICHS

In addition to providing much-needed more classroom and athletic space, two new, well-placed additions along the outside of JICHS campus also update the school’s architectural style.

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The new career technology education wing and competition gym improve campus’s outdoor social areas while preserving considerable green spaces and bolstering current circulation routes.

Classrooms and labs for programs in construction, engineering, health science, and computer technology are housed in the 30,000 SF Career Technology Education extension.

Flexible and adaptable spaces are created to meet present demands while planning for future initiatives as community needs change over time. The exterior expression of the expansion makes use of brick, metal panels, and glass while also making parallels to the original school’s architecture to produce a composition that is both modern and appropriate.

The school’s competition gym is housed in a second 30,000 SF extension, together with home and guest locker rooms, a sports medicine room, a weight room, and 1500 spectator seats. To create a distinct home team identity, school graphics and branding have been incorporated into both the interior and exterior of the building.


An exceptional public charter school is situated in Charleston, South Carolina. With 1,580 students in grades 9 through 12, it has a 15 to 1 student to teacher ratio. State test results show that 83% of kids in arithmetic and 87% in reading are at least proficient.

The school ranks 3rd best Charter high schools in Charleston Area.

How to Apply at James Island Charter High School

Once this process opens, please log in and change the school year in the DASHBOARD to 2025–2025 before beginning the registration process for the next school year.

Magnet and charter school applicants begin the registration process at the Registration tab on the DASHBOARD. The REGISTRATION link in the menu on the left is where all other registrations begin.

That menu item on the left opens a student information update.

Registration is currently available for 2025–2025!

We appreciate you choosing the Charleston County School District for your child’s enrollment. Additionally, we are eager to keep helping our returning students. All families should find the registration process as simple as possible. All aspects of student registration with us, including document uploads, are web-based.

Those who can’t register online must get in touch with the school to set up a time and date to register in person.

Register Here

Needed Requirement for Enrollment at JICHS

For both new and returning students’ parents or guardians, JICHS follows a yearly registration process. This guarantees children a position in their proper grade level for the upcoming academic year.

In order to make accurate estimates about student enrolment, potential openings in specific grades, and many other contingent decisions, school administration primarily relies on the information provided.

Please click on the links below to access the forms you need to finish this registration procedure.

All returning and newly enrolled students’ parents are expected to:

Enter your Campus Parent login information. Navigate to “More” in the index on the left. Click “Online Registration” from there. Choose “Click here to go to Existing Student Registration” on the following screen, then follow the on-screen directions.

You can find a link to a booklet that will guide you through the procedure and a brief video tutorial below. Please get in touch with the main office of your school if you require more help. Annual Returning Student Registration Form – Annual Returning Student Registration Form.

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Tutorial video for parents

Complete all documentation
Register for Infinite Campus access (must be accompanied by a valid photo ID)
for 2025–2025, pay the tuition.

Please send all completed documentation to the JICHS front office.
If you have an Infinite Campus account set up, you can pay fees online, or you can go to the school’s front office to do so.

In order to acquire your activation code for creating your Infinite Campus portal account, you must visit the JICHS main office with a legitimate photo ID.

Tuition Fees at James Island Charter High School

$54,822 is the cost of tuition. Additionally, there are $100 in Parent Association dues.

Programs Offered At JICHS

View the flowcharts for each department below. Questions? Speak to your current instructor or the school counselor. They can guide you when you choose your courses.

  • Performing Arts Flowchart
  • CTE Department Courses
  • English Department Flowchart
  • IB Flowchart
  • Math Department Flowchart
  • Science Department Flowchart
  • Social Studies Department Flow Chart
  • Visual Arts Department Flow Chart

Visit Website for more details on choice of course.

New In Take Registration Requirements


  • You must adhere to the instructions sent to you by email if your student selected a school choice seat.
  • The 2025–2025 CCSD New Student Registration form must be used to register new students at CCSD.
  • Everything will be registered for online.
  • High School Charter on James Island requires all students to submit the following documentation: Two current proofs of residency, such as a property tax bill, a signed lease or mortgage contract, a cable bill, a power bill, a water bill, a telephone bill, a car registration (but not a driver’s license), a pay stub (which must include the employer’s name, the current pay period, and the parent’s or guardian’s name and address), or correspondence from a local, state, or federal agency (such as Social Security, Medicaid,
  • South Carolina of the student Documentation of Immunization
  • Birth certificate of the student, and, if applicable, any custody or guardianship paperwork that has been filed with the Clerk of Court’s office.
  • A recent report card, attendance record, and disciplinary record (restricted to candidates outside of District 3).

Goals Of JICHS

Show an annual rise in the proportion of graduates who meet the state’s definition for college and the workforce.

Constructive interactions, community-building events, parental involvement, and student support demonstrate an annual increase in student participation in an increasingly challenging curriculum.

The achievement gap for traditionally underachieving groups (SPED, ELL, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and minority students) must be shown to be shrinking annually.

Mission of JICHS

Through the development of a diversified curriculum and extracurricular opportunities in a secure, engaging environment supported by the teachers, parents, and community, JICHS aims to build self-assured, responsible, lifelong learners who can achieve in society.

Charleston County School District

Highly regarded Charleston County School system is a public school system in CHARLESTON, South Carolina. With a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1, it has 48,330 pupils in grades PK through 12 overall. State exam results show that 53% of children are at least proficient in reading and 50% in arithmetical.

Teachers Salary at JICHS

Teachers pay at James Island Charter High School ranges from $37,582 to $53,977, with an average wage of $44,713. The geography, the department, as well as numerous other crucial variables including the employee’s degree of education, certifications, and other talents, can have a significant impact on salaries.

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Teacher’s Pay Per Hour at James Island Charter High School

Teacher hourly wages typically range from $21 to $23. The typical pay depends on the position, the department, and the job description.
The table below displays the salary range and overall compensation for the job title.

Depending on the candidate’s education, skills, and experience, JICHS may provide a range of remuneration for a position.

What is The Lowest Amount a Teacher can Earn at JICHS?

The lowest anticipated annual pay for a teacher is roughly $37,582, per the data. Market forces, supply and demand, and societal institutions primarily affect pay levels.

Highest Salary of Teachers in James Charter High School

The highest estimated annual income for a teacher is roughly $53,977, per the data. Typically, salaries calculated by comparing them to individuals in related roles in the location and sector.

How Would a Teacher Go About Getting Paid More?

There are several strategies to raise your teacher’s salary.
Education, if a worker in this field earns a graduate degree, they may be eligible for a raise in pay and promotion. Management experience:
A teacher with supervisory experience is more likely to earn higher money.

JICHS Website

Overview of High School

Size: 25 workers

$10M to $50M in revenue

Sports and extracurricular events at James Island High School in Charleston, South Carolina, can be viewed live or on demand. Watch online at home or while traveling.

The High School Ranking Position

What position does James Island Charter High School hold? With a ranking of #21 out of 1,095 schools, James Island Charter High School is in the top 5% of South Carolina’s public schools.

Public High Schools Near Me

Charleston Advancement Academy High School, located at 2.9 miles from James Island Charter High School, is the closest high school.

Camp Road Middle School, located 1.6 miles away, is the closest middle school.

Stiles Point Elementary School, which is 0.7 miles away, is the closest elementary school.

James Island Ccharter High School Reviews

Review from a parent/guardian.

Excellent, open, fair, transparent, and communicative describe the school administration. Our kids are both in ninth grade, are our only children. In addition to regular coursework, they are in Pre-IB, AP, and Honors courses.

The educators are all committed and intent. Because I talk to my kids, study things with them, and discuss what they learn. Additionally, we get to meet with the administration, guidance counselors, and teachers.

Recently, we spent nearly two hours with the guidance counselor discussing college and how to make sure that the remaining high school time is focused, entertaining, and scaled correctly for college (or other post-HS goals).

The school itself is well-kept and attractive. Though I’m not sure how it seemed five years ago, it has been restored and is now a first-rate facility. I advise visiting the school, taking a tour, and getting to know it better. Do not rely just on my or anybody else’s word for this.

JICHS Yearbooks

This the spot to do it if you want to purchase or sell a yearbook for James Island High School. Submit a message below to discover someone who attended a Charleston-area university with whom you can swap.


How many students does James Island Charter High School have?

JICHS situated in Charleston, South Carolina. With 1,580 students in grades 9 through 12, it has a 15 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio.

How much does James Island Charter High School cost?

Details Comparison James Island Charter High spends, on average, $11,492 on each pupil.

Who is the nurse in James Island Charter High School?

Lidie Collier is a registered nurse. Constance Olds, R.N.

Who is the assistant principal of James Island Charter High School?

The assistant principal is Archie S. Temoney, Jr., M.S., M. Ed., according to LinkedIn.


JICHS provides families in Charleston, South Carolina, a distinctive educational alternative. With its online and hybrid learning programs students can access a flexible and individualized learning experience.

JICHS equips students for success in higher education and beyond by emphasizing each student’s progress and encouraging a feeling of community.

Visit the James Island Charter High School website right away to learn more.

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