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What is Jubilee Academy?

Jubilee Academies is a free public charter school district in San Antonio, Texas. It is called a charter school because it is founded by parents, teachers, and community groups.

It comprises different basic education levels, from elementary school to high school and other pre-college learning institutes.

In the year 2000, Jubilee Academies was founded, and it opened its doors to 60 students. The school is since then grown to accommodate more students.

The current geographic boundaries are the Rio Grande Valley, Coastal Bend, South Central, and Central Texas Regions. Within its bounds today, Jubilee Academies educates almost 6,000 students at 12 locations.

Below is a list of all the schools in the network of Jubilee Academies and their locations, and later on, a review of the schools.

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Jubilee Academy Schools

These are the schools that comprise Jubilee

1. Jubilee San Antonio

Jubilee San Antonio is a public, open-enrollment charter school with Jubilee Academies. San Antonio serves over 1000 students and their families in South San Antonio.

It is the headquarters of the Jubilee Academies. It is located in 4434 Roland Road, San Antonio, TX 78222.

2. Jubilee Kingsville

Jubilee-Kingsville serves students from the Texas Coastal Bend Region’s four counties.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, the school began serving 160 students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Following a great first year, Jubilee-Kingsville has added over 110 kids and increased teacher staffing as the student population has increased.

Jubilee Kingsville currently serves over 300 students. The Jubilee Kingsville gymnasium complex opens for the 2019-2020 academic year, allowing us to expand our athletic program.

Jubilee-Kingsville is located at 201 N 19th St, Kingsville, TX 78363.

3. Jubilee Lake View University Prep.

Students begin their quest for education at Jubilee–Lake View University Prep in a supportive family environment emphasising leadership and excellence.

Jubilee-Lake View collaborates with families, teachers, and community members to create unmatched learning opportunities that prepare and motivate each student to live an honourable and rewarding life.

Jubilee-Lake View University Prep is located in 325 Castroville Rd. San Antonio, TX 78207.

4. Jubilee Highland Hills

In August of 2003, Jubilee-Highland Hills welcomed its first residents. It was the second Jubilee campus in Bexar County at the time, serving almost 60 students. The campus has made considerable progress in academic achievement and the development of young leaders since its beginnings.

Jubilee-Highland Hills is a one-of-a-kind public school model that focuses on three key areas to educate students for a competitive future: academics, athletics, and character.

Jubilee-Highland Hills is located in 1515 Goliad Rd. San Antonio, TX 78223.

5. Jubilee Highland Park

Jubilee-Highland Park is located at 901 E. Drexel Avenue in Southeast San Antonio and serves over 300 students. Jubilee Highland Park is a community-driven Texas public charter school offering enriched learning opportunities to children throughout San Antonio.

Since 2011, Jubilee-Highland Park has built a reputation for hard work and achievement in the neighbourhood. Students can explore and uncover their creativity while honing their leadership abilities and qualities.

Jubilee-Highland Park is a goal-oriented campus dedicated to cultivating and training future community leaders in San Antonio.

6. Jubilee Brownsville

Jubilee-Brownsville is a Jubilee Academies public, open-enrollment charter school. the teachers are all highly qualified and have achieved their State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).

They effectively apply the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), as tested by the STAAR exam.

A full-size gymnasium and turf field, as well as a full-service kitchen, are included in Jubilee Brownsville’s stunning state-of-the-art facility.

The 14-acre campus is well-equipped with technology, including Google Chromebooks and Smart TVs for teaching and learning. Jubilee-Brownsville is located in 4955 Pablo Kisel Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78520.

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7. Jubilee Harlingen

Science and art labs, a full-size gymnasium, and a full-service kitchen are all part of Jubilee Harlingens stunning, state-of-the-art campus.

Google Chromebooks and Smart TVs abound in the 43,000-square-foot facility, enhancing teaching and learning. Jubilee Harlingen provides a compassionate and family-oriented environment that values the contributions of active parent volunteers.

Jubilee-Harlingen is located at 123 S. Palm Court Dr. Harlingen, TX 78552

8. Jubilee Leadership Academy

The youngsters begin their quest for knowledge at Jubilee Leadership Academy in a supportive family setting.

Jubilee Leadership Academy provides unrivaled learning experiences in collaboration with families, instructors, and community members to prepare and motivate each student to live an honourable and rewarding life.

Jubilee-Leadership Academy is located in 4150 Jaime Zapata, Brownsville, TX 78521

9. Jubilee Livingway

The youngsters begin their quest for education in a supportive family environment at Jubilee-Livingway. The school and families work together to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and challenging.

Jubilee-Livingway, in collaboration with families, instructors, and community members, delivers unmatched learning opportunities that prepare and motivate each student to live a noble and rewarding life to shape the future.

Jubilee-Livingway is located at 350 Ruben M. Torres Blvd. Brownsville, TX 78520

10. Jubilee Sendero

Jubilee-Sendero is the newest campus in the Jubilee Academies. It started in August 2019. Its objective is leadership, character, and excellence, as it is at all Jubilee Academies schools.

Jubilee Sandero is in Sendero Assembly of God at 5408 Daughtry Road in San Antonio, Texas 78238.

Sandero inspires teachers to create a supportive environment that promotes leadership and excellence.

11. Jubilee Wells Branch (Austin)

Jubilee-Wells Branch is a dynamic campus that works with its staff, family, and community to achieve goals. Jubilee Wells Branch provides a loving environment for you as students while celebrating a diverse campus culture, including over 18 languages.

To attain their goal of excellence in student achievement, jubilee Academies adopt a game-on mentality to improve our students’ knowledge and skills.

Jubilee Wells Branch (PreK-6th) is located in 3711 Shoreline Drive Austin, TX 78728

Is Jubilee Academy a High school?

This can be quite confusing to many. To understand this better, you must note that Jubilee Academies is a school network.

That means it comprises all basic education levels, from elementary to high school.

The group of Schools in the Jubilee Academies network are Jubilee Academy High, Jubilee Academy Middle, Jubilee Academy Elementary.

So to answer the question, Jubilee Academies is not a High School. They have a High School, and that high school called Jubilee Academy High.

Why attend the Jubilee Academy?

Jubilee Academies, as we have mentioned earlier, is a free charter school. Now, this is huge because there are very few free schools out there that have maintained high academic and moral standards.

They’re an institution dedicated to providing all kids with an excellent education.

The campuses offer a safe and organized environment emphasising leadership, academics, and a healthy mind-body balance for long-term success. Its character and leadership programs give students the skills they need to succeed.

Every Jubilee student is held to rigorous academic standards to transform today’s kids into tomorrow’s leaders. The Vision Of Jubilee Academy is to be the premier choice in education. Now they have been able to hold this up for years.

With a mission to provide a nurturing community focused on leadership and educational excellence, Jubilee Academy has won the hearts of many parents. It has made them the first and best choice for many students.

Jubilee places the Children First, Parents, Teachers, and the school. The children are held in high esteem before other people.

Jubilee Academy has a couple of “Determined Destiny Values” Instilled in children: Joy, Understanding, Balance, Integrity, Leadership, Empowerment, And Excellence.

Ain’t you just so thrilled about this school?

What is the Jubilee Academy acceptance rate?

Jubilee has an open-enrollment charter, meaning that any child interested in attending can apply, and all students are welcome.

On the other hand, discipline concerns may preclude kids from enrollment due to the institution’s charter requirements.

Now, By grade level and campus, a limited amount of spaces are available. The Texas Education Agency requires the institution to conduct a lottery if there are more student applications than spaces available. This ensures equity in the enrollment process.

This means that the acceptance rate at Jubilee is not static, but what is certain is that not everyone who applies will be accepted.

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What is the Jubilee Academy tuition fee?

As we have stated, Tuition is not charged at Jubilee schools. Jubilee Academy is a free school.

Most families who qualify based on family income are eligible for free Pre-K(4) sessions.

Some families may be required to pay, but all charges will be disclosed and discussed in advance so that families may make an informed decision.

What are the requirements to attend Jubilee Academy?

Since Jubilee Academy comprises elementary, middle, and High school, its entry requirements aren’t so stringent. You can even say that there are no requirements.

Anyone interested in attending the school can apply. Definitely, parents will have to register their kids. The application is done online through the school’s portal.

Student life in Jubilee Academy

Jubilee Academy has very friendly campuses.

A full-size gymnasium, indoor turf, weight room, outdoor sporting field, elementary and secondary libraries, various scientific labs, a stage for student performances, and, most importantly, a safe and inviting environment are all part of gorgeous facilities.

Google Chromebooks and classroom projectors are available on campus to help with teaching and learning.

List Jubilee Academy jobs

The following are the available jobs at Jubilee Academy.

  • Teaching/Elementary Substitute Teacher (Grades Pre K – 5)
  • High School Substitute Teacher (Grades 8-12)
  • Middle School Substitute Teacher (Grades 6 – 8)

How much is Jubilee Academy’s salary?

An Elementary School Teacher at Jubilee Academy earns an average of $39,720 per year, while a High School Teacher earns an average of $39,379 per year.

Teachers earn an average of $41,658 per year. Paraprofessionals at Jubilee Academy earn an average of $19,802 per year, Interventionists earn $38,878 annually, and Liaison earns an average of $17,768 annually.

Jubilee Academy review

Jubilee Academies Reviews is Rating 3.91 out of 5. 35 reviews we gathered. And the ratings are as follows:

  • 15 persons gave a rating 5 out of 5, which is Excellent. They total up to 43% of the total reviews.
  • 8 persons adding up to 23% of the total reviews, rated 4 out of 5. They think the school is very good.
  • Another 23% (8 people) gave a 3 star rating.
  • 6% gave a 2-star rating; they said the school is poor.
  • 6% gave a one-star rating. They think the school is terrible

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FAQs On Jubilee Academy

What is Jubilee Academies?

Jubilee Academies is a free public charter school district in San Antonio, Texas. It is called a charter school because it is founded by parents, teachers, and community groups.

What is Jubilee Academies tuition fee?

Tuition is not charged at Jubilee schools. Jubilee Academy is a free school.

What is Jubilee Academy acceptance rate?

Jubilee has an open-enrollment charter, meaning that any child interested in attending can apply, and all students are welcome.


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