Juicy J Scholarships 2024 | UPDATED

Do you have an interest in unique scholarships? Are you tired of filling out boring application forms that put too much emphasis on performance?

Do you love Twerking and Hip Hop? If you answered yes to these questions, the Juicy J Scholarship might be right for you.

This scholarship aims to give females living in Florida a college education. Go through the table of contents to see the various discussions.


About Juicy J Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Juicy J, whose recent duet with Katy Perry (Dark Horse) is a chart-topper. To give something back to his community, he created a $ 50,000 award as the grand prize. Take your time and go through this article on Juicy J Scholarship 2024.

This scholarship sparked controversy and confusion when it was first released. This was due to suggestions that it was a Twerking scholarship. Although the original tweets referring to this initial criterion have been removed, confusion has occurred amongst some potential candidates.

The person in the most financial need receives the scholarship. The first winner, Zaire Holmes, did not participate in submitting her scholarship application. It is indeed possible to win the purse without Twerking.

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Level/Field of Study

The Juicy J Scholarships is open to only female students aged 25 or younger.

Host Nationality

The Juicy J Scholarship Video Contest is hosted in the United States.

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Eligible Nationality

The Juicy J Scholarship 2024 is open to only United States citizens.

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Scholarship Worth

The Juicy J Scholarships are worth $50,000.

Eligibility For The Juicy J Scholarship 2024

You must first meet several criteria to apply for the Juicy J Scholarship Video Contest.

First, all candidates must be citizens of the United States. They must be between 25 and younger, and females are included.

Students must attend a recognized institution (a junior college, traditional college, or university). Finally, the applicant must not be considered a minor in their State.

How To Apply For The Juicy J Scholarships

To apply for the scholarship, students must visit this website. As part of the application process, students must submit a video. There are relatively few requirements for what the video should contain. Expect this to reflect why you should receive the $50,000 bursary. The video can last up to 5 minutes. Each candidate may enter the contest only once. The video should not contain any vulgar, insulting, or derogatory material.

Once the applications are over, members of the public view and vote for them. Submissions become the property of the scholarship sponsor.

You must agree that the video you submitted was created solely by you, without outside help.

At the beginning of October, judges will review the videos most highly rated by members of the public. These ten videos will be based on the following criteria: originality, creativity, musicality, appearance, and presentation.

One of the videos will be selected, and this person will receive the $ 50,000 scholarship. This scholarship will be sent to your college or university, and you will not receive money directly.

For More Information on the Juicy J Scholarship Video Contest, click on the link below:

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