La Reina High School: Admission, Programs, Tuition, Scholarships

If you wish to study at La Reina High School, the first step is getting to know every detail about the institution. From the29 findings, you will be able to make a wise decision as regards your application.

In this article, as we proceed, I’m going to show you all the details you’d require to be part of this institution. We are going to look at the school’s admission, programs, tuition, and scholarships.

La Reina High School is one of the top-notch colleges owned by the Catholic church. The school is a girls’ high school founded in 1964. 

The school is dedicated to the intellectual and academic excellence of her students, and one of her aims is to develop the unique talents and passions of each student. La Reina High School has highly educated teachers that are committed to service and social justice, an innovative curriculum, and cutting-edge classroom technology.

As we proceed in this article, you’ll discover so much more you need to know about this school. Read on.

Carefully look through the table of contents below for highlights of this article.

About La Reina High School 

La Reina High School is a private independent Catholic college preparatory high school established in 1964. It is a special middle school dedicated to the training of young women. La Reina is sponsored by the Catholic Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame and governed by a Board of Trustees. 

La Reina High School is situated in Thousand Oaks, and serve students from all over the Tri-Valley area, including Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and northern Los Angeles.

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What is Acceptance Rate of La Reina High School?

La Reina High School has an open admission policy. This means that the college offers admission irrespective of race, sex, religion, nationality, marital status, or sexual orientation. The school has an acceptance rate of 100%. This means they accept all applicants, at all times and from all races.

Interestingly too, the class size is small allowing for the maximum learning experience. La Reina High School has a student to faculty ratio of 25.

Why study at La Reina High School?

One of the major reasons why students apply to study at this small college is its quality of education. La Reina High School programs are top-notch. The two-year programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of modern technology and industries.

In addition, diplomas and certificates offered by La Reina High School are recognized all over the world. With the qualification, it will be very easy for you to secure jobs at renowned firms worldwide. La Reina High School is accredited by WASC and WCEA.

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What are the Admission Requirements for La Reina High School?

Here are La Reina High School admission requirements:
All La Reina application and enrollment forms are online with The fee to apply is $100. Fee waivers may be available by contacting the Admissions Office.

So, if you are looking to apply to the LRH School, here below is what you may need.

  • Prospective students must create a TADS account.
  • If you already have a TADS account, you may continue to use it. Simply specify “La Reina” as the school to which you are applying.
  • Families with multiple applicants need only one TADS account for all students.
  • You can save applications and continue later. They remain incomplete till after the submission of $100.

It is important to note that La Reina considers many factors when looking at applications. These factors include not only the admissions application and supporting materials but also an understanding of each young woman, her goals, her interests, and her desire to be a part of the La Reina community.

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La Reina seeks families that will support and uphold the mission of the school and students who we believe will contribute positively to our community.

So, in a nutshell, La Reina admission is based on, but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Scholastic achievement for the previous three years
  • Standardized test scores for the previous three years
  • Citizenship grades for the previous three years
  • Personal interview
  • Results of the entrance test given at La Reina
  • Recommendations from an applicant’s current principal, math teacher, English teacher, and a pastor, priest or religious leader (Please note that some schools may choose not to participate in the submission of recommendation forms for their students and this will not be held against an applicant.)

La Reina High School Programs

LRH School offers different programs. Below are some of the programs.

  • English 
  • Math 
  • Religious Studies 
  • Science 
  • Social Science 
  • Visual and Performing Arts 
  • World Languages 
  • Physical Education 

La Reina High School Tuition Fees for 2025

Thoughtfully and carefully, the La Reina Board of Trustees seeks to price tuition appropriately to provide for the best possible education for its students. This is one of the outstanding features that distinguish La Reina High School from other similar schools. 

See the tuition fees of La Reina High School prospective students for this academic year 

  • High School: $19,900 (which includes a $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit)
  • Middle School: $18,000 (which includes a $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit)

Students can make their payments online at or they can be mail their checks to

TADS (checks payable to TADS)

110 N. 5th Street, 2nd Floor

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Please Note: Non-refundable tuition deposits must be paid in full and tuition accounts must be in current status in order for a student to begin classes in the fall. 

Scholarships at La Reina High School

Students at LRH School can find so many scholarships to further their studies. In the lines below are some of the financial aid programs available to students at La Reina High School. Carefully read through below.

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#1. The Barkley Math and Science Scholarship

The Barkley Math and Science Schola goes to the student with the highest score on the math section of the entrance exam. This is a $1,000 scholarship and is only eligible to current La Reina 8th graders promoting to 9th grade.

#2. High School Placement Test Scholarship

High School Placement Test Scholarship is available to ninth-grade applicants who are currently attending a Catholic partner school and accepts an offer of admission and registers to attend La Reina High School. This $500 worth of scholarship is for the applicant obtaining the highest composite score on the entrance placement test. Testing must take place on La Reina’s campus. Awards will be credited to the new student’s tuition account in June. They are non-refundable and non-renewable.

#3. The Paulson Family Scholarship

The Paulson Family Scholarship goes to the student with high moral character and demonstrated financial need. It is a $1,000 scholarship that renews automatically each year as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. Not all students are eligible. Accepted students will be notified of their eligibility by the end of April.

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#4. The Sisters of Notre Dame Scholarship

This scholarship is available to only two ninth-grade applicants who accept offers of admission and register to attend LRH School. The awarded applicants must test on La Reina’s campus. This scholarship is based on the written essay portion of the entrance exam. Awards will be credited to the new student’s tuition account in June. They are non-refundable and non-renewable. All eligible students taking the entrance placement test at La Reina are automatically eligible for this scholarship.

Current La Reina High School students are eligible to apply for these annual scholarships:

  • The Heidel Family Scholarship
  • The Powers Scholarship
  • The Sinclair Scholarship
  • The St. Jude Scholarship
  • The Tourikian Scholarship


This article explains very carefully everything you need to know about La Reina High School. Having an apt understanding of La Reina High School and all of its requirements will help you know how to prepare to start your journey through the school. 


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