Finest Scholarships-Offering Institutions for Foreign Students in US, 

Are you in search of funds to further your education? Most US universities and colleges provide scholarships for their international students to help ease the financial challenge that comes with higher education. Here are some amazing scholarships for foreign students in the US.

With these scholarship opportunities from the finest institutions in the U.S, the best is guaranteed at little or no cost. Do well to maximize this opportunity.

Finest Scholarships Offering Institutions for Foreign Students in The USA

In light of the aforesaid statement, applications for international scholarships have increased since and there are three broad categories of scholarships you can choose from; US government-funded, funded by private institutions, and some financed by universities themselves.

See the list below…

#11 Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Fulbright Program is for students who wish to enroll for Master’s and/or Ph.D. level studies. These are scholarships available for international students in the USA. The scholarships are granted to even those who aim to pursue non-degree postgraduate studies.

The financial aid is packed with tuition fees, course books, health insurance, air ticket, and a stipend amount to cover living expenses.

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#10 Humphrey Fellowship Program

Hubert H. Humphery Fellowship Program is aimed at professionals who wish professionally enrich themselves by adding a degree to their already shining resume. In short, experienced professionals can opt for this scholarship from across the globe.

The program is designed in such a way that seeks to judge a person’s capability to lead and show commitment in either the public or private sector. The Fellowship program is a fully-funded one and covers every expense related to studying abroad.

#9 American University Scholarships

AU is known for its limited number of grants based partially on merit to those who are first-year undergrad students but are academically qualified. It is not a need-based scholarship, mind you, instead (as stated previously) merit dependent.

The grant ranges from 6k – 25k USD in a calendar year. It also renewable but is subject to certain conditions.

#8 AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program

An extension of the above program intends to award scholarships to the deserving students who are over-achievers and are hopeful of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the US. It is also imperative that they have a passion for bringing positive change in the society and are bringers of civility.

The idea behind this grant is to inculcate in the student that when he returns to his home country, he would dedicate his time and resources to the improvement of the underprivileged in his country.

#7 Amherst College Scholarships

This scholarship is need-based and offers assistance to those international students experiencing financial crunch back home. Once you are enrolled, your financial position will be evaluated, and accordingly, you will be allotted a budget.

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This is referred to as ‘aid package’ since it includes both employment prospects and is also hailed as a form of gift aid.

#6 Berea College Scholarships

For the first-year students, Berea College offers complete funding to those foreign students who are totally enrolled. This package inclusive of scholarships and financial aid makes up for the tuition and boarding expenses.

It is encouraged that these students save up to 1,000 USD per year so that they can contribute towards their expenses for the following year. It is a pre-requisite by the way and hence, Berea offers summer jobs so that they can easily meet this obligation.

#5 Clark University Scholarships

Global Scholars Program is being offered by Clark University and is open to those students enrolling in the first year and is not applicable to transfer students. The minimum bench to qualify for this program is that the student must have earned, at least, a four-year degree in their home country.

A scholarship worth of up to 5,000 USD and a 2,500 USD stipend is paid to interns and/or those involved in research apprenticeship.

#4 Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

This program deals with merit-based scholarship offerings. It is intended for those international students who exhibit a track record of outstanding achievement, in addition to test scores in the entrance exams. The awards worth, range from 10k – 25k USD and can be renewed for the next four years.

Moreover, a full-tuition President’s International Student Scholarships award is granted to two of the students who have qualified for the four years study program, every year.

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#3 Oregon University Scholarships

The scholarship awarded is worth more than a million dollars in the form of financial aid. The offer is applicable to both undergrad hopefuls and those furthering their studies to graduate level. ICSP is the scholarship that is up for grabs at theUniversity of Oregon, each year.

The international students are in luck because it offers close to 30 – 40 inexpensive scholarships and this incorporates a tuition waiver of 7.5k – 30k (only for ICSP selected individuals).

#2 Joint Japan World Bank (JJWB) Graduate Scholarships

The JJWB Graduate Scholarship Program provides complete scholarships to students who are listed on the World Bank member countries in order to pursue development-oriented studies at preferred universities around the world.

Under this program, students have the option to choose from 8 participating USA universities for their studies. The list includes Harvard University, John Hopkins University, University of Chicago, Cornell University, and Columbia University, among others.

#1 Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program

The Aga Khan Foundation entail a bag of a limited number of scholarships every year for postgraduate students who have exhibited tremendous prowess among the list of developing nations, who other than this, have no access to sponsoring their studies.  The studies can be undertaken anywhere across the globe. In the US, scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant + 50% loan basis through a rigorous application process once during a calendar year.

The above organizations are, in my opinion, the best options to choose from if you are seeking to fly to the US to further your studies.

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