Scholarship in Jamaica for Home and Foreign Students 

Jamaica’s Education is comparatively expensive and characterized by low participation rates in tertiary education. Most students give up their academic ambition because they are financially capable to meet up the high cost of education.

This has been a severe shortcoming faced by the country even though there have been significant advances in education in Jamaica. The good news here is that even in the midst of all this, all hope is not lost.

Some students who are intelligent and passionate about pursuing their careers can still get to any level of their choice even without having all the money required.

You may now ask, HOW?

Through scholarships!

Over 100s of scholarships are available for both Jamaica students and international students who want to student in Jamaica. Some top institutions and government bodies in Jamaica provide these scholarships in Jamacia.

To help students like you, we have made a great effort to compile a List of International Scholarships in Jamaica 2025 for Home and Foreign Students.

With this list, you can narrow your search to scholarships that are best fits you to study both at the National and International level. Also, it will enable you to get exposed to new and diverse cultures of the world and in return bring about great development to your nation and society.

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The table of contents below gives an overview of all to expect from this article.

What are the bodies that offers scholarships in Jamaica?

As part of its new mandate to help curtail the unequal access to quality education in the country and to assist students with sourcing funding for their tertiary studies, the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission provides information on scholarships, grants, bursaries, financial awards, loans to students on a regular basis.

Here are some of the bodies that provide scholarships in Jamaica:

  • Bank
  • Public Sector
  • Private Sectors
  • Foundations
  • Religious Organisations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Professional and other Associations

Scholarship in Jamaica for Home and Foreign Students

Here is the list of Scholarship in Jamaica for Home and Foreign Students:

  • UWIDEF SCHOLARSHIPS for Undergraduates to study in Jamaica

UWIDEF SCHOLARSHIPS for Undergraduates to study in Jamaica 

The UWIDEF scholarships are the main source of alternative tuition financing available at the UWI, Mona Campus today. Contributions from annual donors have financed these UWIDEF scholarships. 

The scholarship is available for undergraduate students to study any course of their choice. And the applications must be made through the Office of Student Financing unless otherwise stated. To know more about this scholarship and its benefits, click on the link below.

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