London Metropolitan University Rankings 2025: Requirements

Students who wants to know more on London Metropolitan University Ranking. The university supports an ethnically and socially diverse community and welcomes applications from students of all ages and backgrounds.

To better meet your needs, majority of the courses at London Met are offered in both full-time and part-time forms. In one of the most energetic capital cities in the world, London Met is home to a lively community of students, educators, and creative thinkers.

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London Metropolitan is keen to support students in achieving their best potential. They rank among the top 10 universities in the UK for teaching quality.

Information About London Metropolitan University

With regards to London Metropolitan University

With regards to London Metropolitan University
One of the most multicultural universities in the UK is London Metropolitan University, which enrolls students from more than 140 nations. The school provide you with help at every stage of your academic journey in a warm and pleasant environment.

They provide a wide selection of undergraduate, graduate, professional, and research levels courses. They also provide a program for studying abroad.

The assessment scores several and other subjects obtain from external review boards, such as the QAA, demonstrate the excellent caliber of instruction.

London Metropolitan University Ranking

One of the best public universities in London is the London Metropolitan University. According to the QS World University Rankings 2025, it is rated 801–1000.

London Metropolitan University Acceptance Rate

Students are encouraged to join the lively, ethnically and socially diverse community at London Metropolitan University. There are now 84% of applicants accepted at London Metropolitan University, representing more than 140 nations.

Entry Requirement at London Metropolitan University

For the majority of courses, you must possess a Level 3 qualification, which requires at least one of the following combinations of credentials (or an equivalent):

two GCE A levels or Vocational A levels; three GCE A levels or Vocational A levels; five Scottish Qualifications Certificate passes, of which two are at Higher grade; or passes in four subjects, all of which are at Higher grade.

Programs Offered in London Metropolitan University

The school offers undergraduate, graduate, professional, and research-level courses. They also provide a program for study abroad. The assessment scores several of our subjects obtain from external review boards, such as the QAA, demonstrate the excellent caliber of instruction.

Their extensive course selection specially designed to be highly vocational, and pertinent, assisting you in obtaining the skills and information required to establish your career.

They create and update their courses to ensure they are applicable to the labor market today.

Aldgate, Moorgate, and Holloway are three of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, where London Met’s centers are located.

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School has recently built brand-new cutting-edge instructional, social, and professional areas along with access to a multitude of internet materials, also provide excellent learning resources like libraries at each of our hubs.

Students at London Met take advantage of a comprehensive range of support services, including housing, career guidance, counseling, job placements, and visa assistance.

Courses Offered at London Metropolitan University

Undergraduate courses

The typical first degree you apply for is an undergraduate program, known as a bachelor’s degree, which typically requires three years of full-time study.

Depending on the field you choose, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree.

A module is the fundamental component of the degree. A student who earns 360 credits will receive an honors degree.

Each module is often worth 30 or 15 credits. You will take a few core modules required for the course, and a few elective courses, which you can select based on your personal interests.

Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)

The school offers a four-year BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance (including foundation year) program includes a foundation year (Year 0). If you want to study accounting or finance at the undergraduate level but can’t or don’t have the typical credentials needed to start a standard degree, this is the perfect course for you.

You’ll become a part-qualified accountant after successfully completing this four-year degree, making you eligible for professional exemptions from accounting bodies like the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), and Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants (CIPFA), among others.

Association of International Accountants (AIA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA). This will make it easier for you to pursue a profession in finance or to become a licensed accountant.

According to the Complete University Guide 2025, our accounting and finance courses are among the 12 best in the UK for student satisfaction.

Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc (Hons)

It’s a four-year Airline, Airport, and Aviation Management BSc (Hons) degree program, which includes a foundation year (Year 0) created with the help of prominent aviation managers.

Do you want to study airline, airport, and aviation management but don’t satisfy the entry requirements for the three-year undergraduate degree program, this is the perfect place to start your academic career.

In the most recent National Student Survey (NSS), the airport, airline, and aviation management courses scored highly, with an overall student satisfaction rating of 97%.

According to the National Student Survey 2025, our management studies programs are the most popular in London for overall student satisfaction.

In the Guardian University Guide 2025, our business and management programmes are ranked top for teaching quality.

Architecture BA (Hons)

If you meet the entry requirements for the traditional three-year degree, the Architecture (including foundation year) BA (Hons) is intended to provide an alternative route into higher education.

It’s also the best course to take if you want to test your abilities in creative disciplines before starting the bachelor’s portion of your degree.

You will be excused from RIBA Part 1 after completing this four-year program, and you’ll be ready to move on to RIBA Parts 2 and 3 so that you can register as an architect with the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

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In the Complete University Guide 2025, our School of Art, Architecture, and Design received an 81% rating for our architecture courses, placing us first in London for student satisfaction.

As a result, we are the only architectural school in London to have received a league-high score of more than 80% for student satisfaction.

Art and Design BA (Hons)

This four-year program includes a rigorous foundation year (Year 0) that will prepare you to move on to one of our undergraduate degree programs in art or design at our School of Art, Architecture, and Design.

It serves as both a diagnostic and preparatory tool, letting you consider options before deciding on a specialization at the end of the year. Additionally, it will equip you with the knowledge and abilities needed for the following three years of study.

You will begin by working on studio and workshop projects in visual imagery and practical making. These will introduce you to a work culture of experimentation and open-mindedness and assist you in developing skills common to all of our foundation year courses.

After that, you’ll start working on interpretive projects that are open-ended, and will help you develop your viewpoint and sense of direction.

Banking and Finance BSc (Hons)

Do you lack the prerequisites or credentials to begin a typical undergraduate degree? The institution Banking and Finance (including foundation year) BSc (Hons) degree serves as a stepping stone to enter the banking and finance business.

On this four-year programme with a foundation year (Year 0), you’ll start by honing important academic and professional abilities before moving on to study the history, significance, and difficulties of banking and finance in the modern world in your later years.

In the most recent National Student Survey (NSS), our banking and finance courses got 100% overall student satisfaction rating.

Additionally, our accounting and finance programs are placed 12th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2025.

Students are prepared for Year 1 of the degree thanks to the course’s integrated foundation year. 

Along with other business practices like marketing, operations, and human resource management, you will study the fundamentals of banking, finance, and economics.

You will study the same course material and modules as those on the Banking and Finance BSc (Hons) degree.

Fees at London Metropolitan University

For home/EU full-time undergraduate students, the current cost is £9,250. International full-time students’ tuition costs range from £15,576.00 to £17,10.00.

Location of London Metropolitan University

Right now, they operate out of three locations in Holloway, Aldgate, and Shoredit

Why Do Students Choose to attend London Metropolitan University?

In the center of London, London Metropolitan University provides an international learning opportunity. With more than 140 nationalities represented among its enrolled international students, it is one of the most varied universities in the UK.

Its tuition costs are also among the lowest in the country. To guarantee that students from all backgrounds have the chance to study in London, London Met offers a ton of foreign scholarships every year.

One of the best public universities in the UK is London Metropolitan University, well-liked by students from other countries. International students choosing to study in the UK often choose London Metropolitan University.

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The admittance rate at London Metropolitan University is about 84%. The London Metropolitan University entrance is comparatively simple due to the university’s high acceptance rate (more than 80%).

All this doesn’t follow that campus life, student life, campus infrastructure, reputation, rankings, or academic quality are all below average.

According to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2025, London Met is ranked ninth in the UK for teaching quality, and has more academics with Higher Education Academy fellowships than the sector average.

Additional reasons why London Metropolitan University invites students from throughout the world.

Equity, Inclusion and Commitment

The intellectual backbone of London Met’s instruction, student experience, and workplace culture is Equity and Inclusion. It is what motivates their commitment to social justice.

The Centered mission is to showcase the University greatest attributes, best practices, and current strengths. It aims to create an atmosphere that empowers faculty, staff, and students to realize their potential while creating a cohesive, tranquil community committed to excellence in social justice.

They have always been a business with a social mission to improve people’s lives via education. With establishment, the institution is given more significance.

A Sustainable Environment

The university has won numerous awards for its environmental performance and gained widespread acclaim for its recent improvements in sustainability.

They have had success in this area, earning accolades, being named the top institution for lowering carbon emissions in 2015 and 2025 as well as Green Apple Awards in 2025 and the Camden and Islington Sustainability Awards in 2025.

Energy conservation and enhancement of the school sustainability programs are ongoing goals. This to safeguard the environment.

Support for Employment

For up to three years after you graduate, as well as while you are still an undergraduate, the university’s career team offers a number of services to assist you in making plans for the future.

Your career service provider will help you build relevant skills, stand out in the job market, and make well-informed decisions about your career options.

Find out about and research your options for additional education and professional pathways.

Aid you in attaining your goals by helping you to define them.
Learn to recognize your qualities, traits, and motives.
Establish a strategy for looking for part- and full-time jobs, internships, volunteer work, and graduate programs.

Get ready for success by creating a professional résumé and properly completing applications.

London Metropolitan University World Ranking

Studyportals is best site to learn how students rate their study and living experiences at universities from across the globe.

According to students reviews on the Studyportals, London Metropolitan University is rated 801 in the QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.1 stars.


Is London Metropolitan University good?

Studyportals is the site to learn how students rate their study and living experiences at universities across the world.
According to student reviews on Studyportals, London Metropolitan University is rated 801 in the QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities and has an overall score of 4.1 stars.

What rank is London Metropolitan University in the UK?

According to the QS World University Rankings 2025, London Metropolitan University ranked 801–1000.

Is London Metropolitan University recognised?

Yes! they are recognized by the UK government as the best in degree programs.

What is London Metropolitan University famous for?

We take pride in assisting you in realizing your potential; in fact, The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide ranks us among the top 10 UK universities for teaching excellence.

Final Verdict

London Metropolitan University welcomes students from across the globe, which offers a vibrant, multiethnic, and socially diverse population.

School currently has students from more than 140 countries, with an acceptance rate of 84%.

They aid in exploration of potential career routes and opportunities for higher study.

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