Low Tuition MBA At Odette School Of Business, University Of Windsor

Apart from the low tuition, the Odette School of Business places a premium on career development, personal mentoring to help students grow as individuals, and a social setting that encourages diversity with an admission policy open to all countries.

The Odette School of Business is one of the nine faculties that form part of the faculties of the University of Windsor. The University itself is located in the southern part of Canada. It is a mid-sized university with a student population of less than 20,000.

The School of Business prides itself as one of the few business schools in Canada that do not require professional experience for admission. Another attractive feature is the low GMAT test requirement of 5.5.

For international students, another attractive feature is the fact that the University of Windsor is one of the lowest tuition Universities in Canada.

Comparative Cost of Living in Windsor

However, the cost of living in Windsor is lower compared to some of Canada’s major urban centers. For instance, rent prices are about 106% higher in Toronto while consumer prices are about 1.5% higher.

Cities like Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Calgary also have relatively higher rent prices compared to Windsor at 19%, 54%,44%, 58%, and 62% respectively.

The Consumer prices of Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary are 1.44%, 0.94%, 4.66%, and 6.08% higher than Windsor respectively.

Ottawa and Vancouver though have lower consumer prices compared to Windsor at 1.2% and 3.18% respectively.

Living and Other Expenses For MBA Students

Actually, the living expenses of students, generally, are determined by location and lifestyle. MBA students in Windsor should budget the following for their monthly expenses.

  • Rent – $450 – $900 depending on the type of accommodation
  • Utilities – $100
  • Food – $500
  • Entertainment – $150
  • Clothing – $125
  • Telephone – $100
  • Miscellaneous – $100

Tuition Fees

Well, the University of Windsor has an excellent tuition fee estimator for each year for all the programs. This makes it one of the Low Tuition at Odette School of Business.

Also, the basic tuition fee for each term (the MBA program runs for 4 terms) is $8,000. That makes it $32.000 for the whole program.

Other mandatory fees like society fee, international student society fee, student health fee, health insurance, and visa, etc, would take the total fee payable each term to about $9,753 in the first term of study.

Note that some of these extra fees are payable only once during the program while some are paid per term. The tuition calculator gives all the details of each fee.

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How to Apply (Steps)

Application for international students for the MBA program is online.

  • Head to the online application portal and complete the application form
  • Pay the application fee
  • Wait for about 2 business days for the application to be processed. You would get an email containing your University of Windsor application ID (UWin ID) and other information on how to proceed
  • The personal access code and student number contained in the email must be used to activate your UWin account. You would then receive an email confirming your UWin username and password.
  • Use the username and password to log the electronic application system (eGAS) of the University.
  • Upload all the required documents in PDF format
  • Click ‘Submit’ Application’

Documents to be uploaded

  • Your unofficial transcripts (official transcripts would be demanded once you gain admission)
  • Evidence of academic qualification
  • Evidence of proven leadership experience if you don’t have the
  • Requisite academic qualification
  • At least two references

Admission requirements

  • GMAT score of at least 550
  • English proficiency test result in either TOEFL (250), IELTS (7.0) or Pearson (68)
  • Letter of intent and CV

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Admission Deadlines

The admission deadline is usually during the Fall – 1st of April.

Students From Other Disciplines

Students with a first degree in other disciplines who which to get an MBA degree must have to pass through a transitional period before being admitted to the main MBA program. They still get the Low Tuition at Odette School of Business

They must undertake at least 5 undergraduate courses in addition to some graduate courses before they are allowed into the regular MBA program.

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