MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at American University of Beirut

If you’re a student from sub-Saharan Africa or Lebanon, there is now hope to fund your university education.

You can study an undergraduate or master’s program in 2025 at almost no cost at the American University in Beirut (AUB) with the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship.

Apply now for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship At the American University of Beirut for Sub-Saharan African Students 2025.

These scholarships are for undertaking Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships for students pursuing a B.Sc degree in Environmental Health or Medical Laboratory Sciences 2025.

Eligibility criteria is a piece of important information. Here are the details for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship for Sub-Saharan African Students.

About the Award:

American University of Beirut (AUB) and The MasterCard Foundation have partnered to provide scholarships to Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) students.

This $9 million scholarship program will enable young adults who are sensitive to their communities’ concerns and proactive in their environment to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health or Medical Laboratory Sciences at AUB.

Besides full scholarships and living expenses, the MasterCard Foundation Scholars at AUB will benefit from intensive preparatory courses, mentoring, career counseling, and internships at institutions and organizations relevant to their field of study.


A give-back component is incorporated into the program, allowing students to contribute to their communities through volunteer projects and activities.

Application Deadlines:

  • For Undergraduates (Spring 2025): 1st December
  • For Graduate Students: 2nd April


  • Eligible candidates are academically promising, financially disadvantaged, have leadership skills, and a desire to give back and go back to their communities after their degree.
  • Graduate scholarships are open to nationals of Sub-Saharan Africa, nationals of Lebanon, and refugees and displaced living in Lebanon
  • Undergraduate scholarships are open to nationals of Lebanon or refugees and displaced living in Lebanon

Program Benefits: 

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars will be offered:

  1. Full tuition scholarships
  2. Accommodation
  3. Books and computer
  4. Living expenses
  5. Medical insurance
  6. Intensive preparatory courses and SAT courses (as needed)
  7. Close supervision and academic support
  8. Community engagement opportunities

How to Apply: 

Interested candidates must fill out the required application form and present it with the documents listed below in person to the AUB Office of Admissions.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage for Details

Award Provider: MasterCard Foundation

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