MBA In France: Top 5 Universities, Academic Requirements, Scholarships, Tuition, Student Visa 2025

In this post, we want to discuss extensively on MBA in France. We have Top 5 Universities that have the best accreditation when it comes to global EMBA and MBA. We are discussing their Academic Requirements, Scholarships, Tuition, Student Visa.

The business schools in France offer internationally-recognized MBA programs and great pan-European networking opportunities.

Before we go into details, we want to look at MBA history in France shortly.

With the world’s sixth-largest economy and Europe’s third-largest economy, France is an ideal destination for business students looking to take the next step in their careers and undertake an MBA or an EMBA.

With a more temperate climate, easy access to both industrial ports, and the seaside for leisure, Paris offers the financial anomaly of Monaco.

Many of France’s top business schools have multiple campuses across France, Europe, and beyond, so be assured that your MBA in France will be a truly international experience.

Is France good for an MBA?

France is known for its art, cuisine, and fashion. For a more intellectual environment, it’s also a haven for pure science. Still, maybe the country hasn’t opened up yet to be recognized as a point of contact for your business education.

While it is true to combine everything creative and beautiful with French, it would be good to recognize France as a cheap destination for your MBA degree.

With its top business schools, such as HEC Paris, and INSEAD, which are gaining worldwide acceptance, we briefly examine what France has to offer as a study destination abroad and its increasing popularity with commercial buildings around the world.

France’s higher education is among the best in the world for its content and quality. Business schools like HEC Paris and INSEAD are among the top 20 colleges in the world. And if the cost is a concern, you can find great quality and affordable MBA programs in France.

Why you should do your MBA in France

World-class university system

If there’s one thing the French are serious about, it’s their education. It shows that more than 20% of government spending goes into education.

The best thing about the French rules as such is their norm of equality. Regardless of your nationality, as a student in France, you have all the advantages of a French national.

An added value is the fact that higher education is research-based, and you will be able to connect with the best minds from different sectors in France. France’s higher education is among the best in the world for its content and quality.

Lots of Opportunities

If you’ve heard of Airbus, Alcatel, Pernod Ricard, Michelin, and Alstom, you understand the power of the French industry.

France is among the best in the world and has created leadership positions in industries such as agricultural products, fashion, automobiles, electronics, and aerospace.

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In addition, Paris is the world’s leading destination for business tourism and international trade fairs.

As a management graduate, your career adds to the quality of education you receive in the classroom and the experience you can gain outside of the classroom.

The country brings you the best names. You can add value to your resume and personality from internships to vacancies.

Global experience par excellence

France has something to offer everyone. You are sure to find people who share your interests.

As an international student, in particular, you would not be alone as international students from all over the world come to France for their higher education.

So, if you think your MBA needs to have an international flair and get you known worldwide, French universities are just the right mix.

Friendly neighborhoods, a large influx of tourists, and a country that thrives on cheese and wine have a culture that can adapt to anyone.

So when you explore the South of France, the Riviera, or the long romantic streets of Paris, you will surely have an MBA experience that is second to none.

French as an important business language

French is spoken by 68 million people worldwide and continues to hold a strong position as a preferred business language alongside English and Mandarin.

With so many top companies in different sectors of French origin, the language is sure to come in handy and add remarkable value to your resume.

While many business schools do the MBA / M.Sc. In Business in English, learning French while staying in the country isn’t really difficult. The ease and availability of the courses make it easy for you to stretch and learn the language. This will help you become a truly global leader.

Constant Innovations

In view of the increasing competition in the MBA market, the external environment plays a decisive role. France is already known worldwide for its active research-based education system and has seen many Nobel Prize winners in recent history.

The country’s education system and industry are a research hub and actively seeking scientists worldwide. This, in turn, would ensure that the expert is easily accessible for you regardless of the subject.

Here are the Top 5 Universities that offer MBA in France and their tuition cost

HEC Paris MBA: A leading global MBA

HEC Paris MBA is among the top-ranking MBA programs in the world, providing the ideal environment for students to realize their full potential in becoming 21st-century business leaders.

Located in the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster 17 kilometers from the center of Paris, a major economic epicenter in Europe.

Designed to unite France’s best research institutions, hi-tech businesses, startups, and universities, the cluster enables MBA students to draw upon the expertise of other participants and team up with scientists to bring their technological inventions to market.

The HEC Paris MBA 16-month program gives students the ideal time to digest new information and build their CV through internships and specialized courses balanced with practical workshops.

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The size of the HEC Paris MBA cohort is limited to 250 students and guarantees a personalized learning experience that prioritizes each student and their goals.

HEC Paris MBA Tuition fee is  €66,000, before which a nonrefundable application fee of €200 is paid.

For information on the academic requirements, interested candidates can download The HEC Paris MBA Brochure at School Link

Scholarships: All applicants admitted into the HEC Paris MBA will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships. HEC Paris scholarships only cover tuition fees for courses taken on the HEC Paris campus.

The university offers over €1,000,000 in aid every year from donations from the HEC Foundation.

The scholarships are highly competitive, and depending on the type of scholarship (merit-based or based on specific criteria, as in the case of the Forté Scholarship), some scholarships require an interview and submission of an essay.

INSEAD – Europe Campus

With additional Abu Dhabi and Singapore campuses, INSEAD’s European campus is at Fontainebleau, just outside of Paris.

The school is regularly ranked among the world’s top business schools in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking. In 2016 and 2025, INSEAD was ranked the best MBA in France and the top program in the world.

INSEAD has a reputation as a feeder school for the biggest consulting firms in France and the world. Access the application form of your choice:

The academic requirement and Application forms for the INSEAD MBA are available through the link MBA Application Link

The tuition fee for the class graduating in December 2025 is €84,000.

INSEAD Scholarships are the most sought-after source of financial assistance, since they are limited in number there is significant competition for each award.

These scholarships are granted under various criteria and essentially, there are two basic categories of scholarships; Need-based (demonstrate financial need) and Non-need based (on either merit, nationality, gender, professional background, leadership abilities, the field of previous studies, etc.)

For all INSEAD scholarships, we require applicants to provide accurate details of their financial situation.

EMLYON Business School

Emlyon is a business school primarily focused on entrepreneurship, with an International MBA which offers a Finance-focused track. The Industry track allows students to specialize in luxury brand management or life sciences.

Lyon’s major industries include the banking, pharmaceutical, and biotech sectors, these subject areas have a local focus but global potential.

EMLyon’s Executive MBA was named among the Top 100 EMBA programs by the Financial Times in its 2016 ranking. Is located in Ecully, France.

Tuition fees of €38,500, Application fees of 120€, and €500 administration fees per year for an extension of studies beyond the program’s official length. The next Intake for 2025 began in September 2025

Scholarships: To be eligible for one of the guaranteed scholarships, interested applicants should download the qualification certificate and attach it to their application.

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Reductions in tuition fees can be offered through needs-based scholarships and may be granted in addition to guaranteed scholarships. The Excellence Scholarship of 30% rewards exceptional students who have achieved a GMAT score of 650+.

The Diversity Scholarships of 20% ensure a rich learning environment and are offered to the first student enrolled from each nationality.

The Early Bird Scholarship of 20% is offered to each student who enrolls before the end of December. The Alumni Recommendation Scholarship of 10% is offered to applicants that have been introduced to the program by a member of EMlyon forever alumni.

ESSEC Business School

Located ib Cergy-Pontoise, an hour’s drive from Paris, ESSEC Business School’s MBA in France is regarded as strong in luxury brand and hospitality management.

The school’s Executive MBA was ranked in the Financial Times’ Executive MBA Ranking 2016. The EMBA’s classes are held in both Paris and Singapore. ESSEC has partnered with Mannheim Business School in Germany to deliver a joint EMBA where students choose either the European or Asia-Pacific Track.

Tuition for the ESSEC Global MBA France Campus, tuition is at €45,000.

Scholarships: The following scholarships will be awarded to registered students who meet their respective criteria; Early Bird €3000, Young Potential Leader Up to €15,000, Regional Diversity Up to €15,000, QS, ESSEC essay contest 20,000€, ESSEC USA Alumni €5,000, Serge Bellanger French-American MBA Student Scholarship $10,000, The Firmenich Scholarship €8,400.

For information on the academic requirements to apply for ESSEC Global MBA in France visit

EDHEC Business School

With its idyllic location on the French Riviera, it would be hard to say no to studying an MBA at EDHEC in Nice in southern France. The business school is another one ranked among the top 100 in the Financial Times’ MBA Ranking 2016.

Its Global MBA includes International Finance, Global Leadership, and Entrepreneurship concentrations. EDHEC also offers an Executive MBA, plus the Family Business Global Executive MBA, a program taught across five campuses in France and Nice, as well as at partner universities in the US.

Admission Requirements:

Admission to the EDHEC Ph.D. in Finance program is highly selective, normal entrance requirements include a master’s degree (or equivalent) from an accredited school, college, or university (business management, economics, science, and engineering degrees are preferred); academic excellence; superior scholastic potential (certified by GMAT or GRE scores); and English proficiency.

Tuition fees for 2025 are €44,000


Some top scholarships and grants offed by EDHEC include funding for residential track participants, funding for executive track participants, mobility awards, emerging country scholarships, bursaries, research chair sponsor rebates, alumni rebates, and funding opportunities for Singapore citizens.


In summary, France is a country famous for many things. As a calm and pleasantly diverse nation, it has the right ingredients to add immense value to your management studies.

Not to mention the obvious advantages, it is also strategically located in Europe and gives you access to many countries.

So, in addition to being an extremely beneficial country for your MBA, France has the qualities to ensure your time abroad is a learning experience in itself.


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