Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in Michigan

Someone has to fix all mechanical faults of cars, crafts and other machines. While it is interesting job to have, a kind of formal training is necessary to prepare students. However, attending one of the best mechanical engineering schools in Michigan will definitely avail you more opportunities.

Obviously, any institution can offer a mechanical engineering program. But, what is the assurance that students who attend this program will have the best learning experience and have no difficulty getting hired after school.

In fact, attending a mechanical engineering program from an unaccredited school is definitely a total waste of years. One of the best ways to launch a career in any field, is to attend the best programs offered by the best schools.

For students in Michigan, attending any of these best mechanical engineering schools will position you for better job opportunities and better pay. To relieve you of the research, this article compiles the list of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Michigan.

A glance at the table of contents below will give you an overview of all that is extensively discussed in this article.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Engineers who analyze their work using the principles of motion, energy, and force and ensure that designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably all at a competitive cost are called mechanical engineers.

So, mechanical engineering is the application of the principles and problem-solving techniques of engineering from design to manufacturing to the marketplace for any object. Mechanical engineering is an indispensable course as engineers who graduate from this course continuously create technologies to meet human needs.

Their impact makes a big difference, in fact, virtually every product or service in recent times have been touched in some way by mech engineers to meet human needs.

Is Mechanical Engineering a good Course in Michigan?

Generally, mechanical engineers are known to get both job satisfaction and good money. Hence, the get the best when it comes to career.

A recent survey shows that 89% of mechanical engineers would choose no other profession if given the opportunity to do so, other than mechanical engineering. A course that allows its graduate to enjoy both monetary value and job satisfaction is definitely a good course.

In Michigan, there are numerous opportunities for mechanical engineers to utilize well. In fact, the next paragraphs will now discuss in detail the job outlook for mechanical engineers in Michigan, how much they earn, and where they can work.

What is the Job Outlook for Mechanical Engineers in Michigan?

Basically,  becoming a mechanical engineers means a life long of designing, developing, building, and testing. Mechanical Engineers in Michigan and across the globe are trained to deal with anything that moves, from components to machines to the human body.

According to the Michigan government, there are about 19435 individuals in the field. And, the profession has a total average annual opening of 536 slots. By implication, there are numerous job opportunities for mechanical engineers in Michigan.

Where do Michigan Mechanical Engineers work?

One fascinating thing about this profession is the fact that graduates can work in any field and in any part of the world. Michigan Mechanical Engineers can work in hospitals, food companies, schools, entertainment industry and even car factories.

Their job allows them to design, create, build, test, and maintain machines for any sector of the economy. However, some prominent employers of mechanical engineers in Michigan include:

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How Much Do Mechanical Engineers in Michigan Make?

There are quite a number of factors that can influence how much you can earn as a Mechanical engineer in Michigan.

Obviously, some companies tend to pay higher than others. So, the company you work for and your level of education alongside your years of experience can go a long way to influence you annual take home pay.

According to, Mechanical engineers in Michigan earn an average of  $70,964 in the United States. Concentrated research carried out by the Michigan Government shows that the median annual salary for mechanical engineers in Michigan is $72,340.00.

What is the Cost of a Mechanical Engineering Program in Michigan?

A major determinant of how much students pay for a mechanical Engineering program in Michigan is their choice of school. Generally, private schools in the States tend to charge higher than public schools.

Also, the mode of delivery of lectures and levels of the program can to a great extent influence how much tuition you will have to pay. Basically, doctorate programs tend to cost much more than a bachelor of science program in mechanical engineering.

However, students should expect to pay about $10,500 per semester. It is important to note that schools have the autonomy of choosing how much students pay for all level of program for mechanical Engineering.

On the other hand, students can also apply for financial support or apply to numerous scholarship opportunities to aid curb financial expenses.

What Colleges in Michigan Offer the Best Mechanical Engineering Programs?

There are some top engineering schools in Michigan though not all of them offer mechanical engineering programs. Apparently, all the best mechanical engineering schools in Michigan offer good programs for individuals who either want to become mechanical Engineers or seek to advance in their profession.

This article will now list out the best mechanical engineering schools in Michigan in their right other. Basically, in selecting these schools, a lot of factors were put into consideration one of which is accreditation and global reputation of the school.

Best Engineering Colleges in Michigan include:

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  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  • Michigan State University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Kettering University
  • Lawrence Technological University
  • University of Michigan-Dearborn
  • Western Michigan University
  • Central Michigan University
  • Oakland University
  • Wayne State University

Top Mechanical Engineering Schools Ranking Factors

In ranking these Michigan Best Mechanical Engineering Schools, the following factors were put into consideration:

One major factor students should consider in choosing which school to attend is the acceptance rate. Actually, this will aid you understand your chances of getting accepted.

On the other hand, a low acceptance rate and a low graduation rate still makes it not too good enough. So, the top engineering schools in our ranking all have reasonable acceptance rate and graduation rate.

An English adage posits that light cannot be hidden. So, if a school is good enough it must have been noticed by world ranking sites. The schools in our rankings are recognized by top ranking sites across the globe.

They also have a good reputation when it comes to graduates’ career prospects and employment rates.

Attending an unaccredited mechanical engineering program is equivalent to not attending one at all. So, the schools on our list of top mechanical engineering schools are fully accredited by relevant bodies and/or authorities.

1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan -Ann Arbor is a large institution with an enrollment of 29,245 undergraduate students. It offers the best mechanical engineering programs in Michigan.

As a Michigan engineering school, it offers three levels of programs. From undergraduate to doctorate, students who intend to study at this top engineering school receives the best of the learning experience.

 This Michigan engineering college is a great option for students interested in a Mechanical Engineering major. Graduates from this best engineering school in Michigan proceed to earn an average of $74,200.

Currently, the institution is the third most popular school for ME master’s degree candidates in the country with a student to faculty ratio of 11: 1. College Factual ranks it 1 out 668 as the best public university in America.

To earn a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering costs about $16,856/ year.

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2. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is one of the best colleges for mechanical engineering in Michigan. It offers the best engineering programs at three different levels.

For undergraduate and postgraduate studies in mechanical engineering, Michigan State University is the best option for students in the city.

In fact, graduates of mechanical engineering from this top engineering college proceed to earn about $53,600/ year in the early years of their careers.

Also, its mechanical engineering programs is actually one of the best in town. It offers an amazing learning experience with a student to faculty ratio of 16:1.

Currently, the institution has won over 200 awards as ranking badges and ranks 22 out of 1, 579 schools for best colleges with best student life in America.

The mechanical engineering program at this best engineering school in Michigan costs about $18,576. 

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3. Michigan Technological University

This technical colleges in Michigan is known for its outstanding feat in engineering reputation in the city.

For schools in Michigan engineering reputation, Michigan Tech is one of the top options available to students.

Basically, the school’s college of engineering offers the best engineering programs at three different levels.

As a medium-sized public school in Houghton, the school offers an amazing learning experience with a student to faculty ratio of 13:1.

Graduates from its undergraduate mechanical engineering program earn an average of $66, 400 a year.

based on analysis of key statistics from the US Department of Education, Michigan Techuniversity rankings include: 9 out of 130 schools for Best Colleges for Information Technology in America.

It also ranks 34 out of 668 schools reviewed for Top public universities in America.

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4. Kettering University

Kettering University offers one of the best mechanical engineering programs in Michigan. It is actually, a small private not-for-profit school with a total of about 1,825 undergraduate students.

As one of the top mechanical engineering schools in Michigan, the school offers an amazing learning experience with a student to Faculty Ratio of 15: 1.

Currently, Kettering University rankings put it at 15% of all schools in the nation. Generally, in 2025 rankings, Kettering University had received over 15 badges.

Its mechanical engineering students graduate to earn over  $40,800 per year in their early career.

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5. Lawrence Technological University

Lawrence Technological University was developed under the guidance of henry and Edsel Ford. The institution is known for its outstanding feat in Business, IT, and Engineering.

In fact, LTU mechanical engineering students enjoy a theory and practice approach to learning. This is made possible by its student to faculty ratio of 11: 1.

LTU college of engineering offers three mechanical engineering programs. Students who wish to earn an undergraduate, master’s or doctorate in Mechanical engineering can trust LTU for an amazing learning experience.

In fact, graduates from this school proceed to earn about $55, 300 in the early years of their career. This beautiful mechanical engineering school in Michigan is a great option for students who wish to combine lots of educational and enterntainment options.

Currently, it 494 out of over 1, 00 schools reviewed for best colleges in the nation. To obtain an undergraduate degree from LTU in Mechanical engineering costs about $27, 331 per year.

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6. University of Michigan-Dearborn

UM Dearborn is an average public university. It is one of the top engineering schools in Michigan. As a mid size institution with an enrollment of 5, 238 undergraduate students, the student offer mechanical engineering at three levels .

71% of students graduating from the University of Michigan -Dearborn express confidence that they will find a job almost immediately.

University of Michigan school of engineering rankings include the following: 135 out of 668 schools for Top Public universities in America and 178 out of 525 schools for Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in America.

Also, in college factual rankings, UM holds the 514 spot on the Best Overall colleges list.

Graduates of mechanical engineering from UM proceed to earn an average of $76,800. In summary, to earn a degree from UM in mechanical engineering costs an average of $10, 940.

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7. Western Michigan University

This top engineering school is an above-average public university in Michigan with an undergraduate enrollment of 14, 983.

Currently, Western University rankings include 58 out of 838 Best Greek Life Colleges in America and 111 out of 790 best colleges for education in America.

Western University through its college of engineering offers mechanical engineering at three different levels.

Basically, undergraduate mechanical engineering students and postgraduate students can trust this institution when it comes to an amazing learning experience in the mechanical world.

Western Michigan University has a student to faulty ratio of 17: 1 and to earn a degree costs about $16, 934.

interestingly, this is a worthy investment as students who graduate from the mechanical engineering program in WMU earn an average of $40, 800 per year in their early career.

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8. Central Michigan University

This top engineering school in Michigan is a fairly large public school located in the town of Mount Pleasant.

It offers just an undergraduate degree in Michigan with a student to faculty to students ratio of 15: 1.

Generally, graduates in Mechanical engineering from Western Michigan University earn approximately $45,000 in their early careers.

The Western University mechanical engineering rankings include 233 in the highest paid Mechanical Engineering graduates in the states. Also, it ranks 244 in most popyular collleges for mechanical engineering.

Central Michigan University during best value colleges for mechanical engineering ranks 155.

The cost of earning a bachelor of science in ME from Central Michigan is about $15,863/ year.

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9. Oakland University

In Auburn Hills lies an average public University. This University is one of the top mechanical engineering schools in Michigan. It also ranks best for some courses like Pharmacy.

With a faculty of ratio of 20: 1, though higher than other good mechanical colleges , this mechanical college still offers an amazing learning experience.

The institution offers mechanical engineering on three levels. This simply means that both undergraduate students and postgraduate students can earn a degree from any level of education

Oakland University interestingly received over 30 badges in the 2025 rankings. the Oakland university rankings include 740 place in best colleges in nation review.

To earn a degree from Oakland University cost about $12, 779. This is truly a worthy investment as graduates from this institution earn an average of $43, 100 i their early career as mechanical engineers.

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10. Wayne State University

With over 58 awards in 2025 rankings, Wayne university is obviously one of the best engineering colleges in Michigan.

This top mechanical engineering school in Michigan has a student to faculty ratio of 14: 1.

And, both undergraduate and postgraduate students can have the best learning experience when it comes to mechanical engineering programs at Wayne University.

Graduates from this best mechanical engineering program earn an average of $40, 800 a year. However, to earn a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering will cost about $12, 970

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Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in Michigan FAQS

According to, Michigan State is home to two best schools for engineering in the States. So, Michigan State is definitely a good school for engineering.

The three best known mechanical engineers in the world include: Nikola Tesla, Kitaw Ejugu, and James Watt.

With a take home pay of $58, 800-$112, 600, Computer Science engineers are the highest paid engineers.

With a net worth of 49.6 billion, Carlos Slim is the richest mechanical engineer in the world.

Yes, It ranks 5 in USNEWS review of best mechanical programs in the States.


Attending one of the best colleges for mechanical engineering in Michigan is one great way to launch a career as a mechanical engineer.

Interestingly, there are amazing job opportunities for mechanical engineers in Michigan state with a mind blowing annual take home pay. This article compiles a list of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Michigan.

It states the cost of getting a degree from each and how much graduates from each mechanical engineering school earn upon graduation.

Read through this article and find out which school best satisfies your need for a mechanical engineering program.


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