Medical Transcriptionist Job Description: Careers, Salary, Cost, Schools

Actually, as interesting as the job description of a medical transcriptionist, I know that starting a career path might be confusing. Hence, this article on the medical transcriptionist job description is for you.

So, this post from the World Scholarship Forum will answer your questions on what these professionals do. Also, it will give full details on how to become a medical transcriptionist and where you may get this degree.

Basically, medical transcription has been in existence since the 20th century. The standardization of medical data is critical and important to research. Hence, the importance of medical transcribers in the healthcare industry.

What is Medical Transcription?

Well, medical transcription is an allied health profession that deals with the process of transcribing voiced medical reports by physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Actually, medical reports can come as voice files, notes taking during a lecture, or other spoken material. In fact, they may be over the phone, uploaded digitally via the internet, or through smartphone apps. So, a part of the healthcare industry renders and edits this doctor’s reports, procedures, and notes in an electronic format.

This is to create files representing the treatment history of patients. This part of the healthcare industry is The Medical Transcription department. Also, you may choose to call them MTs.

Who are Medical Transcriptionists?

Clearly, medical transcriptionists work in the medical transcription department of the healthcare industry.

Obviously, they listen to voice recordings that other healthcare workers make and convert them into written reports. Basically, a medical transcriptionist should pay attention to details. This is because he is to listen carefully and for documentation purposes must not make mistakes in filing a patient’s medical report.

In fact, the job description of a medical transcriptionist entails garnering the voice records of physicians and other healthcare providers.

Then with the use of speech recognition and other editorial services, a medical transcriptionist, transcribes these reports into written documents.

Basically, MT’s job description entails the MT transcribes and edits to make sure he gets the correct spelling of all terms and words. Occasionally, he should correct medical terminologies while typing then proceed to print and file in a patient’s record. This record should have a specific date and time and when merged with others becomes the patient’s chart in a hospital setting.

Furthermore, one may call MT’s Medical Transcribers or Medical Language Specialist. They use a medical transcriber such cassette player with foot controls.

What does Medical Transcriptionist do?

Basically, here are the duties of a medical language specialist. An MT will:

  • transcribe the patient identifying number such as the patient’s name, medical record, and social security number accurately.
  • utilize correct punctuation marks, grammar, and spelling, and check out for inconsistencies accurately.
  • consult and maintain references for medical procedures and terminology
  • also, sort copy, prepare, assemble and file records and charts.
  • collect dictation tapes and distribute reports after transcribing them.
  • perform quality assurance check
  • order supplies and notify management about equipment operational problems
  • collect, put in a tabular form, and generate reports on statistical data as appropriate in your place of practice.
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Who Should be a Medical Transcriber?

Aside, getting the educational requirements and relevant degree to practice as a medical transcriber: a medical transcriber should possess some basic skills to enable him to excel in this career path.

Basically, a medical transcriber must have effective communication skills and above-average memory skills. This will help to speed up his transcription process both in recalling and editing.

Also, medical language specialists should have good numeracy skills. this will help him in sorting, checking, counting, and verifying numbers with little or no mistakes.

In addition, an MT should be able to follow verbal and written instructions, have good typing skills, and have knowledge and application of grammar.

Even though these are basic skills, a professional MT must have sound knowledge of advanced medical terminology alongside knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

So, he must demonstrate MT proficiency in multiple report types and specialties. Sound knowledge of disease processes and medical-style and grammar is essential to be a good Medical Transcriptionist.

Furthermore, a medical transcriber must have good computer skills, time management, and writing skills. To excel in this career An MT must have the ability to think critically.

How Much Does a Medical Transcriptionist Make?

A median wage is a boundary between the highest-paid 50% earners and the lowest-paid 50% earners.

So, following a statistics report from the Bureau Of Labour Statistics, medical language specialist earns a median annual salary of $35,250 as of May 2025.

Recent surveys and analyses show that the lowest paid of these professionals make less than $ 21,840 while the highest paid of MTs earn more than $51,780 annually.

Sadly, statistics say that the employment rate for MT may decline by 3 percent in the next ten years. This is because technological advances now minimize the work of a medical transcriber. Actually, Speech recognition and electronic health records software advances allow physicians to create some of this documentation at the moment.

However, the aging population and growing rates of chronic conditions will continue to increase. So, there will be a high demand for healthcare services. Apparently, MTs job outlook for being a healthcare provider may still grow more than expected.

In fact, if you enjoy listening, taking, and compiling records; here are related to medical transcribers and how much they earn.

  • Court Reporters: create transcriptions at trials and other legal proceedings. In fact, a full-time court reporter makes an average salary of $53,710 annually.
  • Information Clerks: Basically, they maintain records and provide information to customers. The average annual salary of an information clerk is about $36,698
  • Receptionists: Similar to the duties of an MT, receptionists listens to customers when answering phone calls alongside providing general information about their organization to the public and customers. heir annual income is about $29,640.
  • Interpreters and Translators: Well, these professionals do a lot of listening while converting information from one language to the other. The annual median income of a translator or interpreter is $46,120 annually.
  • Medical Record Technicians: Majorly, the role of these professionals in the healthcare industry is organizing and managing health information data. Their annual median earning is $39,180 as of 2025.

How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist?

Well, aside from the basic skills an intending medical transcriber should have, it is vital to get all the requirements to avoid being a quack healthcare provider.

Actually, one of those requirements is a degree and industry certifications to be a professional in your career path. So, if the job description of a medical transcriptionist fits what you want to do: then follow this full guide below to become a medical transcriber.

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3 Steps to Becoming a Medical Transcriber

#1: Get a High school Diploma

Basically, just like any other occupation that requires a degree, a compulsory prerequisite is to complete high school and get a diploma. So pay attention to courses in STEM courses especially biology.

However, if you’re yet to complete or meet the requirements to graduate high school, consider a credit recovery strategy or an online summer school.

#2:Enroll for a Medical Transcription Degree Program

Aside from getting all the information you need to function in this career path, employers of labor will preferably hire a medical transcriber with a degree.

So, you may choose to enroll for an associate degree, diploma or certificate program. Basically, any of these degree programs will provide you with an introduction and foundational understanding of medical terminology.

Also, you get details on body systems, healthcare documentation, and transcription. Additionally, you will get insight into transcribing methods in various healthcare settings such as urology, orthopedics, neurology, and gynecology.

Complete this article to find career or vocational schools where you can enroll in a program.

#3: Get Certified

A basic way to become a certified medical transcriptionist is by getting certifications from accredited industries.

Even though, these certifications are voluntary, earning them will help you project and aid to top the corporate ladder earlier. Basically, employers will always consider candidates who have certifications over newbies.

Hence, check out this authority and earn one or two certifications to get better and earn better as a medical transcriptionist.

#4: Get experience/Job

Basically, to get any job you need a level of experience. So while training to become a medical transcriptionist, be sure to gain from the supervised on-the-job experience these degree programs offer.

In fact, gain additional knowledge about medical terminology, formatting reports, transcription style, and professional issues.

Furthermore, you may seek medical transcription internships or apprenticeship positions at nearby transcription firms or healthcare facilities.

Can I study Medical Transcription Online?

Yes, you can study medical transcription online. Usually, online medical transcription school programs are typically available at the certificate level.

Basically, certificate courses both online and on-campus cover topics like medical terminology, medical record formatting, and HIPAA guidelines.

Also, it covers practicals on transcribing doctors’ dictation and editing reports. Most online schools offer this program. However, their prerequisite is usually, High school or General Equivalency diploma.

In addition, coursework is delivered online and it takes from 4-12 months for students to finish coursework.

Furthermore, students are expected to satisfy all academic and financial obligations to graduate from their program.

Finally, click the button below to register for an online certificate program in medical transcription.

Schools for Medical Transcription Degree

For a medical transcription degree, you may have to first consider which of the degree programs to enroll for. Actually, community colleges and vocational schools offer these programs, and better still you may become a medical transcriber by obtaining a degree online.

While a certificate program may last for about nine months, diploma programs approximately take one year to complete.

Additionally, an associate degree program takes roughly two years to complete for a full-time student, part-time students may spend a longer time at school.

Another factor for you to consider before enrolling in your chosen program is the delivery format. Actually, hybrid and online delivery format exists for both on-campus and distance students.

So, complete this article to choose programs that best suit your learning style.

Importantly, you have to consider the cost of the program you intend to pursue. Actually, the type of program and delivery format alongside program length may influence tuition fees.

However, this IS solely determined by the college offering your chosen program. Now, see below lists of schools, program type, and tuition fees, and select the one that appeals most to you.

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What is the cost of Medical Transcription School?

The cost of a medical transcription school is usually determined by a lot of factors. One of which is the program type, school, and program format.

Basically, to complete coursework as a medical language specialist, tuition fees may be as low as $900 to as much $4,000 according to a survey of data garnered from different universities and colleges on this issue.

However, see below the list of schools and their tuition fees for more clarification and details.

Albany Technical College Albany, GA
Tuition and Fees: In-state-$4,005;Out-of-state-$8,000
Program Type: Hybrid and Online
Acceptance rate: 31.63%

This university offers a program that awards a Certificate in Medical Transcription upon completion of course work.

Basically, the application is done online. First, you must create an account after which you select an application type. The categories are beginning student, returning student, transfer student, transient student, and a high school student.

Just as the names imply choose the one that best suits your position while applying. hen, proceed to fill out the application forms, submit your document and finally apply for financial aid.

Click the application link below to apply.

Tuition Fees: In-state-$15,980; Out-of-state-$15,980
Program type: Hybrid and Online
Acceptance Rate: 61.6%
Antonelli College – Hattiesburg

Antonelli College Hattiesburg offers an Associate degree in medical transcription. To apply, click the button below.

Barton County Community College Great Bend KS
Tuition Fees: In-state-$1,984; Out-state $2,976
Program type: Hybridand Online
Acceptance Rate: 27.96%

interestingly, Barton Community has programs that award both Certificates and an associate degree in Medical Transcription.

Absolutely, the two programs are awesome, scroll up to see tips you may consider before choosing which one to enroll for.

Also, the application process is quick easy, and free.

Just complete an application form online and become a cougar immediately if you met completely the checklist of requirements. Additionally, you may apply for financial aid upon completion of the application process. To apply, click the button below.

Black Hawk College
Tuition Fees: In-state-$6,900; Out-of-state-$7,050
Program type: Hybrid and Online
Acceptance Rate: 20.68%

Similarly, this college awards a certificate in Medical transcription upon completion of course work. In fact, both on-campus and hybrid students can enroll in this program.

However, an application fee of $20 is required and must be done online. It runs an open door policy for high school graduates, at least 18 years old, and /or a transfer student from another college or university.

To apply click the button below.

Clark College Vancouver, WA

Basically, Clark College awards a certificate In medical transcription upon completion of course work. To apply, create an account

Tuition Fees: In-state-$3,410; Out-of-state-$8,600
Program type: Hybrid and Online
Acceptance Rate: 24.66%

nt and pay the enrollment fee.

Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a confirmation message with additional steps to continue your enrollment process. Click the button below to begin.

Medical Transcriptionist Job Description FAQs

Earn a high school diploma, improve your typing speed and assess your listening and writing skills. Then, enroll in an online program to earn an associate degree or certificate in medical transcription.

To get a job as a medical transcriber, earn an associate degree for certifications from relevant authorities. Improve your listening skill, writing skills, and use of grammar paying attention to punctuation usage. Finally, get experience as a volunteer or intern then apply for entry-level roles.

Even though the pay of a medical transcriptionist is influenced by a lot of factors, the median annual wage of medical transcribers is $35,250 according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics.

If you have a high school diploma or GED certificate, it will take you from 6 months to 3 years to become a certified medical transcriber.


Accurate documentation of medical reports is essential. Hence, the importance of medical transcriptionists.

Basically, the work of a transcriptionist is to write in words a recorded medical report from physicians and other healthcare providers.

So, this article explains in detail who a medical transcriptionist is, their job description, and what it may cost you to get an associate degree or certificate in this profession.

Furthermore, this article suggests schools where you may enroll in this program and how much you may earn when you become a professional medical transcriptionist with certifications from relevant authorities.

Finally, a step-by-step guide to direct you is available for you.

So, search no more as the article that will help you become a medical transcriber, medical language specialist, or medical transcriptionist whichever name suits you is right in front of you. Enroll now!



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