MTN Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

Every year, the MTN foundation awards ₦200,000 to two hundred level (200l) students in Nigerian higher institutions. To claim this funding as an eligible student, you must send a successful application and pass the scholarship test. Get the MTN scholarship past questions and answers HERE to prepare to win the MTN scholarship in 2025.

University education in Nigeria can be very expensive, especially when you’re studying in a private or state higher education institution in Nigeria. At some stage in students’ tertiary education, they have to drop out because they can no longer afford their tuition fees moving on.

Even if you can afford your tuition fees, imagine how much you can save on tuition if you win the MTN scholarship. Most winners of the MTN scholarship were able to purchase laptops to ease their education, as the ₦200,000 award was more than enough to cover their tuition and cost of living.

We want you to get into this position, but getting there is difficult. The MTN scholarship is highly competitive, and students who don’t have a backup don’t get selected. Get the MTN Scholarship Past Questions NOW as your solid backup to winning the MTN Scholarship.

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The Nature of MTN Scholarship Exams

The MTN Scholarship test comprises numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning questions.

Because yearly, over 50,000 students apply for the MTN Foundation scholarship, and MTN has to take only 500 students cutting across Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education in Nigeria, the tests are quite difficult.

It would do for you to begin preparation for the test on time, but most students ask, “how can I get the right set of questions to practice with?”

This article answers your question. We have compiled questions from the three test areas of the MTN scholarship test, which are of the same difficulty level as the questions you’ll meet on the test day.

Get the MTN Foundation Scholarship Past Question through this link and start preparing before you receive the invitation for the test.

Who is Eligible for MTN Scholarship Aptitude Test

You are eligible for the MTN Foundation Scholarship aptitude test after successfully applying. Once the MTN Foundation certifies that your application meets the eligibility requirements, they will send you a scholarship test invite.

If you know that your application is fine and that you meet all the requirements for the MTN STSS, why wait to receive the invite before you start your preparation?

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All you need do is to immediately commence practicing with the MTN Scholarship Past Questions.

In fact, we recommend that you start practicing the past questions upon completing your application.

The Value of the MTN Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

The MTN Scholarship Past Questions and Answers help build your confidence for the MTN Scholarship Aptitude test.

If you get the MTN Scholarship Past Questions, you’ll be assured of:

  • Dedicated MTN Scholarship type questions with a great chance of recurring
  • Clear explanations of the answers to the questions
  • A complete idea of what to expect in the aptitude test
  • A handy guide to refer to at any point in time and anywhere
  • The confidence to pass the aptitude test without stress and win the scholarship.

You should know that your winning the MTN scholarship depends totally on passing the aptitude test. Once you complete the test, you get your result, and meeting the required score earns you the scholarship award.

How do I get the Past Questions and Answers?

Things of value hardly come for free. You would need to pay the cost of getting the right practice questions and answers and studying them hard to win the MTN Foundation scholarship.

It would be every shade of wrong to forgo a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to complete your tertiary education for free and study with comfort because you don’t want to pay the little sacrifice it takes to win.

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