The Nile University of Nigeria International Awards & Scholarships

The Nile University of Nigeria is glad to announce its scholarship and international award coming up in 2025. So if you are an international student or domestic student and you have an interest in applying for the study grant, then this is a great opportunity for you.

As a leading university, they have the dedication to provide their students with the best academic, social, and personal experience.

Also, they have the commitment to invest both in their innovative approach to education and in their facilities.

Basically, the study program is available for national and international students. Also, all applicants must complete their studies within the time limit.

Most importantly, the amount of scholarships is due to the results of JAMB and WASSCE, and the Board of Directors of the Nile University of Nigeria NUN announces the result.

Why the Nile University of Nigeria

The University of the Nile is a learning citadel where education is absolutely essential and where young leaders go through enough preparation.

In fact, they differ from other universities in that their students benefit from industry-specific education, resources, and support designed to help them succeed.

This covers from their modern library, laboratories, and IT facilities to dedicated professional advice and their varied and impressive range of student activities. Equally, the students were able to visit the laboratories, the library, the classrooms, and other facilities of the University.

Students also receive a brief lecture on the professional opportunities available to them when studying various courses at the University.

Above all, admissions are open to all, regardless of nationality, gender, physical ability, and religion, provided the applicant has duly completed his application form and provided valid information accordingly.

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Hence, if you are talking about quality education, essential elements of leadership, social relations, and ethical reasons, choose the University of the Nile.

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Levels/Field of Study

Basically, this Nile University Scholarship is for Undergraduate, Masters or Postgraduate and Ph.D students.

The scholarship is awarded to study any course in any Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD degree offered by the university.

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Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship Worth

The amount of scholarships due to JAMB and WASSCE results is as announced by the Board of Trustee of the Nile University of Nigeria NUN.

Above all, students can get scholarship according to their Jamb and WAEC results in the 2025 academic session as follows:

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  • For Medicine and Law, a JAMB score of 260 attracts a 10% discount, 270 attracts a 20% discount, and 280 attracts a 30% discount, and so forth. No discount for WAEC results.
  • For other Departments, a JAMB score of 230 attracts a 10% discount, 240 score attracts a 20% discount, and 250 score attracts a 30% discount, and so forth.

Also, for other departments excluding law and medicine, WASSCE/WAEC grades of 4 A’s attracts a 10% discount, 5 A’s attracts 20%, 6 A’s attracts 30%, and so forth.

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  • Students with 4 A’s and above in WASSCE together with a JAMB score of 300 and above will get a 100% scholarship.


Apart from the above offer, students will only be allowed to use either JAMB or WASSCE results but not both. Also, all scholarships are offered to a limited number of students for each department. They include:

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  • Students with outstanding performance in sports at the national or professional level will get up-to 100% scholarship if they participate in the NUN team.
  • International Olympiads (IMO, IPHO, ICHO, IBO, IOI. PAMO) participants will be offered a 50% scholarship while medalists will get 100% scholarship

Nile University of Nigeria Students Discounts

Basically, NTIC graduates who come to NUN benefit from a special discount that BOT mentions each year. They are granting a discount of 10 to 40 for the 2025-2025 academic session.

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While parents will receive the following discount if they have more than one child in NUN. Repair

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  • 2 children – 10% reduction for each child
  • 3 children – 15% reduction for each child
  • 4 children – 20% reduction for each child
  • 5 children and more: 25% reduction for each child.

Specifically, only one (1) immediate family member (child or woman) of NUN staff will receive a 50% discount. Though the discount will continue as long as the staff continues to work with the university.

Above all, the NUN BOT determines the amount of the discount for family members of foreign personnel.

From Undergraduate to Postgraduate Studies:

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  • First-class NUN graduates receive a 100% reduction, second-class senior graduates receive a 50% reduction, lower second-class graduates receive a 30% reduction
  • NUN staff with 3 years of experience benefit from an 80% discount
  • NTIC graduates benefit from a 30% discount
  • First-class graduates from other institutions receive a 50% reduction
  • NUN graduates from PGD to MSc and MSc to MPhil benefit from a 10% discount
  • From 3 to 5 people from the same company benefit from a 10% discount for each person, 6 or more people benefit from a 20% discount for each person and 11 people and more benefit from a 30% discount for each person.
  • The NUN board and management have agreed that all scholars wishing to apply for the 100% scholarship must bring a letter of reference from their dean and HOD to the board for approval. They will work for NUN for 2 years after graduation. First-class NUN graduates do not have this obligation.
  • Non-academics “who have worked here for 3 years are also entitled to request an 80% discount. They will work for NUN for 2 years after graduation in their promoted position.

For PhD:

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What is the Eligibility for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship

In fact, for you to be able to apply for the Nile University of Nigeria scholarship and international award, you have to follow this critically.

Scholarship students must meet the following conditions:

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  • You must pass all courses at the end of the session -CGPA must be at least 3.50 / 5.00 at the end of the session
  • You must complete your studies within the time limit. Also, you must not participate in any act of guilt or disciplinary act.
  • The university reserves the right to terminate its scholarship if the need arises.

Host Nationality

Basically, the Nile University of Nigeria scholarship and the international award is for Nigerian students.

Eligible Nationality

Equally, domestic and all countries students are eligible to apply for the Nile University of Nigeria scholarship and International award.

How to Apply for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship

To apply for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship, applicants need to be admitted to the university first. Then, after taking admission, all students must have to register first.

Hence, after the registration, the students can then apply by clicking on the link below.

Supporting Documents

Each candidate should submit:

  • Completed and Signed Application Form,
  • Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Transcript,
  • Copy of Official Senior Secondary School Certificate,
  • Also copies of Official Examination Results,
  • Guarantor’s Letter/attestation of Financial Support,
  • Medical Report & Immunization records,
  • Letter of Recommendation from Secondary School Counsel/Principal,
  • 4 Recent Passport Photographs documents to the admission office.

Apply Online Here

For more information about the Nile University scholarship click on the link below

When is Nile University Scholarship Application Deadline?

The deadline for the Nile University of Nigeria scholarship and the international award has not been specified. However, the scholarship comes after you gain admission to this prestigious university.

Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship 2025 FAQs

Who is eligible for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship

The Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship is available for Nigerian and international Students.

Why the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship?

The Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship gives you financial assistance in form of discounts for a lot of courses.

How do i apply for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship ?

To apply for the Nile University of Nigeria Scholarship, applicants must be admitted to the university first. Then, after taking admission, all students must have to register first.



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