Northshore Community College Scholarships  for International Students

The Northshore Community College Scholarships 2025 is currently ongoing for International students. Check out the eligibility and how to apply for this scholarship.

The Northshore Community College Scholarship Program provides scholarship awards to current, incoming and graduate/alumni NCCS students studying or continuing their education at four-year institutions.

Scholarships are awarded annually through a competitive application process, considering academic and non-academic factors, including the need.

About the Northshore Community College Scholarships

Since 1985, over 3,800 scholarships totalling over $3,200,000, have been awarded to NCCS students.

Select scholarships are available through the NCCS Foundation for incoming North Shore Community College students for the 2025/2025 academic year.

NCCS Foundation offers over 1,100 scholarships and bursaries that help supplement your College tuition.

While some awards are specific to a campus, program or year of study, many are open to new, returning and graduating students; most awards are based on a range of criteria; Academic standing, Financial need, Leadership, Volunteer Experience, and Career interests.

North Shore Community College is a source of hope and opportunity and a regional social and economic change leader.

Blending tradition and innovation, liberal arts and career preparation, intellectual development, and cultural and personal growth, we foster a diverse and caring community of learners where all are welcome, and each is challenged.

We offer lifelong education responsive to changing community needs, a global economy, evolving technology and the shifting roles faced by individuals or institutions. Our greatest contribution to the Commonwealth is the success and achievement of our students.

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Eligibility for Northshore Community College Scholarships 2025

When the NCCS application is live, applicants can access a list of student awards on our main student awards page. The application requirements for each student award can differ depending on the student award criteria selected by NCCS donors.

However, the NCCS student awards process is streamlined and consists of many common requirements so that applicants can complete them in a reasonable timeframe and begin to prepare the application in advance.

Students can apply for all student awards they are eligible for with just one application. The process can be completed in this:

Applicants should use the box below to filter the list of student awards. Ensure to choose the program and year they were enrolled in for the 2025 academic year. Review each award to ensure they meet all listed requirements and save what they want to apply for to their award listing.

There is no save and submit feature on the NCCS website, so when the applicants’ list is complete, gather and prepare the application requirements before applying. Return to this site and complete the online application.

Most of the NCCS student awards require the completion of essay questions; the following are examples of questions that may be asked on the student award application. Please take some time to reflect on each of these questions and begin making some notes to prepare;

Provide us with an overview of Why you chose your program/field of study; your career aspirations and educational goals, how an NCCS education and previous experience has prepared you for this career; and why you believe you will succeed in your chosen profession upon graduation.

Describe your participation in extra-curricular activities and volunteer work /community involvement. Please include the names of organizations, the periods in which you were involved, and your duties for each activity.

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Outline, in a brief essay, the challenges, and obstacles you have overcome in order to obtain your education. How has being an NSCC student reshaped the direction of your life? How will this award make a significant impact on your goals?

Level/Field of Study

Northshore Community College Scholarship Program offers a variety of scholarships opportunities to Undergraduates, masters and High school seniors

Host Nationality

Northshore Community College Scholarship is hosted and taken in the United States of America. You can access other scholarships available for USA students.

Eligible Nationality

The listed countries are eligible to apply for the NorthShore Foundation scholarship 2025:

Your country did not qualify for this NorthShore Foundation Scholarship? Don’t worry; we have lists of International Scholarships for you. Cheers!!!

Scholarship Worth

The Northshore Community College Scholarship is worth up to $4,500. You can check out other fully-funded scholarships in 2025 that you can take the opportunity of.

How to Apply for The Northshore Community College Scholarships 

The application period begins on January 22, 2025. All scholarships require completed applications, letters of recommendation, and minimum GPA requirements or transcripts ().

Applicants can view and apply for student awards twice a year:

Spring (March – July): for students enrolled in programs for the upcoming academic year

Fall (September – October): for students enrolled in programs for the current academic year

Financial need is a common criterion for many student awards, and to help determine their unmet needs, applicants will be asked to complete a detailed financial section of the application. To help you prepare, look at the NCCS needs assessment (XLS 24KB) and document your expenses and resources for the academic year.

Read this section carefully and review your numbers to ensure they are accurate. Depending on the student awards you apply for, you may be asked to complete references to support your application. In total, there are three reference types that applicants might be asked to provide.

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Applicants should review the reference information below and make special note of who they will approach. Should they be required to submit reference(s) with their awards application?

Reference Letter – the student award description will state specifically who should complete the reference letter and what qualities and experiences to address.

General Reference Questionnaire (PDF 96KB) – standardized form to be completed by an individual who has previously supervised the applicants. Preferred parties include faculty, teacher, employer/supervisor, and community organization.

Community Service Reference Questionnaire (PDF 92KB) – standardized form to be completed by a member of a community organizer who has provided supervision over volunteer activities.

Common Mistakes To Avoid when applying for Northshore Community College Scholarships 2023

The following are some common student award application mistakes applicants often make. Review these tips carefully to ensure your application isn’t considered void or incomplete.

  • Incorrect reference types have been submitted. Ensure to take the time to double-check the type of reference required for the award as well as who specifically can and can’t complete it. Your student awards application will not be considered if the references are incorrect.
  • Applying for student awards you are not eligible for. Ensure read the student award posting carefully before applying; take a moment to read over the eligibility sections of the posting. You don’t want to put time and effort into an application, only to notice you were not be considered because you don’t meet all the requirements.
  • Mistakes with the financial section; adding a ‘0’ or missing a field can greatly impact your calculation for financial need. Review this section thoroughly before submitting, and read all the descriptions carefully to ensure you provide the necessary information.

Deadline for Northshore Community College Scholarships 2025

The application period begins January 22, and the deadline will be communicated to you as soon as possible here.

Northshore Community College Scholarships 2025 official Application Link

For More Information:

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