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If you have ever thought of having a flower garden where you tend to them like humans, then a career in Horticulture is all you need. However, beyond managing to flower, horticulture is extensive. I bet you didn’t know about it.

But you can learn more about horticulture and start a career by just getting a degree in horticulture. The most exciting part is that you can now get a horticulture degree online, which we are here to show you.

Many careers in horticulture involve sales, administration, and finance, and this program helps you develop your skills in these areas through courses focused on agriculture.

However, there currently needs to be more qualified horticulturists to meet the growing need for a safe and healthy food supply and functional and scenic green spaces.

Growing and managing plants as a career requires understanding science and business, and this online horticulture bachelor’s program emphasizes both. Horticulture is at the heart of how humans survive and thrive.

Most importantly, it feeds us, improves our mental and physical well-being, and creates the parameters of our daily lives.

So, read on to learn more about how to get a horticulture degree online, school, course, and the job outlook for horticulture.

But before we continue, you can go through the table of content below for an overview of what to expect in this article.

What Does a Horticulturist Do?

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture primarily concerned with the reproduction of plant life. It involves the management and cultivation of gardens and lands.

While this career is similar to that of a landscape architect, there are fundamental differences between the two.

Landscape architects have a lot of knowledge about how to design beautiful designs for gardens or public parks. A horticulturist goes further and knows the science behind different plants, flowers, and vegetation.

They conduct research in gardening and landscaping, plant propagation, plant production, plant selection, genetic engineering, biochemistry, and plant physiology.

His work is particularly concerned with berries, fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, and soil management.

A horticulturist can have many different roles, but as a rule, it is people who are adept at growing food and other types of plants. Horticulturists may work in the industry, education, government, or private institutions.

Can You Get a Horticulture Degree Online?

Of course, you can get a horticulture degree online. In fact, there are a lot of schools that offer horticulture degrees at your own pace.

However, it all depends on the online horticulture degree you choose to study in these schools. They offer degrees ranging from associate, certificate, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Many positions in the nursery and landscape industry require a 2- or 4-year college degree. And you can acquire such a degree online.

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Depending on the career you choose, you may earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in horticulture or a related field.

Horticultural work ranges from field maintenance personnel who do not require formal training to scientists who require a minimum Ph.D.

So, oh yes, you can get a horticulture degree online. Just check out the schools we have below that offers online horticulture degree.

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How to Get a Horticulture Degree Online in 2025

Now that you know you can get a horticulture degree online, you want to know how to go about getting an online horticulture degree.

We will be showing you the best way to study horticulture online and how to choose a program of study.

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Here is our simple procedure of how to get an online horticulture degree:

Select an Online Horticulture School

Many schools and colleges offer fully or partially online programs in the horticultural field. These programs are available at the certificate, bachelor, and master levels.

Students will want to consider the types of programs and the reward levels when selecting an online school.

Online and hybrid programs are available. Hybrid programs, particularly at the undergraduate or graduate level, often require students to come to campus and take exams or do laboratory work.

Sometimes students can do lab work and internships at a partner school or other institution where they reside.

After Choosing an Online School, Here is a Scholarship You Should Apply to Help You Study Horticulture: Sidney B. Meadows Scholarship in Horticulture, USA

When deciding on an online horticultural program, there are several things to consider, such as the level of the proposed program. Also, check if the program is fully available online or if there is any requirement in person.

Here are the best online programs to choose from in order to study Horticulture. You can go for any one of these. Though it depends on your choice, whether it is a certificate, bachelor, or master’s degree.

Certificate of completion online in horticultural management

The continuing education division of a college or university offers online certification programs in horticulture management, and many have prerequisites.

Some programs send home gardening kits for students to use for homework, while others allow students to communicate through online discussion forums. Students learn:

  • Nursery management
  • Composting
  • Plan nutrients
  • Pest control
  • Mechanisms of action of herbicides.

Online Bachelor of Horticulture

Students can complete most courses online, but most programs require students to complete laboratory work on campus or at an institution where the student lives.

The online part is delivered through streaming videos, DVDs, and interactive multimedia applications. A distance horticultural baccalaureate includes courses in:

  • Viticulture
  • Post-harvest physiology
  • Administration of public gardens.
  • Plant propagation

Master of Science in Horticulture Online

Online master’s degree programs in horticulture can be a good alternative for students who already have jobs. Hybrid programs allow students to listen to lectures through interactive television and take courses online.

These programs generally do not have a thesis requirement. Students may be required to visit the school for an exam before graduation. Typical online courses include:

  • Geostatistics applied
  • Advanced interior design
  • Agriculture production
  • Arboriculture
  • Quantitative agricultural remote sensing

Go for a Higher Award Level

Most employers look for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree, although job seekers who want to be supervisors or managers sometimes need a master’s degree.

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Certificate programs are available for those who want to hone their horticultural skills or determine if horticulture is the right career.

While, doctoral and associate programs are generally unavailable online, students can earn these degrees in a traditional classroom setting.

Best Schools that Offer Online Horticulture Degree

Colorado State University offers a 120-credit science degree program online. You can take courses that include plant identification, cultivation, and pest control.

If you want to manage your own horticultural business, you can also take finance and marketing courses through this program.

At Oregon State University, the online horticulture program offers courses that address real-world problems facing horticulturists, where students work in laboratories with diagnostics and projects. In addition to online courses, students must complete a 360-hour internship.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and want to earn a horticultural certificate, you can take the horticultural landscape management certificate program at Texas Technological University.

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You can take the required courses completely online, earn 12 credit hours, and this program can be completed with a related master’s program.

Here are the best schools that offer online horticulture degrees in 2025:

Colorado State University

By completing this online horticulture diploma from Colorado State University, you can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a healthier and more beautiful world and pursue a career in an increasingly popular field.

The curriculum covers the entire horticultural system, the cycle from seed to produce, ensuring a comprehensive education that will help you succeed in many facets of the green industry.

The horticultural science courses in this program improve your understanding of plant growth, development, and environmental response. You can better manage plant production and improve the quality and quantity of your yields.

Apply Here

Oregon State University

The Oregon State University, Online Horticulture Diploma, covers contemporary real-world issues facing professional horticulturists. The program includes labs, diagnostics, student-led projects, and problem-solving in the field.

You will become qualified to find and synthesize information to face the new situations you will encounter during your horticultural career.

This study program is offered by the OSU Department of Horticulture and delivered online by OSU Ecampus.

Benefits of Online Learning with the State of Oregon

  • All classes are developed by OSU’s world-class teachers, who are known around the world for their research, experience, and innovation.
  • The Northwest Commission regionally accredits Oregon State University on Colleges and Universities.
  • OSU Ecampus students receive the same diploma as students on campus.

Apply Here

NC State University 

Basically, the North Carolina State Department of Horticultural Sciences offers world-class programs designed for your career and lifestyle. The courses are designed to meet the basic and specialized educational needs of our non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students.

Programs are offered online or on the NC State campus, and degrees can also be a hybrid of location-based and online education.

Here is the list of online horticulture degrees offered by the North Carolina State Department of Horticultural Sciences:

  • Online Undergraduate Courses
  • Online Undergraduate Certificate
  • Graduate courses
  • Online Graduate Certificate
  • Online Master of Horticultural Sciences (MHS)

Apply Here

University of Illinois (Online)

The University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences offers these online horticulture degrees.

Hence, regardless of your background, the online horticulture certificate offers comprehensive training of award-winning teachers, all online, allowing you to work full-time and develop your knowledge.

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Adapt your courses and education according to your interests. This program offers three specializations within the undergraduate certificate: plants and people, sustainable production, and horticultural sciences.

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University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in horticulture online should consider a bachelor’s degree in applied science. This B.A.S. The US News and World Report ranked it among the best.

However, the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture has students pursuing the online Master in Horticultural Sciences, Option II (project). A key feature of this master’s program is a professional project.

Above all, the student, the advisor, and the supervision committee jointly establish this study plan.

Apply Here

How Much Does it Cost to Study Horticulture Degree Online?

Though it is possible to get horticulture programs in many schools, the cost of getting an online horticulture degree differs, depending on the school. Hence, the average total cost per credit is $476 per credit.

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Online Horticulture Degree Job Outlook

A recently released report by the USDA indicates that graduates with degrees and certifications in fields related to agriculture (including horticulture) will be in high demand, with approximately 57,900 highly skilled jobs per year between 2015 and 2025 (Gallager, Greenhouse Grower, 2015).

Employers are looking for horticulture graduates with experience in food, agriculture, renewable resources, and the environment. The demand for employees may exceed the supply of horticultural graduates.

This is excellent news for graduates, but not also for employers. Graduates generally find employment opportunities in the following three careers:

  • In traditional roles in horticultural science, working with plants in a variety of positions and at a wide range of employment levels;
  • Work on the commercial side of the industry;
  • In education, teaching horticultural science as a postsecondary educator.

Horticulture Degrees And Salaries

There are well-paid horticultural careers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, postsecondary teachers in agricultural science earn up to $128,280 per year. Almost 85% of these teachers have a doctorate.

Soil and plant specialists earn an average of $63,890 annually, some up to $101,120 annually. They are looking for ways to improve the reproduction, performance, and physiology of plants, trees, shrubs, and nurseries.

More than 40% of these scientists have a doctorate, 37% have a bachelor’s degree, and 20% have a master’s degree.

According to, the average salary for gardeners is $27,237 to $44,567.

Salaries vary by job, with landscapers earning between $32,500 and $51,000 and farm jobs paying from $37,210 to $48,750 per year.

The highest-paid and lowest-paid workers are self-employed, with a wide income range that ranges from $16,000 to $65,000.

A Few Careers To Consider

Here’s a look at a few popular careers in horticulture and the average national salaries.

  • Food Scientist: $62,210
  • Soil And Plant Specialist: $69,470
  • Nursery And Greenhouse Manager: $64,660
  • Landscape Designer: $42,800
  • Commercial Landscape Company Operations Manager: $47,000
  • Lawn Care And Mowing Technician: $13 per hour
  • Landscape Company Field Supervisor: $15 per hour

Online Horticulture Degree FAQs

Of course, you can get a horticulture degree online. There are a lot of schools that offer horticulture degrees at your own pace.

However, it all depends on the online horticulture degree you choose to study in these schools. They offer degrees ranging from associate, certificate, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Here are the best schools that offer online horticulture degrees in 2025:

1. Colorado State University

2. Oregon State University

3. North Carolina State Department of Horticultural Sciences

4. The University of Illinois (online)

5. University of Nebraska- Lincoln

So, here are some top tips for those looking to start, or move into, a career in horticulture:

1. Think about which aspects of gardening make you happy

2. Don’t be scared at the prospect of changing your career

3. Get Qualified

4. Talk to people

5. Get involved

In Conclusion

Deepen your knowledge. Get the credentials and expertise you need to develop the career you want. Apply today for an online certificate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in horticultural science.


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