Best Online Schooling For High School Students in 2024

Online schooling of high school has become a popular choice for students as some students choose to complete all of their coursework online. In addition, “blended learning” programs combine online and in-person training in the same classroom.

Some children with learning and mental disabilities may benefit from online education. However, some students may not receive the support they require to excel in online or hybrid learning programs.

Read on to find out the best online schooling for high school students, as well as what you should know before enrolling.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending An Online School?

Virtual classes are offered by online schools, which students can attend from their homes, libraries, coffee shops, or anyplace else with an Internet connection.

Teachers work from home and follow a set curriculum with their online pupils. Some students only take one or two completely online classes. Other students complete all of their coursework online. Distance learning is another term for online learning.

Local school districts, charter schools, and state education organizations frequently provide online classes and full-time online schools. There are a few private online schools as well.

For certain children with learning and thinking disabilities, online schools may be a good fit. Having the freedom to choose which online classes to take could be especially beneficial for twice-exceptional students who are bored by their brick-and-mortar school’s course options.

However, not every student has the structure or assistance they require to finish their online courses. Students who take all of their coursework online in high school have a lower chance of graduating in four years.

What Does It Cost To Attend An Online High School?

It’s usually free if your state or district offers a full-time online school. However, if your child takes some classes online and others in a public school, you may be charged a per-course cost for the online lessons. You must also pay the entire amount if you opt to enroll in programs at a private online school.

It’s possible that you’ll have to pay for equipment. Some online schools supply computers to pupils. Others, however, do not.

It’s also worth noting that some for-profit organizations operate online public schools.

However, rather of being dependent on student performance, the financing is based on enrolment. This could provide an incentive to enroll as many children as possible, regardless of whether or not they are a suitable fit for online learning.

Is Online Schooling or High School Students a Good Idea?

Yes, it most certainly is. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Choosing between a traditional school and online courses is a huge decision for kids under the age of 18.

Even so, online school will provide you with an excellent education while also allowing you to have a lot more freedom with your schedule.

Online high school is virtually always a good idea for anyone over the age of 18. In reality, online high school was designed with adults in mind. It might be challenging to maintain a full class load when you have a busy work schedule and a family to support.

That is why there are so many possibilities for online high school. If you’re looking to finish your education, whether you’re 16 or 36, online high school is a viable alternative to consider.

What are the Best Online Schooling for High School Students?

For high school students, below is a list of online schooling options.

1. James Madison High School

James Madison High School online is flexible and affordable, catering to both traditional and non-traditional students.

Those seeking greater employment qualifications, a comprehensive diploma, homeschooling, and other specific conditions are among James Madison’s students.

Online high school students at JMHS can enroll and begin classes at any time of the year. James Madison is accredited both nationally and regionally, demonstrating that it meets the high standards of online education.

The cost of the program ranges from $1,199.00 to $1,599.00


2. University of Texas at Austin High School

One of the best online diploma options is the University of Texas at Austin High School. This institution includes a cutting-edge, interactive learning portal, as well as resources for disabled kids, academic counseling, and much more.

Additionally, the University of Texas’s online high school offers Spanish-language students additional academic education.

The course curriculum at UTHS high school online is held to the high standards of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the course schedule is flexible.

Students have a maximum of 150 days to complete a high school course once enrolled; each course costs $225 per semester.

Annual full-time enrollment is $2,700.00.


3. Independent Study at Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University’s Independent Study program, which has a strong history of academic excellence, offers a diverse range of educational opportunities.

The basic and advanced four-year diplomas, as well as an adult diploma program for students over the age of nineteen, are all available through BYU’s premier online high school.

Recent BYU grads have praised the school, which includes gymnasts, actors, and other non-traditional students.

Brigham Young University’s online high school program rewards good results by awarding a free scholarship course after every five courses to students who maintain a B or above average.

All of Brigham Young University’s online education programs include free, dependable assistance.

The cost of the program ranges from $152.00 to $256.00 each course


4. Keystone School

The Keystone School, which was founded in 1974, is a flexible, cheap, and well-established educational choice. Keystone’s high school online program accepts students from all walks of life; some of Keystone’s online high school students are college-bound, career-bound, homebound, and/or have struggled in traditional high school settings.

Keystone online high school has an award-winning curriculum that can easily be adapted to the specific aims of its future graduates.

Students in high school might enroll full-time or take individual classes. Keystone boasts more than 250,000 graduates worldwide, many of whom have praised their online high school experience.

Costs range from $419.00 to $649.00 per course.


5. Franklin Virtual High School

Franklin Virtual High School boasts an award-winning curriculum and top-notch counseling services, and it offers a comprehensive range of courses.

This best high school online offers affordable diploma-earning programs that focus on achieving a profession or continuing higher education; these FVHS offerings include live on-demand tutoring, self-paced study, and affordable pricing for high school students from all backgrounds.

Additionally, at a cost of $395 each course, online Franklin high school students can retake past courses to get a passing or better score; this program is known as “credit recovery programs.” FVHS offers test preparation for the SAT, ACT, or GED, as well as summer school and other unique curriculum options.

The cost of the program is $395.00 per course.


6. Oak Meadow School

Oak Meadow School, based in Brattleboro, Vermont, was created by a group of parents and teachers who wanted to rekindle their children’s enthusiasm for learning. The school’s educational philosophy is progressive, sensitive, and child-centered.

The graduation requires students to complete 22 credits, and Oak Meadow Institution offers a variety of options for earning those credits, some of which are unique to this school.

For example, because Oak Meadow School believes in holistic education, it gives credit for students’ work experiences and extracurricular activities.

Students can earn up to one full elective credit each year for extracurricular engagement through the Life Experience Elective Credit program. This program allows students to earn up to four credits toward their diploma.

High School Tuition is $1,800 per course for the 10-month school year/$1,080 per course for the 5-month semester.


7. High School at the University of Texas

UTHS, a division of the University of Texas, offers high school students online classes. The school currently has over 300 full-time students and collaborates with over 250 school districts throughout the world. Students, whether part-time and full-time, have access to their courses at all times.

University Extension offers courses and tests in more than 60 academic areas to qualified UTHS students. Students can also enroll in online AP programs, NCAA-approved classes, or credit recovery seminars.

Students often enroll in 6–7 classes per semester to complete the minimum 26 credits in four years and graduate on time in Texas, where students must acquire 26 credits to get a high school diploma.

8. University of Missouri High School

Each class (half credit) costs $500.

The University of Missouri High School: Mizzou K-12 is part of the College of Education at the University of Missouri.

The school is the only program in the country that is sponsored by a regularly ranked College of Education at a research-intensive flagship university. The program follows national and Missouri standards and includes NCAA-approved courses.

Students can select between two diploma programs: the Standard Path (24 credits) or the College-Prep Diploma Path (24 credits) (25 credits).

AP, honors, special topics, and NCAA-eligible classes are also available. Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, Cornell, Rice, Carnegie Mellon, Wake Forest, and the University of Michigan have accepted graduates into some of the most prestigious and traditionally selective universities in the United States.


What Are the Different Types of Online High School Diploma Programs?

There are four types of online high school diploma programs:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Charter
  • College/universisty sponsored

For curriculum and support, many parents of homeschooled students turn to private, approved high school programs. Each program type has a purpose; it is up to you to determine which is best for you.

Charter High School Diploma Programs Available Online

Government-funded public and charter school programs are available in specific states or districts and are free to resident youngsters. They are usually regionally accredited and state-approved. Online public schools follow strict standards, offer a limited course selection, and frequently serve just a narrow group of residents.

Charter schools provide more freedom with specialized or individualized programming, but they are more vulnerable to funding cuts and are seen as less stable. They are also frequently unavailable to pupils who live outside of specific school districts.

Private High School Diploma Programs Available Online

Quality, recognition, and cost of private online high schools vary widely. This path necessitates the greatest research, but it also provides some excellent education programs at reasonable prices. Private online high schools are typically available across the country and have no government monitoring. They have excellent programs that adapt to individual students’ requirements, provide specialized interest programming, and accommodate a range of learning styles.

Even though they may earn their diplomas from their local states, most homeschool graduates attend private online high schools for their education.

Many of these private schools provide programs tailored to the needs of homeschooling students. The disadvantage of private schools is that they can be highly expensive. Furthermore, even the most fascinating programs require adequate accreditation in order to provide a worthwhile education.

High School Diploma Programs Sponsored by Universities

Online high school diploma programs provided by universities offer a variety of programming benefits and are frequently regionally accredited.

The majority of university-sponsored programs provide a high-quality education, as well as flexibility and advanced and dual credit options. These programs, on the other hand, are frequently more selective in terms of admissions, have less engagement with instructors or services, and are more expensive.

FAQs On Online Schooling For High School Students

Is it possible to graduate high school for free online?

Yes, a tuition-free online public school can provide you with a high school diploma.

Howw much does online high school cost?

On average, the cost of online private high schools in the country brings us at $14,522. They are open to all students nationwide, offering competitive specialized interest courses and programs. College & University Sponsored Online High School is a perfect option if you want to pursue a college education.

Is online high school better than traditional public high schools?

Some students prefer online schools to traditional public high schools. Being able to focus fully on schoolwork and learn at their own pace works better than in-person schooling

Is high school online a good idea?

Yes, certainly. Enrolling for a high school online program gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace to suit your schedule.


For many students and families, especially those in unusual situations with few options, earning a high school diploma entirely online may be preferable. Some students are unable to attend a traditional school because a parent is in the military or works in an industry that requires the family to relocate frequently.

Online education also appeals to young athletes, entertainers, actors, and musicians who require a curriculum that fits their hectic schedules.

While their education will not be tied to a specific time or location, academic expectations will remain rigorous, preparing the learner to graduate on time.


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