Accredited Physician Assistant (PA) Schools in Minnesota

Physician assistants play a significant role in the medical field. Perhaps, the only difference they have with our Doctors is that they don’t possess the license to perform surgery. Despite this inadequacy, they perform many important functions, which we will discuss later. But before that, let’s look at Minnesota’s Accredited Physician Assistant (PA) Schools.

According to NIH, Flexner stated in 1910 that the physician’s function is fast becoming social and preventive rather than individual and curative. While that transformation did not occur, a broadened view of the physician’s role has developed. This view sees the physician as encompassing health-promoting functions and emphasizing caring and curing.

In this article, we will discuss the accredited PA schools in Minnesota, what it takes to become a PA and the important roles they play in society. The table of content below clearly outlines all you’ll learn in this content.

Why Study Physician Assistant PA In Minnesota?

Minnesota is one state in the United States of America with a lot of lakes in it. However, some people love the view of the seas and see it as a perfect residential area. Indeed, the community keeps growing every coming year.

Because of the growing community, few medical personnel in the city can attend to the growing population. Until recently, the University of Minnesota added PA programs to its offerings.

So, as we know, the role of a physician is very necessary. Few physicians in this state can contain the growing population problem. So, if you’re considering becoming a physician assistant, now is the right time to enroll in any of the PA schools in Minnesota.

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How Long Is a PA School In Minnesota?

PA schools are not like the normal schools you attend. It takes a lot of diligence, patience, hard work, and practice. You might often have to use your bedtime to practice and study.

Above all, for PA schools in Minnesota, it takes about 12 to 24 months to complete a PA program. So, be ready and prepared.

What Is The Job Outlook and Salary Of A Physician Assistant in Minnesota?

The Department of Employment and Economic Department has projected that the number of jobs for physician assistants in Minnesota will explode between 2012 and 2025, with an expected job growth rate of 34.5%.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report showing that the salary analysis of physician assistants in Minnesota shows that over 90% earn $138,216.

As the need for more physician assistants arises, this salary will experience a shoot up as their duty is vital to human survival.

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Can I Be Accepted Into a Physician Assistant PA School In Minnesota Without GRE?

The Graduate Records Examinations (GRE) seeks to measure verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills that you may have gotten.

The exam usually comprises specific algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and vocabulary sections. Furthermore, it is a computer-based exam administered at testing centers and institutions owned or allowed by Prometric.

In summary, there are PA Schools in Minnesota that don’t require a GRE before you can get admission. One of those schools is Bethel University.

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What is the least GPA for admission into a PA School In Minnesota?

CGPA is your Cumulative Grade Point Average, which calculates your total performance while you are in or just completed a program.

Before you can gain admission into a PA school in Minnesota, you must know that you must have an excellent cumulative grade point average which should be nothing less than 3.0

Accredited Physician Assistant (PA) Schools in Minnesota

Understanding how difficult finding a PA school already is, you would understand why you can experience a higher level of difficulty finding an accredited one. However, the schools below are the best PA schools in Minnesota you can find. These schools include;

  • St Scholastica
  • St Catherine University
  • Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science
  • Bethel University
  • Augsburg University
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#5. St Scholastica

St. Scholastica has always had the respect and admiration of other institutions because of their professional health programs. Although they didn’t have certain programs, they still did well. Hence, they introduced the Physician Assistant program to build their strength further.

Participants interested in this program will bridge the knowledge gap created by the lack of physicians in Minnesota. Increased healthcare costs also added to this project, which has become very successful.

A beautiful aspect of St. Scholastica’s program offering is that you can pursue a Physician assistant program without a degree. However, to do this, you must complete a Pre-Physician Assistant program successfully before you proceed to the Master’s program.

Since accreditation for this program was completed, thousands of students have kept sending applications to become Physician Assistants. So, you can apply to become a PA at one of the best PA schools in Minnesota.

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#4. St Catherine University

St. Kate’s Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) is the PA program St. Catherine University offers. All interested candidates for this program will eventually learn how to lead and manage healthcare teams and hazards. A beautiful part of the program is the supportive environment which propels hard work and research among the students.

In this program, you get access to experts within your community, rigid support systems, dedicated and supporting faculty, and quality clinical sites. The school’s creative curriculum combines social justice, professional responsibility, and ethics into their program.

It takes at least 28 months to complete the PA program at St. Catherine, as every student has to take at least 110 credits. The first year is completely spent on classroom interactions and hands-on experience.

The University advises students not to juggle their studies and another job as it can be very tedious. Instead, they encourage them to seek scholarship opportunities in Georgia for students.

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#3. Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science

The Mayo Clinic College of Medicine & Science is one of the best PA schools in Minnesota. By a wide scope, they surely stand out as an exceptional place to become a physician assistant. Their 40+ health career programs support this statement.

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This school offers numerous programs on PA, including nurse practicing. All their programs are fellowship programs spanning one to two years, depending on your program choice.

As an interested candidate, you only must ensure you fit the requirements for your program of choice. Then, you produce the required documents and start your program if Mayo Clinic College believes you can work with them.

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#2. Bethel University

Bethel’s Master of Science in Physician Assistant program assists students in becoming competent and compassionate physician assistants. The program focuses on pioneering healthcare programs and equipping its students to work closely with senior physicians.

The curriculum of this program is solely interested in helping you better faster with their state-of-the-art training facility, which uses technologies to embrace learning. Each professor uses and integrates the Christian faith into their lessons.

This PA program is a Master’s program that helps students provide meaningful care to society. The learning is purely face-to-face as it is highly practical and insightful. All the students must complete their 112 credits.

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#1. Augsburg University

Augsburg PA program has a foundational belief in respect and sensitivity towards an underserved population seeking medical care. Indeed, the program promotes a strong dedication to excellence with due observation of the highest standards of ethics and commitment.

Each student gets training using an active-learning model that incorporates hands-on-skill workshops and small group interactions. Before each practice, every student gets the assignment material that they will use to practice their medical knowledge.

Augsburg’s PA department has experienced great success as 100% of its students have passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam. Indeed, they remain creative as they gradually expand their borders. Hence, it would be inconclusive to list the best PA schools in Minnesota without listing Augsburg.

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You can’t rely on what you hear from your associates to define whether you become a physician assistant. If only you could perform your research, you would be shocked at the amazing results you would encounter.

You’ve probably seen the statistics and read the whole post thoroughly. Indeed, you would see a bright future ahead for any Minnesota indigene interested in the PA career path.

You wouldn’t know the possibilities available when you cannot take up such an opportunity. Of a truth, you can make an impact in your little community when you contribute towards their growth as a physician assistant.


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