The Paulding County School District is a public school district in Paulding County, Georgia, the United States, based in Dallas. It serves the communities of Braswell, Dallas, and Hiram. The schools have their accreditations from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Paulding County is well known for its role in the Civil War. In 1864, Union General William T. Sherman planned to take over Dallas to control the traffic on the county roads that led to larger cities such as Atlanta and Kennesaw.

The Paulding County school district comprises thirty-three schools as of 2012–13: nineteen elementary schools, nine middle schools, and five high schools. In this context, you should expect to see everything you need to know about Paulding County Schools, reviews, and scholarship opportunities. I hope this is worth your while.

Are Paulding county schools a good choice of schools?

The term “good school” is relative. This is because what can be good to one might not be good to another.

However, Paulding County has one of the highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools in Georgia. It has 30,496 students in grades PK, K-12 Schools in Paulding County have an average ranking of 8/10, which is in the top 30% of Georgia public schools.

Schools in Paulding County have a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1.

According to state test scores, 45% of students are at least proficient in math and 49% in reading.

The AP participation rate at Paulding County High School is 20%. The total minority enrollment is 45%, and 47% of students are economically disadvantaged.

Paulding County High School is 1 of 5 high schools in the district. Generally, they have good educational centers.


Why attend Paulding county schools?

There are some reasons why you should consider attending a Paulding County school, and I have highlighted a few below;

  • Every school here has a Parent Teacher Association or a Parent Teacher Student Association. These associations allow teachers, students, and parents to hold conferences to discuss the means of ensuring that the student achieves his or her goals. PTA and PTSA meetings are held either before or after school.
  • All children residing in Paulding must enroll in the school of the attendance area in which they reside unless the Superintendent or designee gives special authorization. The Board of Education designates attendance areas. This ensures that at least 70% of the children in the county go to school.
  • Special needs students will be assigned to schools from the central office level based on which schools have the programs needed to implement the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Through this process, students with special needs are not left behind.
  • Paulding county schools make it a point of duty to teach basic skills. The schools provide an environment where you can learn many basic skills. Children as young as three are taught how to read and write at preschools.
  • In Paulding County, schools are places to amass a wealth of knowledge. The world has an abundance of knowledge and information. In these schools, you would study different subjects that cover history, biology, arts, literature, math, physics, physical education, geography, and many more.
  • You would be encouraged to develop your talents. If you have an interest that you want to be good at, you would be encouraged to develop and pursue them in Paulding Schools. Provisions are also made for student clubs that focus on particular hobbies and interests for students who want to delve deeper into their chosen sport or pastime.
  • Expect to learn from experts. Teachers play a key role in any student’s life. They are like the children’s second parents, adults who are there to supervise when they are not at home.
  • You would meet and make new friends. School is much more fun if you have friends to hang out with. These people share the same interests as you, have lunch with your, laugh with you, study with you, walk home with you, and they are there to help you out if you are having trouble with academics or life.
  • The Paulding Virtual Academy will offer students the opportunity to use teacher supported, technology-based courses to earn new high school credit, recover credit, continue coursework or accelerate their progression through high school and into college level courses. When you have reasons to miss classes, you would also have the opportunity to take classes missed online.

Is Paulding county school an Ivy League?

Ivy League schools are considered the most prestigious colleges in the United States. Even though Paulding county has a good educational system, schools here are not considered Ivy League schools. This is because they are easy to get into and do not make a great impression on your CV.

Paulding county schools Ranking

These rankings are based on the performance on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare students for college.

Paulding County High School is ranked number 10,117 in the National Rankings while it ranks 231 in Georgia High Schools and number 122 in Atlanta, GA Metro Area High Schools

Regarding college Readiness (district average), Paulding County schools are ranked 14.4. For the most Diverse School Districts in Georgia, they are 37 of 180. In the rankings of the best school districts in Georgia, it is ranked 77 of 179. In the rankings of districts with the Best Teachers in Georgia, it ranked 116 of 180.

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What is Paulding county schools’ Acceptance rate?

You will get accepted if you meet the required requirements for DeKalb County Schools. Of 400 applications that come into schools in DeKalb County, over 230+ are accepted.

To increase your chances, ensure that you apply to a school with the same requirements that you have.

Paulding county schools Admission Requirement

To get enrolled in any school, there are some documents that you would be expected to provide. These are the generally accepted documents for admission into Paulding County Schools.

You would need;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card or Number. This is recommended but optional
  • Immunization Records (DHR Form 3231)
  • Eye, Ear, Dental & Nutrition Screening (DHR Form 3300)
  • Proof of residence
  • Request for Records
  • Withdrawal Form/Grades or Transcript from previous school
  • Discipline Records may be required before completing the registration.

What SAT Score is required for Paulding county schools?

The average SAT required for Paulding County Schools is 1090. The average is 23. Each school has its requirement. These are however the minimum scores you must have to be eligible to be considered for admission.

How much is Paulding county schools Tuition?

For the academic year 2020-2024, the average tuition & fees for Paulding County Schools are $4,700 for in-state and $10,321 for out-of-state. The amount is lower than the normal National average.

Scholarship Opportunities in Paulding County Schools

It’s clear that Paulding County residents in Georgia will continue to need help paying for college due to the tuition rate.

In Paulding County, it is believed that schooling should be a top priority, and costs should not prohibit anyone from pursuing or completing their education.

The Paulding Education Foundation and its family partners offer scholarships to students within the Paulding County School District. The Foundation offers and awards these scholarships annually with the support of the counselors at each high school within the district.

The Paulding Education Foundation has awarded over $100,000 in student scholarships over the past 5 years and now gives out, on average, $35,000 every year. In addition to these local scholarships, the Foundation funds the Georgia REACH Scholarship for students in the Paulding County School District.

The window for scholarship applications opens in January and closes on March 31st every year for the past 4 years.

There are three steps to completing the registration process:

  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Complete an online application
  3. Provide the required documents.

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The required documents are-

  • One valid, acceptable proof of residence
  • Parent/Guardian state-issued picture ID
  • Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of age document for any kindergarten or 1st grade student
  • IEP for special needs students. This is highly recommended if available

Documents required for a student’s permanent record must be submitted at registration, if available, or within 30 days.

Student Life at Paulding county schools

The school day begins at 8:00 and ends at 2:20. 

Buses begin to unload at 7:25, and the car line begins at 7:30.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many scholarships do Paulding county offer?

There are 188 scholarships totaling $588,106.00 available to Paulding County residents. You can check for scholarships at the link here.

Can I apply for the Paulding county scholarship online?

All registrations are being processed virtually. An appointment is needed to reserve a time for an online application to be processed. The online application must be completed, and the required documents must be received by the appointment time. 
A confirmation email will be sent within 72 hours of registration being completed.

Who can register in Paulding county schools?

Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.

How many schools are in Paulding county?

They are about thirty-three schools in Paulding County.

What is the graduation rate at Paulding county schools?

Average Graduation has been evaluated at 89%


From the first day of school to the last, your education is a major part of your life. This is the full review of Paulding County Schools. Ensure you know what you want from your schooling process, and do not be afraid to pursue it.




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