19 Ph.D. Scholarships for Congo Students

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a major African Country with great diversity in Culture. If you are a Ph.D. student looking to further your education and you are from Congo the list of scholarships here is specifically for you.

These PhD positions scholarship allows deserving students to attain their educational goals, meet their professional objectives, and succeed. A Planned academic career will provide you fruitful results always. (Valium)

PhD scholarship opportunities may be a one-time gift or they may be replenished each year through an endowment.

Search and apply for the best Ph.D. scholarships in Congo at the World Scholarship Forum. Get more information about other international scholarships for Congo students, African students, and other International students.

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Here are listed different financial aid opportunities for Ph.D. scholarships for Congo Students.

Graduate Institute of Geneva Visiting Fellowships for International Researchers

Visiting students who consider themselves worthy of this award are PhD students, researchers from other universities working in one of the disciplines of Swiss institutes or fields of specialization.

Eligible applicants for junior visiting academics include self-funded PhD students with an independent research project nominated by trainees in residence.

Value: Scholarship fully funded until the end of studies.

Level: PhD students

Host Nationality: Switzerland

Eligible Nationality: Congo students, African students and other international students from other countries of the world.

Application Deadline: March 1, anually.

Application Link: For more information and application, click here.

KAAD Germany fellowship programme (Masters and phd) for developing countries

The KAAD Doctoral Fellowship Program is intended for postgraduate students and academics from their home countries who have already gained work experience and who are interested in postdoctoral studies or research in Germany.

This international program for developing countries is administered by regional partner committees composed of university professors and clergy representatives. Normally, the documents are sent to the committee of the country of origin of the applicants.

Value: fully funded throughout the study period.

Level: Doctoral students

Host Nationality: Germany

Eligible Nationalities: Congo, African countries, developing countries, and other countries to be selected.

Application Deadline: June 30, annually for the September academic session.

Application Link: Click here to apply.

Rotary Yoneyama foundation phd scholarships for international students 

This scholarship is a memorial foundation of doctoral scholarships for university students, international students, and students who aspire to study or conduct research at any university in Japan or in postgraduate schools.

This fully-funded scholarship fund is funded by contributions from Rotarians of Japan. The foundation is the largest international private scholarship organization in Japan, both in terms of the size of the program and the number of scholarships awarded.

The Memorial Scholarships for applicants living outside of Japan are international students who must register at a university in Japan or at a school of their choice in Japan.

Candidates must discover and apply themselves to a doctoral school before applying for this free scholarship. And they are invited to submit a copy of the application for admission to the doctoral school.

This free or fully funded scholarship will allow doctoral students to get their doctorate until the end of their studies, provided they retain their conditions.

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Value: 140,000 yen per month.

Host Nationality: Japan.

Level: PhD students

Eligible Nationalities: African students, African students and other students from African countries, developing countries and other countries of the world.

Application Link: Click here to access the scholarship web page.

Rothamsted International Research Grant-University of Nottingham (Ri-Uon) 

Applications are open for the Rothamsted International-University of Nottingham (Ri-Uon) scholarships funded by Rothamsted International and Future Food Beacon of the University of Nottingham. These scholarships are open to doctoral students with at least two years of postdoctoral experience.

Value: The scholarship will provide supervision and training to the selected candidate at the University of Nottingham and/or Rothamsted Research, funding for research related to your project, access to world-class research facilities, and scientific support. Housing and Life Fund, Home Country Travel Fund, and the United Kingdom.

Level/field of study: these scholarships are open to the research degree program. These scholarships will be awarded in the subjects proposed by the university.

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationalities: scholarships are available for students from low and middle-income countries.

Application Deadline: February 22, annually.

Application Link: Go to the scholarships page for more details.

Newcastle University Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS) for International PhD Students

The University of Newcastle is committed to providing support to the best students in Congo, African students and other international students who wish to pursue a doctoral research program.

This institution is pleased to offer a few NUORS scholarships funded by the University to outstanding students from Congo, Africans, and other international students who are requesting the start of PhD studies in any subject this year.

Value: £10800 to £16200 per year

Level of study: PhD students.

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationalities: Congolese students, African students and other International students.

Application Deadline: April 27 of each year.

Application Link: Visit the scholarship website for more information and to apply.

Eiffel scholarship in France for International Students

This international scholarship program has enabled the Ministry of the French for Europe and Foreign Affairs to help French higher education institutions recruit the best students from Congo and other countries to enable them to take part and enrol in their master’s and doctoral programs.

It provides opportunities for future foreign actors in the public and private sector to work in priority research areas and encourages developing countries at their doctoral level, as well as developing and industrialized countries at other selected levels.

Value: €1,400

Level of Study: PhD Students

Host Nationality: France

Eligible Nationality: Congo students, and other international students.

Application Deadline: 11 January annually.

Application Link: Click here to apply.

Abel Visiting Scholar program for Mathematics PhD scholars in Developing Countries

A selection committee decides on the applications of selected international students. The selection committee comprises a member elected by the board of Abel, a member elected by the CDC, a third member elected by the IMU executive committee.

Value: USD 5,000, accommodation costs, and the monthly rent should not exceed USD 1,200, also covers travel expenses for a month.

Level of study: PhD students.

Eligible Nationality: Students from Congo and from all developing countries

Application Deadline: April 1,annually for research visits from September 1 to December 31, annually

Application Link: Click here for other details and modalities how to apply.

DAAD scholarship in Germany for students from developing countries

In a large number of postdoctoral fields offered by German institutions, the German Academic Exchange Service facilitates a judicious selection of programs of particular interest to Congo students in Africa and other African countries, including, from developing countries.

The study, which consists of one or two years of postdoctoral study, offers young professionals with academic training in developing countries the opportunity to receive training and a PhD in their selected field of study.

Value: Full or free bursary to cover the cost of postdoctoral research. Partial funds are also available.

Level of Study: PhD students

Host Nationality: Germany

Eligible Nationalities: African students and other developing countries with a particular interest in the economic challenges facing developing and transition countries.

Application Deadline: July 31 of each year

Application Link: Apply here now.

Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) PhD scholarships for Developing countries

The Catholic University of Louvain is one of the largest French-speaking universities in Belgium and offers international scholarships to Congo students and students from developing countries.

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Students from underdeveloped countries who, by virtue of their professional status in the European Union, have the status of Belgium are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Value: Fully financed for three years, one or more air tickets are made between the international airport closest to the country of origin and the Brussels airport in Belgium.

Level of Study: PhD

Host Nationality: Belgium

Eligible Nationalities: developing countries, including the Congo

Application Deadline: March 30 annually

Application Link: Here is the scholarship link, apply now.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation doctoral Fellowships for innovative researchers

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation encourages postdoctoral research in certain areas you would choose. This is a local and international scholarship and PhD student from the Congo. African countries are invited to apply for these international scholarships.

Each year, up to five students are appointed by the foundation, namely, Canadian and international researchers in the general category and researchers who are not affiliated with the university in the category of visits too.

Value: No less than $ 150,000 in three years for doctoral research and networks. It also offers a price of $ 50,000 for African countries, including Congo students. And an additional allocation of $ 25,000 to cover the costs of participation in Foundation events.

Level/Field of study: PhD students and the applicant’s work should relate to one of the Foundations’ four themes: Human Rights and Dignity; Responsible Citizenship; Canada and the World; and People and their Natural Environment

Host Nationality: Canada

Eligible Nationalities: Congo students, African students and other international students who are authorized to reside in Canada until the end of their studies.

Application Link: Click here to apply now.

Cambridge trust international scholarship for phd students

The University of Cambridge will offer international doctoral scholarships to international students, although Cambridge awards around 250 international Cambridge scholarships to international students who are embarking on a doctoral research program in the next academic year.

The prizes will be awarded competitively to the candidates considered by their departments as the most outstanding in their research.

Value: This is a fully-funded grant since each scholarship will cover the total cost of tuition and maintenance for the duration of postgraduate studies.

Level of Study: PhD students

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationality: Congo students, all African students and other international students.

Application Deadline: December 6 of each year.

Application Link: To apply click here.

CARTA PhD fellowships for African Researchers

The PhD scholarships of the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa are free scholarships for international students and an initiative of eight African universities, four African doctoral research institutes and selected partners from the North.

More specifically, this international scholarship seeks to finance candidates who will be future leaders in their institutions; that is capable young doctoral students who will ensure that their institutions are the institutions chosen by future generations of university administrators and who wish to make great affects in public and population health in Congo, in developing countries and in other African countries.

Value: Total funding throughout the doctoral program

Level: PhD students

Host Nationality: Uganda Nigeria Kenya Rwanda Malawi Comoros.

Eligible Nationalities: Congo students and all African countries.

Application Deadline: April 15 annually.

Contact the awards officer of your institution to discuss your interests through this link and for other application materials.

Application Link: To apply, click on the link below

Scholarship Link

Korean Government Scholarships (bachelors, masters, and PhD) for developing countries

The purpose of this scholarship is to give international students the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies and undergraduate programs in institutions of higher education in the Republic of Korea.

Hence, promoting international exchanges in the field of education and friendship between countries.

Value: The scholarship will cover all tuition fees until the end of the studies.

Level: PhD students offering courses at one of the 60 taking part Korean institutions.

Host Nationality: Korea

Eligible Nationality: Congo students, African students, students from developing countries and other international students.

International students can only apply for international scholarships from the Korean government through the Korean Embassy in their country of origin or at the participating Korean university.

Application Deadline: From February 1, annually to March 11, annually for doctoral students.

Application Link: Here is the scholarship Link, click to apply.

FIG Foundation PhD Scholarships for developing countries

International students must be graduates and only enrol in a Surveying or Geomatics program that teaches Surveying in the Congo and in any country included in the World Bank list as low income, lower-middle income, upper-middle income or economically disadvantaged.

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PhD students should have an article about their research program, candidates should be the principal author and the article should be written together with their supervisor who oversees their research program.

Postdoctoral students must not have submitted their final dissertation before the registration deadline.

Value: The FIG Foundation will offer an international scholarship of up to € 40,000 for the doctorate program.

Level of study: PhD students.

Host Nationality: Denmark

Eligible Nationalities: Congolese students, African students, and students from developing countries.

Application Deadline: February 15 of each year.

Application Link: Apply now.

CAS-TWAS President’s PhD Fellowship Program in China

The CAS-TWAS scholarship program offers international (non-Chinese) students the opportunity to obtain a Ph.D. from the Chinese University Academy of Sciences (UCAS), University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) or CAS institutes in China.

It is done under an agreement between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) for the development of science in developing countries, up to 200 students /scholars from around the world will be sponsored to study in China for three years. Doctorate program for up to 4 years.

Value: Fellows will receive a monthly stipend (7,000 RMB or 8,000 CAS RMB through UCAS / USTC (accommodation and other living expenses, travel insurance and local health), depending on whether the test failed or not. UCAS / USTC for all doctoral students after admission All winners will also receive a tuition waiver and registration fee.

Level of Study: PhD students

Host Nationality: China

Eligible Nationalities: Scholarships are available to Congo students and other students around the world.

Application Deadline: 31 March, annually.

Application Link: Click to apply.

PhD Studentship in Control Systems at School of Engineering, University of Warwick in UK

The School of Engineering at the University of Warwick is pleased to announce the PhD Scholarship in Control Systems. Scholarships are open to students with at least a good 2.1 degree and preferably a master’s degree or equivalent from a foreign institution.

Value: The scholarship will pay an annual allowance (currently £ 14,777, which will increase each year) and covers 100% tuition at the UK / European rate for 3 years.

Level of Study: The scholarship is open for PhD students.

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationalities: Congo students and other international students.

Application Deadline: 28 February, annually.

Scholarship Link.

Victoria University of Wellington Colin Aikman Award in New Zealand

Nominations are open for the Colin Aikman International Student Award, funded by the Victoria University of Wellington. The scholarship is open to candidates who must study law at the bachelor, master, or doctorate level, licensed by the Victoria University of Wellington.

This award was created in memory of Colin Aumman, who offers opportunities to students in the areas of constitutional law, human rights, international law or other legal issues related to the South Pacific.

Value: Candidates earn up to $ 10,000.

Level of Study: The prize is open at the undergraduate, masters or doctorate level.

Host Nationality: New Zealand

Eligible Nationalities: Congo students and other international students

Application Deadline: 30th October, annually

Application Link: For more information, and application click here.

Adelaide Scholarships International – Australia

The University of Adelaide offers a scholarship program for international students who conduct a postdoctoral research study. Its goal is to attract high-quality students abroad to the research centres of the University of Adelaide to support their research efforts.

The choice of scholarships is extremely competitive. The ASI scholarships are available to outstanding international students from all countries who are pursuing postgraduate studies in any discipline.

Value: Enrollment for two years for a research degree and three years for a doctorate (an extension is only possible for doctoral programs).

It also provides an annual living allowance of approximately $ 23,728 for the normal duration of the program.

Level / field of study: Postgraduate research in any field.

Host Nationality: Australia

Eligible Nationality: Congo Students and other International students.

Application Deadline: August 31anually.

Application link: For more information, click here.

University of Warwick PhD studentship in Microgrid or Machine Learning, UK

The University of Warwick, School of Engineering, is pleased to offer a doctorate in micro-grid or machine learning. The program is open to all students who have obtained or expect to have at least a good diploma of level 2.1 for the start date and, preferably, a master’s degree or equivalent from a foreign institution.

This PhD scholarship is funded in support of a grant recently awarded by EPSRC for its intelligent data-driven energy management system for a micro-network. This project has eight partners, including National Grid UK.

The PhD student must collaborate with two post-docs working on this project, as well as with other researchers of the project’s supervising team.

Value: The value is an annual allocation at the standard rate (currently £ 14,777, this amount will increase each year) and covers 100% of the enrollment at the British / European rate for 3 years. International students are welcome, but they must take care of the cost difference.

Level/Field of Study: Scholarships are available for a PhD program in micro-grid or machine learning.

Host Nationality: UK

Eligible Nationalities: Congo Students and other students from all around the world.

Application Deadline: 28 February annually

Application Link: Click here to apply.


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