Point Park Scholarships, Tuition, and Cost of Living 

Scholarships have always made studying for a lot of students around the globe. This article will help students search for Point Park University Tuition, Point Park Scholarships 2025, and Point Park’s cost of living.

Point Park University is the College of liberal arts and Humanities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This school’s name, formerly Point Park College, was revised to reflect the number of postgraduate education programs in 2004.

Point Park University is a universal postgraduate liberal arts study in downtown Pittsburgh. Point Park surveyed more than 3,800 full-time and part-time students in 82 university programs and studied 18 graduate programs offered by the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication, and School of Art

For the first time, 50 students participated in the college, led by Dorothy Finkelhor from New York and her husband Lehrbert.

Just take your time and go through this article; we have arranged every detail you need to be a participant in Point Park University.

Brief Description of Point Park University

Finkelhor, in 1933, was the first to sign up for a daily business called “College of Business Education” At that time, the woman said that she had built such an object.

Finkelhor teaches students business and business skills. At the same time, she held various positions, including teaching, dean, social leader, concierge, telephone operator, successor, financial director, and secretary.

In 1960, the business school grew to nearly 880 students and moved to the Academic Hall on Wood Street in Pittsburgh. The Finkelhor’s School was a junior college in the park, named after the historic state park in the city.

The junior college has two years of engineering, education, and journalism research. It has an art room at the Pittsburgh Theater in Auckland.

Five years later, the college became a four-year qualification and officially became Point Park College. Dance and theater programs are conducted. This program is the foundation of the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park.

Dorothy Finkelhor resigned in 1967 after 34 years of university education. School teachers remained in the family as the presidents of the son-in-law of Arthur M. Bloom. Bloom bought the 20-story Sherwyn Hotel in the Academic Hall, David L. Lawrence Hall. This hall has most of the school’s social and recreational facilities, classrooms, offices, and residences.

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Lawrence Hall’s primary investments continue to help through school. Blum also founded a campus in Lugano, Switzerland. The Lester Hamburg costume brought the school to a convention center in Portsville, Pennsylvania.

After the budget became a deficit, the school began a slow recovery process in the 1980s. This entry includes over 1000 students. At the same time, the school presented the first graduate school, master of journalism and public communication.

Matthew Simon was President of the University of New York from 1986 to 1995 and was relatively calm for almost ten years in the turbulent history of the campus.

Simon purchased the largest growth program and a new school merchant library. Simon resigned in 2007 after being a professor of science and technology at the end of his presidency at Point Park.

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Additional Information

Henderson implemented a strategic plan for the revival of the university. When Henderson started another improvement, the school’s sales plan was abandoned. Henderson’s participation has become the most successful park.

In the late 1990s, the number of students increased to more than 3,000 people, and their talent grew by more than 200%, so the budget problem collapsed.

Point Park significantly improved the buildings that existed immediately after the turn of the century. In 2004, the school offered a new channel, and they successfully applied for a university post.

It was officially renamed Point Point University, and the government introduced an aggressive $ 1 million mark to attract more students. Henderson retired in 2006 with a vacation.

At the beginning of February 2006, Trustees formally appointed Paul Hiengan as a permanent replacement for Henderson. Hennigan continued the process of creating a new strategic plan.

The University has acquired several development properties in the city center as part of this plan. Point Park is ready to play a key role in rebuilding the city center, owning land in the prestigious Five and Forb corridors.

The university worked with private contractors to repair two historic residential apartment buildings. In August 2007, Starbucks was placed in one of the hostels. The cafe is the first retailer of University Point Park.

In the spring of 2008, Point Park acquired the YMCA building in Greater Pittsburgh, Alley Blvd.

In September 2010, the newly renovated YMCA building opened into a high school center with educational and sports facilities, equipment, meeting places, and many others. The University has created new academic solutions for students in schools and urban centers.

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With the introduction of this plan, Point Park has become one of the largest developers in downtown Pittsburgh. Point Park University is a non-profit educational institution registered in section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Code of Conduct.

Point Park University added a new journalistic center to its former Nathan Hotspot in 2016. This 4,000-square-foot space is on Wood Street and Third Avenue with ceiling walls and flat-screen TVs.


This institution, “Point Park University,” offers more than 90 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and it is also divided into four schools: as School of Arts & Sciences, School of Business, School of Communication, and Conservatory of Performing Arts.


Undergraduate Course Descriptions  

  • Community Engagement Department
  • Conservatory Of Performing Arts
  • School Of Arts And Sciences
  • Rowland School Of Business
  • School Of Communication
  • School Of Education


  • Community Engagement Department
  • Conservatory Of Performing Arts
  • School Of Arts And Sciences
  • Rowland School Of Business
  • School Of Communication
  • School Of Education

Point Park Scholarships 2023

Scholarships are a form of gift support and should not be paid. When accepted at Point Park, this bonus is automatically for you.

Point Park Scholarships are awarded annually (half autumn, half spring). The providing platform encourages you to familiarize yourself with the Point Park Scholarships and Award scholarships listed below.

The scholarship awards listed on this page are conserved for students who will enter Point Park for the If you are starting.

Point Park in spring 2025, please visit our Point Park Scholarships 2025 portal.

Scholarship Link

Point Park Scholarships Eligibility

  • Students studying online programs are not eligible for scholarships or grants from the university.
  • Participation in Study Abroad may affect your scholarship.
  • Students who choose an exam will be evaluated and considered for all relevant scholarships. In addition to institutional scholarships, the board encourages private scholarships from organizations, enterprises, and other interested parties. At Point Park, they will never support a student getting an external scholarship.

Instead of wasting time waiting for the school scholarship, it’s allowed to search for other scholarships provided by firms, organizations,  or individuals.


  • Full-time traditional undergraduate is Eligible.
  •  FRESHMEN. GPA 3.9 and SAT 1250/ACT 26 OR GPA 3.8 and SAT 1290/ACT 27OR GPA 3.7 and SAT 1320/ACT 28
  • To keep the award, one must meet the University’s standard academic progress policy.
  • The merit aid is to be used to offset the cost of tuition and fees ONLY.

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Point Park Scholarships Worth for President Award

Point Park Scholarships offers about $19,000 to its beneficiaries

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  • Traditional and traditional students
  • FRESHMEN GPA of 3.6 and SAT 1150 / ACT 23 or 3.5 GPA and SAT 1190 / ACT 24 from GPA of 3.4 and SAT 1230 / ACT 25
  • Must comply with the University Academic Standards Guide to ensure academic progress.
  •  To ensure you retain the award, you must use your award as instructed.

Point Park Scholarships Worth

Point Park Scholarships for Vice President award is worth around $17000


  • Regular students are Eligible.
  •  FRESHMEN GPA 3.3 and SAT 990 / ACT 19 or 3.2 GPA and SAT 1030 / ACT 20 OR GPA 3.1 and SAT1070 / ACT 21. You must follow the standard rules to get the awards.
  • Support for merit should only be used to offset the costs of training.

Point Park Scholarships 2025 Worth for Trustee Award

The Park University Scholarships for Trustee Award is worth $15,000


FRESHMEN. GPA 3.0 and SAT 850 / ACT 16 OR 2.9 and SAT 880 GPA / ACT 17 OR Traditional standard GPA and SAT 930 / ACT 18 out of 2.8 comply with academic standards. To compensate for the costs of training and fees; you must use the award as required of you.

Park University Scholarships 2025 Worth for Founders Award

Park University Scholarships for founders are worth $14,000


  • Traditional traditional students
  • FRESHMAN.  GPA 3.0 and SAT 840 / ACT 15 or GPA 2.8 and SAT 920 / ACT 17OR GPA 2.6 and SAT 1000 / ACT 19 must comply with the University Academic Funding Rules, which can only be used to fund tuition and fees.


The grant is worth $12,000

The link below will direct you to other forms of scholarship available for students studying in this institution and how to apply for them.

Scholarship Link

Park University Tuition 2025 and Cost of Living

The 2025 School at Point Park College is $28,860. This is 4% more expensive than $27,755 for a 4-year private non-profit private higher education. The price is 9 percent higher than the high school in Pennsylvania, at $26,599 for a four-year college.

The apprentice took 73rd place in the four-year accessibility college in Pennsylvania and is the 57th most expensive public university in four years. The price does not differ from your residence. In addition to Park University tuition, the school pays an additional $ 1,270, an effective total of $30,130.

Park University Housing Cost

The school provides room on campus and board for $11,100 per academic year. Thus, students who live off campus elsewhere in Pittsburgh should budget at least this amount or more.

Park University Books and Supplies

The estimated and expected annual cost for books and supplies is $1,200.

Park University’s other Living Expenses

If living on-campus, students should plan for $2,300 in additional living expenses. Off-campus students should plan for $2,100 in other miscellaneous(unexpected)  living expenses.


Annual expenses for education and residence at Point Park University are $ 44,730 for the  2025/2025 academic year. Prices are the same for all students, regardless of the country in which you live in, Pennsylvania because there is no discount for an in-state student.


Pennsylvania Resident Total Budget $44,730
In-State Tuition $28,860
Other Fees $1,270
Room and Board $11,100
On-Campus Other Budget $2,300
Books and Supplies $1,200
Non-Resident Total Budget $44,730
Out-of-State Tuition $28,860
Other Fees $1,270
Room and Board $11,100
On-Campus Other Budget $2,300
Books and Supplies $1,200


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