President’s Scholars of Excellence Program at Toronto University, Canada

Hey! Good news! You were once afraid of how you or your ward would take care of school bills right? You need not worry anymore. The President’s Scholars of Excellence Program is all you need.

This is the good news, it will honor approximately 90 of the most highly qualified secondary school students applying to the first year of undergraduate studies as President’s Scholars of Excellence this year.

I could bet, this is the biggest news you have heard this year.

So I would advise you carefully read this article to the end to really learn all the details you need to successfully apply and win this opportunity. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, I bet you.

If you are still confused or in doubt if applying for this opportunity, I’d show you why to apply for this scholarship.

Meanwhile, for an overview of what to expect in this article, kindly click the table of content below.

Why apply for President’s Scholars of Excellence Program?

Read Ava’s story, it might convince you.

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Ava had barely finished writing her high school final exams when the unfortunate news of her dad’s demise struck upon her and her mum.

The blow was heavy. The pain and tears refused to go away for weeks, months, years and it seemed like forever.

Ava, being a bright girl, had always dreamed of going to the university. She wanted to be a doctor. But right now, her dad’s death significantly challenged her career ambition.

She kept hope alive, expecting some big thing would happen someday. But meanwhile, she took a menial job as a restaurant assistant. It was at the restaurant Ava met Liam who told her about the President’s Scholars of Excellence Program at Toronto University, Canada.

Ava, with no delay, applied for the scholarship, and viola, she was considered for the opportunity and was awarded a $10,000 entrance scholarship.

Right now she’s in her third year in medical school.

You now see right?

Wouldn’t you want to share your own story too, someday? I know you would want to.

So, if you want to be the next winner of the University of Toronto Scholarship, just keep following me, closely.

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Specific details of President’s Scholars of Excellence Program

If you really are interested in applying and winning this scholarship, I’d beg you carefully and keenly pay attention while reading this section.

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In this section, you will find some key information and details you’d require to successfully apply and win this opportunity.

Read on for more details.

Level/Field of study:

The President’s Scholars of Excellence Program is a sponsorship program specifically packaged for high school leavers who are about to gain admission into the university.

For this opportunity, it specifies no particular field of study.

Host Nationality:

President’s Scholars of Excellence Program is organized and hosted at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Eligible Nationality:

The University of Toronto scholarship is open to both domestic (Canadian) and international students.

Eligibility Requirement

The President’s Scholars of Excellence Program is to be awarded to the University’s most outstanding secondary school students on admission.

One requirement is that recipients must apply to the first year of direct-entry undergraduate studies.

The students will be judged based on their average at the time of admission.

Please note that applicants who have previously attended a post-secondary institution are not eligible for President’s Scholars of Excellence consideration.

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Scholarship Worth:

The program includes a $10,000 entrance scholarship in the student’s first year of studies, access to part-time on-campus employment during the second year, and guaranteed access to an international learning opportunity during their U of T experience.

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Payment of the award is conditional on full-time registration in September at the division/college/faculty making the offer (i.e. the scholarship offer is division/college/faculty-specific).

Application Deadline:

There is no application deadline stipulated for the US Presidential Scholars Program. But it is you apply for the opportunity as soon as you learn of it.

Interested candidates can apply here using the link below

Apply here

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Presidential Scholars Program: FAQs

How are winners selected?

The candidates are selected at random and automatically after application.

What is the presidential scholars worth?

Winners will be entitiled to a whoooping sum of $10,000 amongst many other benefits.

How can I apply for presidential scholars Program?

Interested candidates can apply for the opportunity through the link here


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