The Project Paradigm Challenge 2024

There’s a notion that children don’t have so much to offer to society but the project paradigm challenge is changing that narrative. Through this cause, they plan on bridging the gap which has been created between young people.

This challenge is for children from all countries of certain ages who will be assigned certain roles in order to provide a solution to an environmental problem that has plagued the society.

There are so many benefits attached to this program such as a fully sponsored four-day trip to Los Angeles for the Prize giving competition and more which we will reveal within the course of this article.

About the Project Paradigm Challenge

The project paradigm challenge is an initiative of Jeff Richardson to inspire creativity and problem-solving initiative among children.

The project seeks to gather interested candidates and group them into teams.

These teams will gather together to take on a problem that has impeded the society and brainstorm to discover a solution.

They are usually provided with basic materials for research and a supervisor is attached to them.

Some of the research projects that have been carried out by these young kids cut across biodiversity, home fires, food security, personal health, waste reduction, etc.


Like every other competition, there are requirements to be met so as to have a level playing field.

However, to be part of the project paradigm challenge, you must fall within the ages of four to eighteen.

This is the only standing requirement as the remaining flexible ones spur from the challenge rules.

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Application Process

It’s not a hard and strenuous process for you to be part of the project paradigm challenge. There’s just a requirement.

To be part of the challenge, you have to send in an idea that portrays a solution to an environmental problem.

These ideas can be sent in through articles, publications, videos, mobile applications and so much more.

Project Paradigm Challenge Benefits

The 100 best finalists will be selected and screened again by judges who will pick the best three who will win awards.

The Prize of the first position is $100,000 which will be used for the funding of the winner’s college education.

As one of the winners rightly said “The Project Paradigm is an opportunity to win money for college”.

Selection Process

We know you might be eager to understand the process used in selecting the finalists so we have outlined it for you.

The Project Paradigm Challenge will select 100 out of the best entries it receives as the first set of finalists.

This selection process will occur as entries for the current challenge are being submitted.

Finalist entries will be evaluated by a blue-ribbon panel of judges on the plateau of originality, presentation, effectiveness, feasibility, and collaboration to help determine the First, Second and Third Grand Prize winners.

Up to four team members in each age division (ages 4 to 8, ages 9 to 13, and ages 14 to 18) and a parent or guardian for each team member will receive a 4 day trip to Los Angeles in the U.S to attend The Paradigm Challenge Prize Ceremony.

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Application Deadline

The application deadline for The Project Paradigm Challenge is May 1st, 2024. It’s in your best interest to apply if you’re eligible.

You can start your application process and learn more about the challenge by clicking the button below.

official website  


The Project Paradigm Challenge team has a mission which is to identify, support, and collaborate with passionate individuals and organizations to inspire, lead, and facilitate paradigm shifts in the approaches to global challenges.

The Mother of one of the Division 1 winners connoted “It’s amazing to see what my kids are able to do together, collaborating to come up with new ideas. I’m so thrilled Project Paradigm created The Paradigm Challenge for our youth!”

This is one life-changing experience and you would have no regrets if you or someone you knew enrolled.


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