100 Questions to ask Students While on College Visit

Do you want to make a good tour of your prospective college? Do want to make the most out of your visit? Then you should prepare good questions to ask on your college visit. Having a good thoughtful college questions to ask students can help you build a better understanding of the school. 

A prospective student on a college visit should ask a question to have a good understanding of a particular college’s experience.

A college visit gives a prospective student a chance to look beyond the content image and on social media and get to understand the school on their own. This college visit will help know the college environment that will suit your interest and your career goals. 

There are many college questions to ask students, most of them will help to decide whether or not the college should be on the list of schools to study. 

Most of all those well thoughtful questions will be listed in this article, 100 questions to ask students while on a college campus.

Basic college questions to ask a student  

  1. Why did you choose to study here? 
  2. Are you happy studying here? 
  3. What is the strength of your school? 
  4. Do you have any complaints about your school, what are your complaints? 
  5. What do you think that needs to be improved? 
  6. How accessible are the school registrar, administrator and the financial aid
    officers, etc? 

Academic college questions to ask a student  

  1. Does your professor have office hours, or you can meet them outside the class? 
  2. Are your professor’s good teachers? 
  3. Which majors are popular? 
  4. Which class is your favorite? 
  5. What are your classes like, lecture-based or discussion-based? 
  6. How often are presentations work and collaboration works are required? 
  7. How much writing and reading are required in courses? 
  8. Are you satisfied with academic advising? 
  9. Do students use any of the writing centers or on-campus tutoring programs? 
  10. How large are your classes? 
  11. Is studying abroad popular? 
  12. What’s Study does your majors required, independent or capstone project? 
  13. Is a student allowed to research with professors? 

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College life question to ask for students  

  1. Being a first-year student: what’s it like here? 
  2. A typical day life, what’s like? 
  3. The social scene what’s like? 
  4. Do students spend how much time they study per week? 
  5. What are your do’s and don’t when you are not in class? 
  6. What kinds of things are there do you do in your school’s home town? 
  7. Does student work on or off-campus and how easy is it to find part-time work? 
  8. Are there concert venues and movie theater around? 
  9. Has there been a recent protest? What is the cause of the protest? And how do the faculty and staff respond? 
  10. Is the campus safe to work around at night and what kind of safety measures are in place? 
  11. After freshman year do most choose to live off-campus? 
  12. From a safety perspective, what do the community and campus feel like? 
  13. How many percentages of students live on-campus? 
  14. How can you explain the surrounding community and the relationship college share with them? 
  15. How were you able to choose a roommate and a resident hall? 
  16. What’s your weekend dos? 
  17. How is the food? 
  18. Do some students live on-campus? 
  19. How’s the dorm? 
  20. Which place on campus is your favorite? 
  21. Where like to read? 
  22. Are you popular in any club or organization? 
  23. Is there enough computer lab? 
  24. The school facilities how is it like? 
  25. Is there a lot of school spirit? 
  26. Are sports popular? 
  27. Touring around the school is easy or not? 
  28. How is the campus Wi-Fi? 
  29. Do fraternities and sororities have lots of students? 

Student body questions  

  1. How can you describe your following student? 
  2. Is there a friendly student in the school? 
  3. Does a student with a different course and race interact? 
  4. Is there an abroad student in college? 
  5. Is there campus diversity? 
  6. Is student cliquish? 

Career services college questions to ask a student  

  1. Is an internship available, how can you find it? 
  2. Are our career services helpful? 
  3. Do you have a mentor? 
  4. Is there an opportunity to build leadership skills on campus? 
  5. To find summer jobs and other kinds of job through your school how easy it is? 
  6. Some notable graduates from your school who are they? 
  7. Do employers employ students on campus? 
  8. Your school alumni association how visible are they on campus? 
  9. Have you had a hand on and practice experience outside your classroom: what

College questions to ask a student about the graduation track record  

  1. What is the graduation record rate in the last three years? 
  2. Is there a major reason why students live prematurely? 
  3. Students don’t graduate on time, what are the reasons? 
  4. If you double major, how long does it take? 
  5. To graduate in four years, what does it take? 
  6. What are your four years graduation record rate? 

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College questions to ask a student about financial aid and Merit award  

  1. What is the percentage of students’ financial needs the school typically meets? 
  2. The percentage needs that you meet do it reduces after freshman year? 
  3. How many percentages of students does the school meet their needs with grants and scholarships? 
  4. What is the school average financial aid package? 
  5. What is the school average Merit award like? 
  6. To receive a Merit scholarship what are the requirements? 
  7. Merit scholarship does it require a separate application? 
  8. If it takes longer than four years to graduate, what happened to financial aid? 
  9. How many percentages of students receive scholarships or grants? 
  10. What is the average loan debt can student accumulate? 
  11. What is the average federal Pius loan can parents borrow? 
  12. Work-study opportunity what are they? 
  13. At what time has the annual tuition risen in what recent year? 
  14. Do the school award scholarship for talent and specific majors? 
  15. Where
    can one learn more about school merit scholarships? 
  16. Does the school price net provide an accurate estimate of what it will cost and when was the last time an update was made? 
  17. Does your school give athlete scholarships? 
  18. What is the default rate of students loan? 
  19. Does the school give financial training to their student? 

College questions to ask recent graduate  

  1. What is the experience like in your graduate school? 
  2. Will you attend your alma mater If you could turn in time? 
  3. What would you have like to change? 
  4. How do you feel, alma mater prepared for your Life? 
  5. How do you feel, alma mater prepare a career for you? 
  6. Why did you decide to study here? 
  7. What will change, if you can change anything about the school? 
  8. What do you like most about the school? 
  9. Also, What do you like least about the school? 
  10. What is student success like on campus? 
  11. Students don’t fit in what? 
  12. What’s teen will you recommend your school for? 

What to do when getting to college 

Take a tour around the campus this is great, so you can be able to learn more about school history, campus lifestyle, and campus landmarks also you can have time to ask those college questions to ask a student.

On your tour, you can even meet another prospective student. You can share ideas about the college or other school you’re visiting.  

Attend their class 

It will help you to know what the class size is like, learning style, and structure. To have an understanding of the teaching philosophies and coursework consider attending two or three classes and talking to professors after class or your college questions to ask students can be asked immediately after class.  

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Read a student newspaper 

School newspapers will help you regarding the issues that students on campus care about and what academic and social events occur during the school year.

School newspapers might have answers to most of the college questions to ask a student. You can find school newspapers in common areas such as building entry halls and cafeterias.  

You should make a list of questions 

Make a list of college questions to ask a student for financial aid officers, students, and faculty admission officers, and take it with you to each school. Thinking through the questions before you visit colleges will make your college search easier.  

Talk to student 

Ask current students of the college about the student culture –if they are there Greek fraternities and sororities? If so, how much do they dominate the school’s social life? Is there activities and
club you can join? How large the school party is?

Don’t be too moved by what individual students dislike or like about the social scene; just get the information of the college questions to ask the student and then you can determine what will work best for you.  

Live the lifestyle of a student 

You can walk through the library a eat in the school cafeteria and stay overnight in the dorms, interact with other students, by doing that, bring up your college questions to ask a student to see what they will say.

This may give you a chance to live like a student for a day and see if you will like it.  

Attend to a campus party or game 

Attending college parties or games gives you an additional fresh understanding of campus culture. You can relate with one or two with your college questions to ask the student about campus life.

Get their first before you head off to that party. Strict parents?  

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Check the school book prices at the bookstore 

Be sure to check prices on books that may be
required for your courses. So you can know how much books budget if you attend
that college. Look at course offerings and textbook pricing.  

Take a tour of the surrounding town 

You will not spend all of your time in college in the classroom. Look about the area to see what kinds of restaurants, clubs, stores, and other businesses are available.  

Consult a financial advisor. 

A financial advisor can assist you in determining whether or not you are eligible for any scholarships or grants. 

What are the college visit tips?  

  • Make sure you spend enough time at each institution to get a good sense of the campus
    and academic opportunities. 
  • Visit schools throughout the school day to get a better sense of academics and student life. 
  • Collect business cards from admissions personnel, financial assistance representatives, and professors. Make a list of the students’ contact information who provided you with useful information. This enables you to send thank-you notes to those who have aided you and to ask any follow-up inquiries. 
  • Are you involved in high school sports or clubs? Speak with college coaches or the leaders of the organizations you want to join. 


If you dream to go to college, don’t ignore college visits. It’s very important to help you decide whether or not to choose a dream school. The list of college questions above will help make a good tour and decide well. 



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