Racism and Scholarships: Some Facts That Can Teach a Lesson

Racism is a serious illness that our history has been suffering from since the early days of culture.

The racism examples date back to the slavery age and it has its roots deep in history, but with the expansion of education, some things have been changed at least a bit.

Social justice is something that requires maintenance. Still, in theory, education doesn’t mean dividing people into groups by race or color and a lot of students of different races, cultures, and religions manage to get scholarships.

In this article, we will explain how scholarships and teaching can help in the elimination of racism in the world.

Students Should Express How Comfortable They are Talking About Racism 

When getting a scholarship, we all think about the other students who come from the different parts of the world and their stories, origins and affinities.

One of the first things that can break this taboo is to ask the students how comfortable they are while talking about racism. The more comfortable they are, the fewer problems should be.

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Those that have problems with discussing it, may have either a racism principle or they don’t support it at all.

Therefore, the goal is to help them to be in the comfort zone so they could point out what in their opinion is crucial to do to eliminate it from society.

More Scholarships Mean More Equity

The scholarships are the perfect ways to connect people/students of the different races, religions, or colors as they will be equally valued.

A student from Ghana and a student from London should be the same as they have the same goal and come for a reason: to learn and advance.

Therefore, more scholarships mean more tolerance. Therefore, students from different parts of the world will spend time together and realize that they are the same.

They can work on some projects together and therefore realize that even though they have different colors or beliefs, they think in the same way and look for the same solutions.

Let Them Explain Stereotypes in a Funny Way

Scholarships should go to the students of different races and colors. Through the scholarships, students who don’t think “outside the box” and who have a racist-like affinity will eventually change the opinion as they will spend more time with people of different color or ethnicity.

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They all strive towards the same goals. And when they, besides, get known with many uses of racism essay outline giving great relevant samples, this can change them for the better in understanding and accepting others, different ones.

Examples from real life can break the stereotypes because of something important, touching, and sufficient the people experienced themselves.

As to the essays on racism, they are twice good and teachable if, in the beginning, each of them has a funny stereotype story.

The goal is not to make fun of students, but rather to prove them through the funny examples that they are wrong. For example, a racism essay sample would include a story on a black man stealing a car and ending up working in a car dealership later on.

The irony is good to make the parallels, while the funny aspect makes things less tensed. However, instead of writing on the paper, it would be less tensed if the same story was told by a student from Ghana and then was backed up by the similar story of a white student.

At that point, those two would meet up at the same line and therefore, the stereotype could not be pointed any more towards only a black man, but also a white one.

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The Scholarships Can Help in Racism Elimination

Yes, those can help as we said because students will be on the same page, and the difference between people (they had learned about earlier) will disappear once they find themselves doing the same problem.

Through the free-will engagement and real-life samples, all students will merge and help each other to solve the issues. It is hard for a Nigerian student to come to the USA.

But the online scholarship will help him and once he starts working with his fellow colleagues, the differences will disappear. Let’s hope so.

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