Rowan University Tuition 2025: Scholarships, Acceptance Rate & Cost of Living

The cost of schooling at Rowan University could be really expensive. You will also need deep and accurate information about the schools’ scholarships, acceptance rate & cost of living, etc to enable you to make more informed decisions. This also gives you an advantage as a freshman in a totally new environment or an applicant.

One interesting thing about Rowan University is that the Median Salary of an Alumni is worth over $49,000. Let’s guide you through the journey of paying your Rowan University Tuition and cutting your cost of living at Rowan University.

Is Rowan University a good college?

Within New Jersey, Rowan University is Considered a top-notch College at an Average Price.

This lands Rowan University in the #11 slot on College Factual‘s ranking of Best Colleges for the Money in New Jersey.

Is Rowan University hard to get into?

The school has a 73% acceptance rate, ranking # 21 in New Jersey at the lowest acceptance rate.

Last year, 10,341 out of 14,221 applicants were accepted which makes Rowan University a moderately competitive school with a high chance of admission if you meet the criteria.

How much is a semester at Rowan University?

Here’s a rundown of the official cost of tuition at Rowan University;

In State New Jersey Resident Sticker Price


Fee Cost
Tuition $9,858
Books and Supplies $1,600
Other Fees $3,839
Room and Board $12,552
Other Expenses Budget $4,250

Out of State Resident Sticker Price


Fee Cost
Tuition $18,500
Books and Supplies $1,600
Other Fees $3,839
Room and Board $12,552
Other Expenses Budget $4,250

Residents of New Jersey pay an annual total price of $32,099 to attend Rowan University on a full time basis. This fee is comprised of $9,858 for tuition, $12,552 room and board, $1,600 for books and supplies and $3,839 for other fees.

Out of state residents are charged a total cost of $40,741 which is 26.9% higher than New Jersey residents. The tuition charge is $18,500 while room and board is $12,552, books and supplies are $1,600 and other fees come in at $3,839.

Why Rowan University?

Rowan University is a public institution founded in 1923. A total of 15,401 students are enrolled, located in a suburban with an 800-acre campus size. He uses an academic calendar based on a semester. The ranking of the best Colleges in 2025, Rowan University was ranked 171 amongst the national universities.

Rowan University began as a teacher preparatory school and is today one of the leading research institutes for environmental initiatives.

Since 2007, the school has received at least 13 awards for green initiatives. It also offers a range of study options for undergraduate and graduate students. Students learn a variety of topics, such as whether blood tests can reveal Alzheimer’s disease and how to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

The school also promotes diversity in science, Engineering, engineering, and mathematics. First-year and second-year students must live on campus unless they can return home from a nearby tutor and many high school students live off-campus. Student-athletes may represent Professors Rowan at the NCAA New Jersey Division III Athletic Conference and in intramural sports.

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Rowan University Tuition

The Tuition fee for Rowan University is classified into Undergraduates, Graduate Program, Medical School and many other fees attachments.

Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition- Fall and Spring 2023

Any Freshman at the Rowan University must have  registered for 12 to 17

Semester Hours. With this, each Student is mandated to pay a tuition fee of such rate. Should in case the number of semester hours exceeds the flat tuition rate, a Per credit hour Increase shall be inducted into the Full Tuition fees.

Students from New Jersey
Normal Full-Time Tuition is $5,038
University Fees $1,962
Total $7,0000

Non-Resident/International Students
Normal Full-Time Tuition is $9,454
University Fees is $1,962
Total $11,416

Graduate Tuition Fees – Fall 20322 and Spring 2025

A Graduate Student Specifically Determine how much he or she has to pay for the year by the number of Courses and Semester hours in his name. We have presented the official University Semester Hours Tuition fees. Therefore a Graduate Tuition starts with a constant fee called the university fee

Students from New Jersey

Graduate Tuition is $715.50 per S.H.
University Fee* is $161.55 per S.H.

Non-Resident/International Students

Graduate Tuition is $715.50 per S.H.
University Fee* is $161.55 per S.H.

Medical Schools and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Tuition and Fees

Students from New Jersey

Tuition Charges per semester  $20,239.50
Fees per semester  $ 1,145.00

Non-Resident/International Students

Tuition Charges per semester  $32,120.00
Fees per semester  $ 1,145.00

Rowan University Acceptance Rate

The Rowan University Acceptance Rate is generally based on your SAT and ACT scores. for you to be given admission to study at Rowan University, you must have compared your ACT and SAT scores.

The School in the previous year has an acceptance rate of 71%. This Means that 7 out of 10 Students have the opportunity to be enrolled in the School.

The student-faculty ratio at Rowan University is 17:1, and the school has 31.5 percent of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Moreover, Statistics shows that 53% of Total annual Enrolment is Male Students while  47%  are female students according to Raiseme

Statistics from student visa data has it that in 2025 as many as 1,444,804 international students came to the U.S. to study at American colleges and universities. From this diverse international pool, Rowan was home to approximately 193 international students.

Rowan University Cost of Living in 2025

Rowan Living Cost Involves. Housing Accommodation, Feeding, Social Life and Many Others. First Let me say that Social Life at Rowan University cannot be compared to what is obtainable in top Ivy League Schools in the USA. The School has a well-planned structure to manage students against your cost.

Getting accommodation in Rowan University is dependent on the quality of the room you want

Housing in Rowan University is one of the best in the USA as Students in the School prefer to stay in Dormitories than Off-campus. From a poll conducted the, 38% of Students ticked Dormitory Quality Great while 59% thinks that Social Atmosphere in the School is Great.
On the Average, Students gets to spend $7,836 per annum on Housing and Accommodation. In terms of Feeding, there are the best Food options in Campus and the students rated them in terms of Quality and service delivery.

  • Prof’s Place is rated 21%
  • The Food Court is rated 17%
  • While Downstairs caf/off campus Places is rated 15%
  • Other Places Include Ry’s Bagels
  • None Buy food off Campus
  • The Owl’s Nest.
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On an Average, a Rowan Students spends $4,400 on food. In terms of Campus Security, the School Campus Police have been tagged by Students has been at their best in terms of Campus Security.

At a general Look, The Cost of Living at Rowan University is estimated to be $15,000 per annum. (This Include Housing, Campus Life, Feeding and any other expenses)

Rowan University Scholarship

The Scholarship was designed to support language training abroad and other university studies abroad, this grant provides additional funding to US students studying abroad as part of a formal study program at the University of Ottawa.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students with US citizenship and limited financial resources to study abroad. Such an international study is designed to better prepare American students to take on important roles in an increasingly global economy and in a dependent world. Applicants can apply to undergraduate students who receive federal funding from the Pell Grant at colleges or universities of two or four years.

Go Overseas Study Abroad Scholarship

GO! Overseas is proud to support international education with $ 1,000 scholarships available to students studying abroad. Scholarships are awarded each school year. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of creativity and analytical thinking illustrated by writing schemes and/or video submissions.

Fund for Education Abroad

Fund for Education is a non-profit organization that supports US students who want to pursue programs abroad with up to $5,000 for a semester abroad or $10,000 for a one-year program.

Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled as students at US universities/colleges and wishing to study abroad for at least four weeks. Students with financial need who work in non-traditional Countries, ie. H. Outside Western Europe and Australia, study and language learning are preferred.

Funding for these scholarships will be provided by donors dedicated to improving educational opportunities for US students abroad. The application deadline is usually mid-January for fall, spring and summer programs. FEA also offers special scholarships, including a scholarship for Vietnamese students and the Rainbow Scholarship.

This scholarship, a special grant from the Education Fund, will be awarded to LGBT students who meet the general criteria and preferences for admission to FEA scholarships. The scholarship is provided by a group of international educators working for LGBT students. These professionals advise international and international LGBT students and support local LGBT colleagues.

Golden Key Scholarship Abroad

Students registered to study abroad or register for the academic year immediately following the award are entitled to one of the $1,000 awarded every three years for October 20 and seven on April 15. to be the deadline.

Boren Scholarships

the initiative of the National Security Education Program offers American students the opportunity to learn lesser-taught languages ​​in fields of interest to the world, including Africa, Asia, Central, and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and Central America East.

Given that students who receive funding must commit to working within the federal government at least one year after graduation, this scholarship is only open to students wishing to work for the federal government in a role. related to national security.

For more information on the order types corresponding to the service request, click here. The maximum bursary for a summer program is $ 8,000 (MINT Special Initiative only, minimum 8 weeks), $10 for one semester and $ 20,000 for a full academic year.

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship must contact Dr. Corinne Blake ([email protected]) after having carefully reviewed the site. Deadlines are usually in January.

Japan Bridging Scholarship

The Bridging Project awards scholarships to US students participating in study abroad programs in Japan. Donations from private foundations and major US companies to the US-Japan Bridging Foundation sponsor approximately 100 scholarships each year to help students cover travel and living expenses spent abroad for a semester or a year at home. foreign to Japan.

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Transition Award applications are accepted twice a year: April for fall programs and October for spring programs. Students from all disciplines can apply for these scholarships.

Japanese language learning is not mandatory, but applicants must be US citizens enrolled as students at a college or university in the United States before and during their studies abroad.

For their studies in Japan, credits must be acquired, which are transferred to their home campus in the United States. Recipients of a Transition Grant will receive a scholarship of $ 2,500 (for students enrolled in semester programs) or $4,000 (for students enrolled in the programs of the school year). Students who complete summer programs in Japan cannot apply.

DAAD scholarships to study in Germany

Highly qualified undergraduates can apply for these scholarships which finance studies, a dissertation and/or internships in Germany. The aim of the DAAD Scholarship Program is to support study abroad in Germany, as part of a study program organized abroad or as part of a semester or year at the individual foreigner.

Preference is given to students whose projects or programs are based in and organized by a German university. Scholarships can be awarded for a minimum of four months (one semester) and a maximum of ten months (one academic year).

Beneficiaries receive monthly scholarships and additional funds to cover travel and research costs, as well as health insurance. The scholarship periods must be included in the German academic year from October to July.

Semester Hellenic Legacy Scholarship

The Greek America Foundation awards the Hellenic Legacy Scholarship to students wishing to study abroad at the American College of Greece in Athens. The scholarship covers tuition fees for one semester, or about $5,500.

The Hellenic Legacy Scholarship is open to students who earn a four-year university degree from a North American college. Greek heritage is not a prerequisite for obtaining the scholarship.

Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation

This scholarship is given in memory of Ashley Soulé, a student passionate about traveling abroad and deceased during her visit to India. This scholarship is designed to help budding scientists share Ashley’s taste for travel and adventure.

The scholarship awards $3,000 to students who wish to study abroad for at least one semester. Applicants must have at least 30 credits, a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0, and a financial need.

The app also requires a 500 to 800-word essay with the phrase “An experience that has changed or shaped your life.” Applications for spring studies abroad are due December 1st and applications for studies fall in the fall on July 1st.

Morgan Stanley Scholarships to study in Japan

Supported by Morgan Stanley to boost US-Japan relations, this Bridging Foundation-sponsored grant awards $ 7,500 to students admitted to a study abroad program in Japan. To be eligible, students must be interested in economics and international finance. The application consists of writing a 3- to 5-page essay on one of two Japanese business and political issues. The registration deadline for this application is Spring.


Rowan University Tuition is something that has been on the decreasing side based on statistics. We are sure that this post will help you find your feet to make up for your school fees in the School. I repeat again Never joke with Rowan University Scholarships.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rowan University has evolved from a teacher preparation school to a comprehensive research university that’s ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the best national public research universities in the nation.

The 25th percentile New SAT score is 1040, and the 75th percentile SAT score is 1250. In other words, a 1040 places you below average, while a 1250 will move you up to above average.

There’s no absolute SAT requirement at Rowan University, but they really want to see at least a 1040 to have a chance at being considered.

Rowan earns ranking among nation’s 100 safest colleges. Rowan University has been named one of the top 100 safest college campuses in the United States by the National Council for Home Safety and Security. 

Rowan was ranked 58th on the list, which includes institutions with an enrollment of 10,000 or more students.

The Rowan University Scholars Program awards merit-based scholarships to eligible first time students who will be enrolled full time during the fall semester of their freshman year at Rowan.

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