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Thai students are currently invited to apply for the ROYAL THAI GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2025. Applications from students who have complied with the eligibility criteria will be considered, and any incomplete scholarship application will lead to disqualification.

In Thailand, private and government sectors have contributed to supporting students with excellent leadership potential and outstanding academic records but are financially changed to acquire education through scholarships.

The number of students benefiting from this scholarship has increased over the years, which marks a significant expansion rate. Even International students are also Lured to Thailand with mouth-watering scholarship offers in recent times.

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Why should I Apply for Royal Thai Scholarship?

The Government of Thailand established the Royal Thai Government Scholarship Program to support Thai students in higher education outside Thailand.

Funding will be provided for four years for Bachelor’s degree students, two years for Master’s degree students, and three years for Ph.D. students.

Depending on the type of grant awarded, recipients may be contractually obliged to work for the Thai government upon returning from abroad.

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There are two main types of scholarships granted by OCSC. One is King’s Scholarship and the Royal Thai Government scholarship for non-specific agencies. The other is the Royal Thai Government scholarship allocated upon agencies’ requirements.

King’s scholarships

There are nine scholarships granted each fiscal year. The recipients have no obligations to come back and work for government agencies. On the other hand, the recipients are required to work anywhere in Thailand, regardless of what kind of organization.

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 Royal Thai Government scholarships for non-specific agencies

Applicants must be Thai civil servants. The recipients must return and work for the government agencies two times during the study period. Scholars must pay back three times the government-sponsored money if they cannot work for the government.

Royal Thai Government scholarships allocated upon agencies’ requirements.

Applicants must be Thai civil servants. The recipients must return and work for the identified government agencies two times during the study period. Scholars must pay back three times the government-sponsored money if they cannot work for those agencies.

The scholarships granted by OCSC offer different levels of education. There are also generally additional qualifications defined for each group divided according to the obtained degree level.

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Royal Thai Scholarships Details

The Royal Thai government scholarship scheme has been providing funds to students studying at both undergraduate and Master’s degree and Ph.D. levels. This is more like a grant research award scheme to aid students financially through their academic training in Thailand.

Level & Field of Study:

This program is for Bachelor’smaster’sand Ph.D. programs in areas of study covered by OCSC scholarships, depending on the need for manpower from ministries, bureaus, and departments.

Host Nationality:

This scholarship is to be taken in Thailand.

If you are an international student and desire to study in Thailand, Check out the best scholarships available for study in Thailand—complete Guide to Getting A UK Tier 4 Student Visa For International Students.

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Eligible Nationality:

Thai students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program. Aside from these, other scholarships are available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available. Read also if you wish to look outside your home country for Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying for and Winning a Scholarship.

How Much is the Royal Thai Scholarship?

The scholarships granted by OCSC offer financial benefits, including tuition fees (paid in total), monthly allowances (the amount depending on location), and educational tools such as books, computers, etc. Health insurance (paid in total) and miscellaneous expenses needed to be prepared before leaving for study. Royal Thai Government scholarships in 2025 have no specific offers.

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Royal Thai Scholarship Requirements

  • For Thai nationals with a Bachelor’s degree, candidates must not be over 20.
  • For a Master’s degree, candidates must not be over 35.
  • Ph.D., candidates must not be over 40. All subjects of study are covered.
  • Good level in English-TOEFL must be over 550 (paper-based) or 213 (computer-based), IELTS-up to 6.0. For scholarship holders choosing to study in non-English speaking countries like France or Germany, OCSC offers a supplemental allowance for language training for up to one year.

Application Procedure

Interested persons are encouraged to continue their search on the website of OCSC: or

Selection process

The selection is based upon the aptitude criteria of candidates, such as basic knowledge required for the field of study on their request, English competency, professional experiences, emotion, environmental adaptation, wisdom, and personality using interview and Assessment Centers (multiple tests).

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Only outstanding candidates with a good score on the English test will be selected for further step of selection (Assessment Centers)

Any candidate getting over 70 scores can be successful in receiving this scholarship.

Contact details

The Office of the Civil Service Commission

Education and Training Abroad Services

59 Phitsanulok Road, Chitrada Sub-district, Dusit

Bangkok 10300 Thailand

Tel : (662) 281-4973, 628-6202 or 281-8479, 281-3333 Ext: 2131

E-mail: [email protected]

Application Deadlines

Updates on the application deadline for this scholarship will b communicated as soon as it is available; please stay tuned.


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