Saint Stephens College 2024: Admission, Tuition, Scholarships

Saint Stephens College is one of the finest colleges in Queensland, Australia.

It is the best college for parents who wish to send their wards to a moral, Christian school should consider.

Asides from spirituality, students get a general education, including co-curricular activities like sports, drama, music, dance, outdoor education, clubs, and leadership services.

They also employ technology in learning. For instance, most classes from the 7th year through the 12th year are delivered through a learning management system.

The lower grades are not left out; an iPad program is taught preparatory to year two students, while year 3 to 4 students use a set of laptops, and years 5 to 9 use touch screens with digital pens.

Now you know why they are that famous.

Since 2016, Saint Stephens College has won the educator’s most innovative School.

Enough has been said; let us begin with Saint Stephens College admission, tuition, acceptance rate, scholarships, and alums. Stay with us!

Overview of Saint Stephens College

Saint Stephens College is a learning community centered on Christain principles located in Coomera, a suburb on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

It is a co-educational school that teaches before year 12 students.

It strives to develop students of good character, empowered to reach their full potential and responsible globally and locally.

Lastly, there is the early learning center and junior and senior colleges.

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Why is Saint Stephens College Famous?

According to St Stephen’s, the college has a personality many cannot match today.

They say it is a college focusing on character development and equal learning opportunities.

Saint Stephens has been seeing an increased enrolment from students from economically weaker sections of society. This aligns with its statement to offer equal learning opportunities to students.

Students are encouraged to learn arts from an early age by participating in the publication of Optima magazine.

Some parents have some eulogies for Saint Stephens college. Read them below:

“Great blend of technology and learning in the early years – which will set my children up for their future.” Kellie WIndle. Parent, Junior College.

“Best school in Queensland. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a school that truly cares.” Nada & Fady Andary. Parents, Senior College.

“So many opportunities and great support – every student can achieve their full potential.” Todd Johnson. Recent Graduate.

Resources at Saint Stephen’s College

These resources will make your tuition worth the while. Because they are so numerous to mention, we will list a few of them.

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • A whole-of-campus latest generation wireless network, Safe high-speed internet access
  • The ability to view student internet access history from a web console
  • Digital projectors with wireless laptop projection
  • A BYOL (Bring Your Laptop) program for students in Years 5 to 12
  • Specialist faculty iPads in Physical Education and Music
  • Four desktop computer laboratories provide more powerful computers for high-intensity subjects
  • A virtual learning environment that includes online courses (across all Secondary faculties) that students can participate in at any time, from anywhere
  • A focus on technology-enhanced learning, which amalgamates the best aspects of technology and the best aspects of teaching
  • A focus on emerging technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D printing, and robotics
  • The best touchscreen is Windows 10 computers, enabling teachers to use digital inking and circulate the classroom while wirelessly projecting to the screen.

What is the Acceptance rate of Saint Stephens College?

The acceptance rate at Saint Stephen’s College depends on passing the written test (where applicable) and an interview with the principal.

Therefore, all students who meet the admission requirements are granted a space in the school.

Unfortunately, not many students pass the interview stage and afford to pay the elaborate tuition fees at Saint Stephen’s College.

However, the school remains sizeable and offers deserving students the best education.

Admission Process/Requirements

The decision regarding the enrolment of any child is made based on complete information. The child provides an assessment and an interview with the principal or her delegate.

To enroll in Saint Stephens College, students must fill out the Application for an Enrolment form. In addition, you’ll do the following:

  •  Pay a non-refundable application fee of $50
  • Send a  copy of the student’s birth certificate or extract of birth entry
  •  If the child or both parents are born outside Australia, provide a copy of the current passport photo page, Visa, PR, or Certificate of Australian Citizenship.
  • Passport-sized photo of the child
  • Copies of the latest school reports and those of the past two years, plus any state or national testing results 
  • Any reports (including medical or educational specialist reports) which refer to your child’s behavior, aptitude, or medical conditions
  •  Complete Principal’s Reference Form
  •  A complete Medical Form.

What is the Tuition at Saint Stephen’s

Before we get down to the tuition at Saint Stephen’s, we will start with the fees to be paid before and after enrolling.

Upon Application, students pay a non-refundable enrolment fee. After admission, the student pays an enrollment fee and deposit.

If the student doesn’t commence at the college, he forfeits the fees. In addition, he pays a one-off old scholars community.

The enrolment fee is $50, the refundable deposit is $600, and the scholar fee is $100.

Now, the 2021 tuition fees at Saint Stephen’s college is:

Year Level Tuition fees Software Levy Student Insurance Capital Levy (Compulsory) Year 3 Strings Program International Students
Preparatory to Year 2 $1,822 $32 $5 $249 Prep to year 6 $11,658
Year 3 $1,822 $32 $5 $249 $65
YeaYearsto 6 $1,877 $32 $5 $249
Year 7 $2,002 $32 $5 $249 Year 7 to 10 $12,594
YeaYearsto 10 $2,370 $32 $5 $249
Years 11 to 12 $2,491 $32 $5 $249 Year 11 to 12 $12,903

Therefore, the tuition fee at Saint Stephen’s College is from $1,822 to $2,491. And international students pay between $11,658 to $12,903.

Lastly, the school fees will be paid after five dives each term commences.

Furthermore, if two or more members of the same family attend Saint Stephens, they will get the following reductions:

  • First Child fees are average tuition
  • Second Child 10% reduction
  • Third Child 20% reduction
  • Fourth child 50% reduction
  • For fifth and subsequent children 100% reduction

Are there Scholarships/Financial Aids at Saint Stephens College?

Yes, Saint Stephen’s College offers scholarships across different categories. They provide part remission on tuition fees (up to 50%) and capital levy.

Saint Stephen’s College scholarships are to students entering Years 7 and 10 and continue through to Year 12 if their performance allows.

These scholarships are awarded based on the test results plus a comprehensive student portfolio.

Academic scholarships: These are awarded on academic reports and the results of the scholarship test.

Sports/Music/General Excellence scholarships: Awarded based on all-around ability. This entails a combination of academic, sporting, and cultural talents and evidence of leadership roles). S—similarly, scholarship test result.

These scholarships are offered at the principal’s discretion and are kept highly confidential.

Applications open in October each year, with February testing for admission the following year.

Essentially, the scholarship test is administered by The Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) and supervised by Saint Stephen’s College teachers on test day.

To register for the ACER scholarship test, please click here.

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Saint Stephens College is an excellent school with quite a high tuition fee. A school with the facilities and quality it has isn’t expected to charge any less.

There are also tuition reduction platforms to take advantage of.

Don’t worry; your ward has many fun activities to enjoy.

Saint Stephens day is one of such biggest celebrations. On the last day of the third term, students, teachers, and parents join in celebrating the official door opening of the “Flowerbank”. .” eds of Honour are awarded to juniors and seniors who exhibit the “spirit of Saint Joseph College” on this day on this day. Also, the following year’s college captains are announced.

Likewise, the college houses- bell, Haley, Hughes, and Greasley compete in Dash for wings, Tug of war, and Battle of the bands.

Notable Alumni of Saint Stephen College

Just a few of the notable alumni at Saint Stephen College are:

  • Scott McLaughlin, a New Zealand racing car driver.
  • Monika Wejnert, a fis ormer professional tennis player.



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