15 Scholarships for Cape Verde Students to Study in Australia

The Cape Verde Scholarships in Australia are open to undergraduates, masters, and PhD students to study in the 2025 academic session.

Here are International Scholarships for Cape Verde students, other International Students, including African Students to study in Australia.

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Most students from Cape Verde believe that they are more of European students, and that’s very funny but there’s an atom of truth in it.

Cape Verde is one of the countries in Africa that is believed to have similarities with other European countries, and with this ideology in mind, most students from Cape Verde prefer to study abroad than in their country and that is not apparently a bad idea because most platforms have encouraged these students by giving them scholarships to study in the country of their choice including Australia.

The operation, regulation and funding of education is a part responsibility of the governments because the Federal Government does not have a constitutional power to pass laws that affect education directly.

However, the Federal government pa provides funds for independent or private schools and also helps to fund public universities and subsidize other tertiary education through what is known as the national student loan scheme.

International students are exempted from some of these prerogatives, but that notwithstanding, international students from Africa including Cape Verdeans and other students from other international communities still enjoy tons of provisions available two students studying in Australia.

Australia is recognised as one of the most comfortable countries to ply one’s academic thread, and that is evident by the tons of international scholarships available for students from a wide range of countries of the world.

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World scholarship forum has selected some of the best scholarships available for international students from Cape Verde and other African countries, including countries outside Africa to study in Australia in different strata of learning.

Grab a bottle of Coke or anything you like drinking and assimilate as much information as possible, and get yourself informed about these scholarships, and also do the work aspect of it by applying to as many as possible, and put yourself in the path of opportunity, which would ease your academic stress by being offered any of these scholarships.

15 Scholarships for Cape Verde Students to Study in Australia 2022

#1. Endeavour Executive Fellowships

The Scholarships focuses on breeding skills and knowledge via a good condition in the student’s field or area of specialization rather than through normal admission in a study field and are not suitable for academic research proposals.

Deadline: 30 June(annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

international and Cape Verde students must be nominated by a senior official from their host organisation which is located in their host country.

Level/Field of Study

Any study programme at any level of study in Australian postsecondary schools

Scholarship Worth

The International Scholarships to study in Australia has to value up to $AUD 18,500. The award includes travel allowance of $AUD 3,000, establishment allowance of $AUD 2,000, and a monthly allowance of $AUD 3,000.

#2. La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students

These Scholarships are directed towards high achieving good students, and other international students from all countries including students from Cape Verde and across all accredited undergraduate and postgraduate Programme at the institution.

Deadline:  9 Sept/11 Nov/6 Jan (annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosted La Trobe University, Australia, open to African students, and other international students.

Level/Field of Study

All full-time undergraduate or postgraduate programme legally offered by the University are eligible.

Scholarship Worth

The scholarship worths a staggering $10,000 and $20,000 and goes beyond tuition fees. It also has a provision for health and other insurance coverage.

#3. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships at University of Southern Queensland

Southern Queensland University will offer one international scholarship in Semester to outstanding Cape Verde students and other international students who want to study for a full-time postgraduate degree by at the University.

Deadline: 11 March (annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosted, and offered at  University of Southern Queensland to Cape Verde students who want to study in Australia

Level/Field of Study

Any postgraduate degree by coursework offered on-campus at one of the USQ campuses is eligible.

Scholarship Worth

One of the international Scholarships in Australia with a maximum value of $5,000.

#4. ANU International University Scholarship

The International Scholarships in this University are highly competitive Study in Australia Scholarships that shall be offered to successful international students, including Cape Verde students who have achieved at excellent results in their final years of study before applying for post-secondary studies.

Deadline: Varies, annually.

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosts at Australian National University, for African students, and foreign students to study in Australia.

Level/Field of Study

Any undergraduate study programme offered at the university.

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Scholarship Worth

Full tuition funds, and other travel payments

#5. Scholarship Program for AIUDC

The Asian Development Banks Japan international Scholarships Program aims to provide a study in Australia, and Japan scholarships opportunity to well-qualified citizens of Cape Verde, and developing member countries to undertake MSc and higher studies in economics, science management and technology, and other development-related disciplines at participating institutions.

Deadline: Varies

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Host: Japan and Australia. Used to study in Australia or Japan. Open to African students, and developing countries.

Level/Field of Study

postgraduate studies in the field of economics

Scholarship Worth

Provides full tuition fees, a monthly allowance, including housing allowance, money for books and instructional materials.

Medical insurance, and travel costs at fit.

The scholarship lasts for just a year and requires you to extend to the second year of study, as appropriate conditions are met determined by the institute. The maximum lifetime of the study in Australia scholarships award is two years for masters and PhD programs.

#6. Global Business Scholarship at S P Jain School of Global Management

The School’s goal is to train world business leaders. Bachelors in Business Administration who specializes in marketing, finance or entrepreneurship. One of the Scholarships in Australia to help business-minded students, and usher them into their academic future.

Deadline: Varies

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Host: S P Jain School of Global Management, Australia Branch,  open to Cape Verde students, and other international students are welcome to apply.

Level/Field of Study

The Scholarships in Australia is open to students in  Business Administration, who are concentrating in the field of finance and marketing

Scholarship Worth

US$3,000 to US$18,000 every year, only continuous, and renewable for 4 years, tuition waivers; students must be capacitated to pay non-tuition fees.

Offers of housing, food, registration, insurance, visas, transportation etc. which may amount to about US$13,000 – $15,000 every year is on the table.

#7. University of Sydney Faculty of Science Scholarships for International Students

The Faculty of Science offers a few numbers of a postgraduate research study in Australia scholarships to outstanding international students including African students wishing to undertake a research PhD degree in science.

Deadline: 30 Nov (annually)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosts at the University of Sydney, for Cape Verde Students and other international students who want to study in Australia

Level/Field of Study

PhD Degree Programmes in the field of Science is eligible.

Scholarship Worth

Complete funding throughout the course of learning.

#8. ICE WaRM Masters Scholarship Programme in Water Resources Management for International Students

The Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management offers a Study in Australia scholarship programme to attract quality African Students and other international students to education and train them in water resources management.

Deadline: 31 August (annually)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

The scholarship will be hosted in these institutions:

Level/Field of Study

Study in Australia scholarship for students at a different level of studies, who want to major in water management, and related disciplines.

Scholarship Worth

ICE WaRM will completely fit the tuition, and sometimes pay half of the bills towards the cost of the programme.

For international students including African students, the scholarship is about AUD$30,000 and partially funded award is AUD$15,000.

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#9. Hedley Bull Scholarships in International Affairs at Australian National University

The Postgraduate Studies in International Affairs study in Australia scholarships offer Hedley Bull award opportunity each year for study in the Master of Arts commencing in semester one.

Deadline: 30 Oct (annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosts in Australian National University, and open to African students, and students from other foreign countries.

Level/Field of Study

MA International Relations

Scholarship Worth

Full funding for the study programme and other benefits are also expected.

#10. Oslo Peace Scholarship at the Australian National University

Oslo peace offers one of the Australian scholarships each year for study in the Master of International Affairs at Australia National University,  Concentrating in Peace and Conflict Studies degree programme at the institution.

Deadline: 30 April (annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Hosts in Australian National University, open to African Students, and students from international communities.

Level/Field of Study

Masters international students in the field of International Affairs with a concentration  in the path of Peace and Conflict Studies

Scholarship Worth

Tuition fees are primarily covered by the National University and international students will receive funding towards living costs as ad a benefit from the international Scholarships.

#11. Fully-Funded Rotary Peace Fellowships 2022

On an annual basis, the Rotary selects up to a hunted of students from cape Verde, around Africa and the world to receive scholarships to pursue a Development degree Program in relation to peace and conflict settling and prevention at one of the participating peace institutions in Australia and around the globe

Deadline: 31 May (annually).

Host/Eligibility Nationality

USA, UK, Sweden, Japan, and Australia the hosts’ institutions, and open to international cape Verde students, other international students.

Level/Field of Study

Masters degree programme in any field relating to development.

Scholarship Worth

The international Scholarships must pay for tuition fees, transportation, room and board and all internship expenses.

#12. Australia Awards Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarships is a very popular international Scholarships which provide opportunities for Africa and developing countries, particularly Cape Verde students and those countries that are seen as underdeveloped,  financially deprived or sort of.

Deadline: 30 Apr (annual)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

The Study in Australia international scholarships are open to cape Verde students, and other international students from developing countries.

Level/Field of Study

The International Scholarships is for undergraduate, and graduate students in all fields except for training in fields like nuclear technology,  or war-related disciplines.

Scholarship Worth

Full funding for the study programme.

#13. Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Award

The Endeavour Leadership Study in Australia Scholarships aids financially for Cape Verdeans, and other internationally recognised students to delve into a graduate course at with research-minded technics.

Deadline: 15 Nov (annually)

Host/Eligibility Nationality

All the post-secondary institutions in Australia, open to Cape Verdeans, and other African students to study in Australia. international students are to apply also

Level/Field of Study

Any graduate student, who wants to study in Australia is welcome to apply.

Scholarship Worth

A whopping $3,000 will be offered  /month, and AU$36,000 will be offered annually.

#14. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

One of the most powerful scholarships in Australia for international students from African Countries and other countries of the world.

Deadline: February

Host/Eligibility Nationality

Host: University of Adelaide, Open to Cape Verde Students, African students to study in Australia. Other students from developing countries can apply.

Level/Field of Study

Any Masters programme is done through Research or Doctoral programmes that are offered by the institution.

Scholarship Worth

A whooping award of $27,082 will be offered per calendar

#15. University of Sydney International Scholarships

The University of Sydney at it again, this time they’re inviting students who are qualified for a Postgraduate study by research at this University to Qualify for this one of study in Australia Scholarships.

Deadline: admissions deadline

 Host/Eligibility Nationality

must be used to study in Australia at the University of Sydney, open to cape Verde  Students, and other Africans

Level/Field of Study

Matter’s, and PhD students in any programmes.

Scholarship Worth

The award covers tuition fees and living allowances.

We kinda know what you may need, and so we’ve put together these scholarships for you. Explore them and the opportunities that belong to you.


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