26 Best Scholarships In Oregon | UPDATED

The thought of obtaining a scholarship could be the fantasy of most students and their own families in Oregon. Unlike loans, scholarships don’t need to be paid back. Scholarships are also grants to help pay for faculty.

This content gives you an explicit option for scholarships in Oregon. Here we have over 35 opportunities. This is a promising year for any Student in Oregon. This post will explain why.

Oregon one USA States with a lot of Academic activities for Students both for international students.

Everybody deserves a shot at adequate instruction, also there is an assortment of scholarships offered to students based on academic or other accomplishments like a resident of the Beaver State!

Independent which of those seven people 4-year country universities or nineteen licensed private lecture schools you may opt to wait, listed here are magnificent scholarships produced to supply school funding to Oregon citizens and pupils equally.

So sit back and read on.

Best Scholarships in Oregon in 2025

#1. American Legion Auxiliary Department Scholarship

Given by the American Legion Auxiliary to Oregon residents that are the kids or wives of disabled veterans at the Armed Forces. The pupil of $1000 has been given for either organization or postsecondary faculty of about three students.

Take be aware compared to an American Legion Auxiliary Unit needs to sponsor the applicant to be contemplated and entered your scholarship.

Additionally, an applicant has to submit an essay of over 500 words, four letters of reference from an employer, friends, ministry, and educator, an official transcript, and also a balanced budget showing expenses and income.

You can find out more about the ​American Legion Auxiliary Department Scholarship here.

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#2. American Occupational Therapy Foundation Oregon Scholarship

For skilled grade students that are attending Pacific University in Oregon, the AOTF Oregon Scholarship is allowed to ease the expenses to be registered in an occupational therapy educational curriculum.

Eligible applicants should have a listing of outstanding scholastic success, two references, and an App’s Director’s announcement, and also have completed one year of occupational therapy course work.

You can find out about the ​American Occupational Therapy Foundation Oregon Scholarship below.

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#3. BBB Foundation’s Student of Integrity Scholarship

Eligible applicants should be Oregon residents, higher school seniors, and offer the official transcript with a GPA of 3.5 or more.

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Applicants must produce a 90-second video from which they create clear why the company assists people in becoming clever buyers. The company searches for applicants who can establish high integrity through instructional accomplishments, community service, direction, and individual ethics.

You can find out about the ​BBB Foundation’s Student of Integrity Scholarship here.

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#4. Beat the Odds Scholarship

Inspired by the Stand for Children Leadership Center, the Beat Chances Scholarships are a 2500 sustainable award. Students may rekindle up the scholarship to 3 years if they maintain a 3.0 GPA or more.

When selected, recipients must participate in every applicable advertisement and share their narrative at the Beat chances award events.

Applicants should attend an Oregon public school, establish financial need, and have triumphed regardless of hardships like a handicap, homelessness, personal catastrophe, or even poverty.

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#5. Bertha P. Singer Scholarship

The Oregon Student Assistance Commission delivers that the Bertha P. Singer Nurses Scholarship for approximately $1000, that will be replaceable to students that are pursuing a nursing degree at Oregon.

Eligible applicants should attend an Oregon college full time, have an accumulative GPA of 3.0 or more, and also become in their next year of a 2-year partner degree or next year of a 4-year nursing degree application.

You can find out more about the ​Bertha P. Singer Scholarship here.

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#6. Beverley Swaim Staley Leadership Legacy Scholarship

With the wish to construct the transport industry during the international progress of women, the WTS Foundation established the Leadership Legacy Scholarship to inspire girls to help their careers as leaders in transport.

It offers a year of $3,500 to women who are able to present leadership from a to create thoughts, invention, and fresh approaches into the transport challenges faced in America and outside.

Applicants are enrolled in a graduate-level program at a transportation-related niche, need a 3.0 GPA, submit an individual statement of 1000 words or fewer detailing their attention to engage in a livelihood in a transportation-related field, and supply the official copy of transcript and letter of recommendation.

You can learn more about this Beverley Swaim Staley Leadership Legacy Scholarship here.

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#7. Burn up Lions Club Scholarship

For graduating seniors in burns off or Crane senior high school, the burnup Lions Club Scholarship provides a renewable $1000 award for full-time students at an Oregon faculty.

Applicants or parents should be Harney County taxpayers, submit contact information of 3 references, and also write a 250 to 350-word Auto Biography.

You can find out more about the ​Burn Lions Club Scholarship here.

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#8. David M. Crawford Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Scott Mason’s spouse of 30 Decades, David, the David M. Crawford Memorial Scholarship through Equity Foundation honors David’s job from the LGBT community and Portland State University.

Eligible applicants have to take part in advancing LGBT rights and also possess six months of experience as leaders, have a 3.0 GPA, also identify LGBTQ, or become the kid of LGBTQ parents.

You can find out more about the ​David M. Crawford Memorial Scholarship here.

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#9. Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officer Grant Program

Administered through the Office of Student Access and funded through the Oregon Opportunity Grant Program.

Both the Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officer Scholarships intention to finance the cost of attending a private or public nonprofit faculty for fiscal unions of a public security officer at the country of Oregon, that had been disabled or killed in the line of responsibility.

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Students should intend to wait the full time, and so, therefore, are Oregon residents. The manager of this dead person or disabled public safety officer must complete this application’s certification section.

You can find out about the ​Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officer Grant Program here.

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#10. Diehl and Knutsen Memorial Scholarship

In memory of Helen Diehl’s close loved ones and also to encourage the local neighborhood, Helen Diehl launched the John Conrad Diehl along with Madeline Knutsen Hubbard Memorial Scholarship.

Eligible applicants should be students in Reedsport senior school, be registered full time, and then speak in their own philanthropic work.

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#11. Dorothy Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Launched for female scholars of Oregon high schools that have a strong and continuing interest in golf clubs.

Applicants must be Oregon residents and Educating seniors, with a GPA of 2.75 or more, and have to have plans to wait for a four-year Oregon school or college. Special preference is given to applicants that are members of their senior high school golf club.

You can find out more about the ​Dorothy Campbell Memorial Scholarship here.

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#12. Douglas County Community Scholarship

The Douglas Community Foundation chooses students for scholarships that are pursuing a graduate or undergrad level for $1000 annually to Douglas County students that are enrolled at a full-time Oregon faculty with a major in mathematics, medical science, nursing, and physical helper, or even general health. Priority has been given to people with proven FAFSA financial requirements.

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#13. Eugene Bennett Scholarship for the Visual Arts

For individuals thinking about a career with all the picture arts programs in an Oregon private or public college, this particular $5,250 scholarship stipulates a one time grant for three undergrads or grad students.

Eugene instituted it to promote art studies. Qualified candidates are the ones who have a 2.75 GPA, be students out of Jackson County, higher school, and also submit a portfolio.

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#14. Green Field Peace Writing Scholarship

Given by the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Green Field Peace Writing Scholarship awards three Oregon Senior School pupils in 11th or 12th grade using $5001000.

Applicants must involve the submission form and answer the writing prompt and question using an informative article, poem, or storyline sort out an email.

You can find out more about the ​Greenfield Peace Composing Simulator here.

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#15. Harrington/Arthur Memorial Scholarship

Inspired by the Oregon Chapter of the American Backflow Prevention Association, the Harrington/Arthur Memorial Scholarship is for Oregon resident pupils.

It intends to search to improve student’s comprehension and knowledge of the way Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention help ensure safe drinking water.

Candidates have been given a $1000 scholarship if their composition is currently selected. Students between the ages of 13 and under 20 are entitled.

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#16. Henry & Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship

The Pasadena Playhouse Alumni & Associates delivers the Henry & Joyce W. Sumid Scholarship for about $5000 to students thinking about studying theatre arts.

Eligible candidates should have a 3.0 GPA or more, submit an article of 500 words or not, a resume, three letters of recommendation, and an originating from the student’s theatre instructor, and a transcript.

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#17. Ida M. Crawford Scholarship

Throughout the Oregon Student Access Commission, the Ida M. Crawford Scholarships awards $500-10,000 into Oregon high school graduates.

Applicants must be Oregon taxpayers and have a 3.5GPA. however, law, medicine, music, instruction, or theology and certainly will have no relations with U.S. Bank.

You can find out more about the ​Ida M. Crawford Scholarship here.

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#18. Insight Scholarship

To financially assist students with disabilities who want to pursue a degree, the insight scholarship supplies over 850 sustainable awards.

Eligible applicants should have a documented disability comprising cognitive, physical, or learning as characterized by the DSMV.

Students must attend a public school, school, or postsecondary school full-time. They put recipients in internships related to the field of analysis.

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#19. Jim McBroom and John H. Weston Scholarship

Launched this season by the Jim McBroom and also John H. Weston Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation provides $1000 a year to a graduating Oregon resident who identifies as LGBTQ analyzing fine arts or humanities.

They will select you based on your proven ability to finish a level program successfully. And direction over the LGBTQ community, also the requirement for financial aid to finish their application.

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#20. MGMA Western Section Scholarships

Inspired by the MGMA Western Section, students who reside in Oregon and so are current MGMA members, registered in an undergraduate or graduate-level curriculum pertinent to medical clinic direction are qualified for a 1000-5000 scholarship.

Applicants should pursue a career in medical clinic direction and maybe not in drugs, nursing, or physical therapy. Eligible applicants must submit a resume revealing their responsibilities as a member of staff in the healthcare field and three recommendation letters.

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#21. Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship Program

The Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation gives the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation Scholarship to pupils with the purpose of investing in the future of osteopathic medicine.

Eligible candidates must be a 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th-year doctoral student focused on practicing at the Pacific Northwest.

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#22. Oregon Association of Public Accountants Scholarship

For Oregon residents pursuing a diploma in bookkeeping, the Oregon Association of Independent Accountants yearly has created a 1,800 scholarship primarily for students majoring in accounting.

Applicants have to be full-time Oregon University undergraduate students with a 3.2GPA within their bookkeeping classes, provide an internet teacher benchmark along with unofficial transcripts.

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#23. Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship

Launched to encourage students to promote a beneficial influence on production agriculture along with other agriculture-related areas, the Oregon Farm Bureau Foundation for Education offers 10 12 awards a year to Oregon high school graduates.

Students must submit an official transcript, an essay, and several letters of recommendation and also become inputting an agricultural or forestry-related livelihood.

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#24. Oregon Heritage Scholarship

For university students that are already registered as full-time graduate and undergraduate students in an Oregon school or college, they are researching an issue associated with Oregon’s archaeology, cultural heritage, geography, historical preservation background, or related field.

Selected recipients of this 2000 award have to show their research findings and process at the Oregon Heritage Conference the subsequent spring.

Must submit 2 letters of reference from faculty, one originating with an adviser and also a one-page prospectus of this investigation undertaking.

You can find out more about the ​Oregon Heritage Scholarship here.

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#25. Oregon Music Hall of Fame Scholarship

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame awards four $2,500 scholarships to Oregon high school seniors that are College-bound music classes in a bid to promote higher music instruction.

Eligible applicants have to show command of their tool, exhibit a pursuit of their private musicianship, and also possess a letter of reference by a music educator.

You can find out more about the ​Oregon Music Hall of Fame Scholarship here.

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#26. Sehar Saleha Ahmad along with Abraham Ekramullah Zafar Scholarship

Launched by the Sehar Salem Ahmad and Abraham Ekramullah Zafar Foundation, the Oregon Student Assistance Commission provides a sustainable scholarship to female senior high school graduates registered full time at Oregon’s academic private or public colleges.

Eligible applicants should pursue a degree in systems, Mathematics or Physical Sciences must have a 3.80 GPA and be Oregon residents.

You can learn more about this Sehar Saleha Ahmad and Abraham Ekramullah Zafar Scholarship here.

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